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Author has written 4 stories for Harvest Moon, Naruto, and Fruits Basket.

Ninja Fox of the Fire's Profile!!


Currently I'm setting my avatar to some of my original art so that anyone who wants to see some of my art can. (This is what keeps me from writing a lot haha.)

Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Ninja Fox of the Fire, an aspiring artist and writer.

7/22/11 Thanks for your support! I got a sudden burst of inspiration and started a new Furuba fic. It's really really fun to write, and one of my friends is backing me up, so I think I'll get things done in no time. The first chapter is up: it's called Pri-Yuki Fan Club Goes Sohma Fan Club. The next chapter for All I See is the Sea is about halfway completely, but I stumbled upon a block, so I'm not sure when it'll be posted. Also, I have deleted two Naruto crack fics...I just want to be taken more seriously as a writer. They are works that I've done when I was bored and being immature, and I don't want them to be seen as a reflection of my actual capabilities. I am constantly working on more serious things.

Note: My pen name has no relation to Kyuubi! Read the first 3 favorites. It should clear things up!

Pinkitsune on : Pinkitsune :Pinkfirefox

I'm a manga reviewer for Anime Secrets. Pen Name: Kitsune-chan

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Anime Characters I have fallen in love with: Cloud(but he's taken...), Demyx(i never even wanted to, either!!), Tamaki(makes my heart melt...) Shigure, Momiji, Hatori, Riku(because I AM the Twilight!!), Roxas, Leon, Ryou(along with half the world), Kakashi (too sexy for his mask!) and Yuki(just a teeny, tiny bit. i relate to him a whole lot)

My blondie boy harem!! (i love blondes!!): Howl, Tamaki, Cloud, Demyx, Roxas, Ryou, Momiji and what the heck...Naruto!

Favorite Character Names: Florence, Axelle, Kitsune(this one is most commonly used), and Sakura(i don't use this one a lot anymore)

Favorite actor of all time, ever, he is so awesome, he deserves his own state and planet and everything!!: Johnny Depp!! Go Johnny!! Heh heh...I know...I have an obsession...and problem...and I'm in denial...But he is so awesome!! And no, I don't have a crush on him! He's old enough to be my dad!! If only he was a, that's creepy!!

I'm also a fan of Alan Rickman, Evanna Lynch, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Stories I am Currently Working On:

1.Shadows on the Cherry Blossom- (SasuSaku) When Sasuke defeats Naruto and Sakura, still refusing to come home, Kyuubi sends Sakura back in time to go on the Sasuke retrival mission. He thinks that if she will, just maybe she can make it easier for them to bring him home...and back to his oringinal self. As of 10/3/10, this fic is at last complete!!

2.All I see is the Sea-[Harvest Moon] A biography of Nami. The's not always beautiful. Sure it is when it's calm. But when it rages in anger or sadness, it can kill like a monster. Life isn't a beautiful flower that's always perfect. Life is exactly like a sea. It's not always beautiful. It scars and hurts and causes tears and sorrow. If you're lucky, happiness will find you from time to time. But the sea's calm doesn't last forever. Neither does happiness. Maybe it would have if...First chapter up as of 10/20/10! I hit a block on the current chapter I'm working on, however, I'm half through with the next chapter. Sorry guys!

3.The Pri-Yuki Fan Club Goes Sohma Fan Club-Thanks to my friend Krystle for helping with this!!! Certain members of the Pri-Yuki fanclub, Motoko, Mio, and Minami, start a new fan club for all of the Sohmas, even Ritsu! That's right, The Pri-Yuki Fanclub Goes Sohma Fanclub: The Tale that Was Never Told. They may just seem like royal pains, but maybe even they contain hearts of gold...First chapter up as of 7/22/11

4.Love Will Find Light-Ok, before I said it was discontinued, but I changed my mind. It's gonna take a lot of time and effort to redeem it from this horrible 7th-grade state it's currently in, but I'll try. I'm deleting it from this account for the time being, but a new a much better version will be up soon.

5.Host Club Blues, Review to Choose!: info will be posted soon

6.You're All Around Me, Yet Nowhere to Be Found: Indeed, Namine and Roxas have joined Sora's heart, but entering it isn't the end of them. It's the beginning of a whole new world. However, as they are entirely different components of Sora, they ended up in entirely different places. [I'll never stop fighting for you.] Their struggle to find the other leads them to places they never imagined.

7.Future Fruits Basket fic, not yet titled: I'm terribly in love with KurenoXArisa and HatoriXMayu. More than likely, the plot will contain HatoriXMayu because I LOVVVVE Shigure. However, I can also really relate to Yuki, so it might involve him somehow. I'm a much bigger YukiXTohru fan than I am KyoXTohru, but everyone knows that's how it ends up, so I'll leave it at that, although I am thinking about including some of Yuki's thoughts in there. I strongly feel that even though his first love for her was a motherly one, it grew to real love, he just didn't know how to act and didn't want to "burden" her. If he would have actually acted upon his love, I'm not so sure who would end up with Tohru... However, he didn't want to make her life complicated, which makes him even sweeter...If she only would have discovered how much sweeter Yuki really was...Kyo's okay, but in my opinion he spends too much time feeling sorry for himself. I mean, Yuki tries to better himself and Kyo has to hate just to feel good...He moves past that...But I just like sweet affection more than this whole "I'm not going to act like I love you I'm going to act like a jerk even though I do." That's just my opinion though. ANYWAY, my Furuba fic will involve some of this stuff...Or just Shigure being funny! I hate Akito by the way. Not because she stole my man, but because she's a crazy dyke and Shigure still wants her...WHY, 'GURE-KUN?? WHY???

8.Kingdom Hearts: Probably a BBS fic. I'll love toying with the Organazation's real identities! Especially Sexy Zexy when he's so young and adorable!! (i'm not a!) And then Terra's cool. Idk. I might try to figure out a cool way to tie them in really close with the usual trio(Sora, Kairi, Riku)

9.A Tokyo Mew Mew fic eventually.

Hey, does anyone want to join my C2?? PM me! Don't be shy. Does anyone have any good stories to add to me C2? More staff members and fics are always welcome!

Hey, my BFFs are Ninja Cat of Light and SquirreLJ ! They actually goes to my school! Check their stories out!

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