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Author has written 9 stories for High School Musical, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Little info about me on the site: I was once just a reader when I first signed up, but then I eventually decided to venture off into making my own stories whether it was an original or based off another piece of work. Before, I didn't know much about writing stories from scratch, but as time went by, I think I managed to hold enough knowledge to start things off. Also, I've realized how hard it is in managing multiple stories at the same time. It truly isn't easy when I have my own life to manage too.

You can find more info about my stories down below or you can simply read one of them.


Secret Agent Kairi, Vol. 2
The sequel to my most well known story is always at the back of my mind. It really is because I wonder when am I ever going to go back to it despite all these story elements that I have thought out that happen throughout the whole story. I don't want to leave it uncompleted because I left some storylines unfinished from the original that I intended for this sequel to finish. It may or may not feature less chapters than the first due to these reasons. It's not necessarily a bad thing because I can make up for it for longer chapters.

Overall, it is going to be completely REWRITTEN when I get the chance. No, the actual story won't be deleted as I can just update/replace the old chapters with new ones. It'll retain the same story elements that the first four chapters have talked about, but many storylines are being retooled.

I really enjoy writing for this story, I seriously do, but I truly need to put this on hiatus because of my two other stories that came before it. I loved how I'm able to use it by trying to satirize some common Kingdom Heart cliches on the site while also trying to tell a real story in the midst of it. I even made a list of very common story elements I have seen since I discovered this site.

Stories Based on Movies

  • One Missed Call: HSM Version
  • Prom Night: A Night To Die For
  • Stories by Me

  • A White Christmas: the Day Before Winter Break
  • Our Lives Is Not a TV Show or Maybe
  • Secret Agent Kairi
  • Secret Agent Kairi, Vol. 2
  • Star-Stealing Girl of the Night Sky
  • The End of Eternity
  • Unwritten


    One Missed Call - Well, this story was an unexpected success and I enjoyed writing it. It was based on the J-horror film "Chakushin Ari" but also the American remake. I added a little bit of my own writing also to it, so it's a mixture of all three together. A sequel was made but it was made in the Inuyasha, however it has been deleted because I feel like that will only make the story more confusing like the movie. I later decided to just leave it alone and keep an open-ending.

    Secret Agent Kairi - For a story that I've plan to do in volumes and who knows how long I can keep it going, I enjoy writing for this story. If you're wondering if there is something odd about it, then you are right. What made me want to create the story was from the manga, Amazing Agent Luna, and the first two chapters show it. After that, I didn't want to follow the manga cuz' I wanted the story to be my own and stand on its own feet. Also, I like to think of it to be loosely based on Kingdom Hearts due to some scenes or plots being similar to the game itself, including the Final Fantasy series. What makes this different from my other stories is that I make it as an ensemble cast while Kairi is the main girl since she is the title character. Sometimes it is tough to write.

    The End of Eternity - Inspired entirely by the Persona series, this story was being written during the first Secret Agent Kairi, but I never got the chance to premiere it back then. It's more of a 'what if' story on my take on what Kingdom Hearts would be if it had the elements of Final Fantasy (summons, weapons, magic, group of fighters) with the progression of the Persona series (story and character). Also, I wanted to take it with a dark approach and I wanted to thought out the plot well enough to have multiple layers that unveil slowly. Everything is a mystery and I wanted to put my own work into it, so it is not an exact copy of Persona. I don't know how many chapters will be in the story, but I can tell there will be many considering the story will take a whole year to unravel. There won't be odd time skips, which is why it will most likely be more than 30 chapters. It is also my first story to feature a male protagonist.

    Due to the complexity and grand scale and fleshing out the whole story, I have ultimately discontinued it to move onto other upcoming projects.

    Unwritten - I always love to poke fun at things in terms of literature, including myself. You may have seen it a few times already in my past stories, but this one is the true story to satire all the Kingdom Hearts fanfics of the usual elements and cliches that writer's use in their stories. Since it is a satire, it is meant to be taken half serious while trying to be humorous. It is going to have it's characters make statements, which is the point, while having a real plot going on. Another thing to note is that in this Kairi and Aerith are again related, but this time as cousins. Kind of odd when in SAK they are mother and daughter. Furthermore, the story is purely written in present tense to refer to the story's title.


    1) Most chapter titles are based on songs, shows, movies, etc.

    2) When I first started the story, the first ten chapters were made up as I wrote it, which meant that I didn't carefully draft out the story from the very start. It wasn't until "File 11: Yes Japan, There is a Tifa" that I started to plan out the story's future and I had to see what I needed to focus on the most. The ONLY storyline that was planned from the start was Namine's one and I thought that turned out well in the long run.

    3) The finale that most of you guys know didn't even exist until I announced the extension of chapters. The one I had originally planned was completely different from it that it didn't feature Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, or the big city showdown. Yes, I never did thought about bringing them in until later on. Anyways, the original finale was Roxas taking Namine somewhere in hopes of forgiving him where he kisses her passionately and Riku spots them. However, that's not the shocker. It was actually a scene involving Kairi where she was heartbroken that Sora broke up with her due to constant lying. She tries to call him, but he doesn't answer, and gets hit by car that drives off without stopping, making it a huge cliffhanger. The last scene is her unconscious body on the road while her phone rings with Sora's name on the screen.

    4) Before I casted Yuffie as Kairi's sidekick in missions, I originally thought of putting Namine, but I thought that was too cliche to do. Ironically, I made her the shy artist that had a crush on Roxas for a long time instead.

    5) The story was originally going to end in twenty-four chapters, but as I drew near to that number, I knew I wasn't going to truly finish the story by the time I got to it, so I needed to extend it as I was already planning the sequel.

    6) At first, there were going to be more missions featured throughout the original's first run, but I wanted to put Kairi out there in learning about the outside world and other common teenage problems as a main priority. Then when I thought the story was lacking actual action, I knew I could use that opportunity by showing the repercussions of it and address the line in the plot that everyone saw, which was "…that the people around her could be in danger by her actions." The whole time I felt there was no sense of real danger to any of the characters, so I wanted to burst Kairi's bubble that she had it easy most of the time and that her family and friends can be in serious danger due to her other life.

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    Our Life is Not a TV Show or Maybe reviews
    Namine loved watching the hit teenage drama show, "Destiny Islands." When she heard auditions were being held for the show, she impulsively auditioned and managed to secure a full-time job. Now, she has to leave everything behind. She wondered what she got herself into as she finds what goes on when the camera aren't rolling seem more like the cast's own dramady show itself.
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    Unwritten reviews
    The usual Kingdom Hearts fanfic ploys: two leads, friendship/hatred turns into love, a high school setting, crazy love-angles, amnesia, the typecast, and the list goes on. A tired, yet true method in most stories. In this self-aware story, Kairi's story is gonna be a tiny different than others while maneuvering other problems than her own.
    Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 4 - Words: 27,790 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 1/7/2014 - Published: 4/24/2011 - Sora, Kairi, Naminé, Roxas
    Secret Agent Kairi, Vol 2 reviews
    Months after Tsuki City was under siege, life has been slowly going to back to its normal state. However, when reports of local citizens possessing magical abilities start to surface, trouble begins to stir again. It's up to Kairi and her friends to help those in need while the Organization tries to stop them in every possible way.
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    The End of Eternity reviews
    DISCONTINUED. After losing his parents, Sora Motou moves to Destiny Islands to live with his cousin and family. Upon his arrival, he hears a rumor that if you take a picture at midnight, it'll be a completely different photo. Not only that, a dead body washes ashore on his first day of school. Soon, he and a group of teenagers get wrapped into the mystery.
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