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About me: Well I am 18, I will be 19 soon...In December to be exact! I deff am A winter baby, I love my birthday but hate being cold...if that makes sense!? my mother has a winter birthday to her b-day is 3 days away from mine...awe isnt that special although she told me "Iam not havin this child on my birthday so figure out something" lol so I was born on the right day lol!

okay so I love to write just about anything that pops in my mind I just havent put any on here except for one and even that my friend put on because how i'm that dumb lol. Even if I write something and my friends read it and go oh hey thats like that movie well...tipically I don't care because I just write for fun and write it my way if its like a book or movie or something well surprise my mind knows more than I know lol!

I loooove to sing I never think im that good but others have told me differently my sister however ROCKS! she is a great singer and is currently in Nash. trying to make it BIG! I pray and wish everyday she will get there shes friends with Taylor Swift and still hasn't got big so wats going on in her mind idk but like me its not about being famouse I do what I like and if others dont like it well...even if its selfish I do it for my own enjoyment no one elseses.

Hmm...I don't know if theres anything else you need to know soo okay moveing on! WAIT! you must know I am obsessed with Mariska Hargity! and Alyssa Milano...they are two beautiful and amazing ppl they make me smile.

WAIT! it's also very important that I state Toby Keith is my hubby! lol not really ofcourse but most say i'm his BIGGEST fan I may or may not be not that big of a deal to me I just know I love him with my whole heart...he sooo cooool :) lol


Siblings: I have a step sister who is 28...she turned 28 and august 28 :) she ROCKS! Then I have an older sister who she hates me and moved out she is 20 and she has a girl comment bc she hates me so I have decided I have none anymore since she is rude to me...even if that sounds mean on my side u dont know her side shes mean! and hateful to me so what else could I do?? then I have my BFF logan he rocks and looks older than me but he isnt he is 16 :) a cool kid to hes in band lol but hes cool and last is my half brother comment he is an odd child...he is 11 and needs a hair cut...his face is lost in his hair...and its puffy...odd kid lol. ALLLLLLSSOOO I HAVE A TWIN! I think thats important to state...nah shes not really my twin but she totally is if were friends were as close as we can get everyone calls us twins and we call eacother "hey twin" or "hey twiny" lol shes my twin what can I say deff the coolest girl ever KIM!!

Favorite actress: well Mariska lol sorry lyssa but she wins my heart even though they both do two diff causes im all about!!

Favorite shows: hehe! Law and Order:SVU (duh), Charmed(duh), Friends, Gilmore girls, Ghost Whisperer, Greys Anatomy, Full house, Reba

Who is your insperation?: yeah...Mar deff and lyssa tho see Lyssa helps homless and Mar she has the JFH which helps sexual assult vics and they...mar and lyss are just great ppl for doing things like that and I want to do theose same things I help the poor all the time...ppl frown apun it and are like they only want that for drugs...well I dont care! they touch my heart in a diff way and i just have to.

Career major: Child care...Im getting my certificate now actually with my 90 hour coarse and then taking signing and i'ma be a shadower which! is you if called interperate for the deaf I think its cool :)

Who do you admire?: Truthfully? my mother Its a long story to go into but she fought like Hell to keep us safe and I give her credit for that...i'd never tell her because she doesn't know I know the WHOLE story...when I was at her best friends house shes like im telling u this bc i think u have a right to know idk if lorna wants you to noe but i broke my heart to learn what she went through and to find out my father is a creeper and not a good guy it was alot to really think about but then the guy whome I loath today as my step father...was her hero I give him credit but I hate him...hes mean. and an Ass I cant help the feelings bc he told me he hated me to...its mutual but he saved her and he didnt have to do that and take us all in he really didn't do i admire him? its sounds like i do but i dont its my mother she did the best she could with us and then she often states "I failed" and I dont see it that way...she kept us close to home... which even if that made me a shy person and very "cant do much on my own" she did it to protect us and for that! I AM GREATFUL SHES MY MUM! :) I love her dearly.

SMILES & KISSES! remember everything happens for a reason and..."if you cant change your fate..change you attitude" :) and always smile bc you never know who is indeed falling in love wiith your smile :)))))

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