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The Misplaced Gymnast
Change of Plans - cowritten by Lissa (Cosette Myriel)
My Salvation

My name is Faye Jordans. I'm 22 years old and the youngest of the Sensational Seven (The group this fanfiction account belongs to.) I'm a SENIOR at Oklahoma Christian University and My Salvation is my first fanfic. I've written a few short novels over the years though. Let's see... what do I like? Gilmore Girls for one. My ships on there... let's see... Young Lore/Young Chris. I hate Chris, but if he and Lorelai never dated Rory wouldn't exist. Lorelai/Luke. They're meant for one another. It's obvious from episode 1. Rory/Dean. I hate Dean later on in the series, but he really was the perfect first boyfriend for Rory. Rory/Jess... now talk about perfection... He knows her better than anyone else, except possibly Lorelai.

I also love the Harry Potter books. I mean, come on who doesn't? My ships there... hmm... Marlene McKinnon/Regulus Black hands down for first place. Karla is responsible for that. Honestly the two never would have crossed my mind before, but when deciding to play Marlene in my friend's Marauder Era Myspace roleplay group, Karla messaged me when I asked for storyline suggestions explaining that she always thought of Marlene and Regulus as best friends. I agreed to go along with the story and I'm glad I did. They really are the perfect couple. My other ships are the typical canon ships. Lily/James, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione mostly. I also like Sirius Black with Lissa's OC Cosette Myriel

Power Rangers. Back in the day. When they were good. When Kimberly was the pink ranger. When Tommy was the green (or white) ranger. Speaking of which, that's my first favorite ship in the Power Rangers universe. Kimberly/Tommy. I also like Trini/Billy and Aisha/Adam. I'm not totally opposed to Aisha/Rocky, but I honestly didn't see anything between them. Lissa has gotten me hooked on Kira/Trent. I also like Cassidy/Devin and Cassidy/Ethan.

Heroes. This is a new fandom of mine. You can thank Karla for that one as well. Well, and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter), but he's not my favorite actor in the show. I must admit I'm very much in love with Zachary Quinto (Sylar). I only like Sylar with my OC Clara Aldridge. I also like Claire/Zach. Though that ship may actually come from Marlene and Regulus because Karla and I use Hayden and Thomas for them. I really do like the idea of them together in the show though, it's a shame Thomas isn't a part of the cast anymore. The only pairing I absolutely hate where Heroes is concerned is Peter/Claire. Can I just say... ew?

My obsession is musicals. I love any and all of them, but my all time favorite is Wicked. I ship Fiyero/Elphaba despite Galinda being my favorite character. Elphaba was good for Fiyero.

Group Fandoms and Ships

Gilmore Girls
Young Lorelai/Young Christopher
Rory/Dean (first couple of seasons)

Phantom of the Opera

Power Rangers

Harry Potter

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