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When we walk upon the mountains
Swimming in the glassy fountains
We are walking amongst the angels

When we laugh with our closet friends
Ones that God sends
We are walking amongst the angels

When we are in doubt and fear
And death and violence is too near
The angels are walking amongst us


[Poem published on Fanfiction August 17, 2007


Hello visitor! Please enjoy your stay at my profile, however short it may be. The poem above is in fact written by me, and do not even think about stealing it. I do not take plagiarism lightly. If you do in fact use it, please contact me and give me credit.

Who is Cherryburg? Cherryburg is a girl who follows under these descriptions:

Gender:.. Female

Height:.. 5"7

Age: 14

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Turquoise

Weight: Slightly underweight but not scary.

She is also a writer and reviewer on Fanfiction, but also the manager of Lack Thereof.

Cherryburg beta reads all of Lack Thereof's stories before publication, offers her ideas how to fight off ze plot bunnies, and plays a behind-the-scenes in many of the stories Lack Thereof writes. She also does the most important job of all, putting up with Lack Thereof's many, many mental lapses into insanity.

My obsessions are vampires (think Bram Stoker's Dracula), Greek mythology, and fantasy. Those are the best, babes.

Funner Stuff about Cherryburg!

Cherryburg also switches between first and third person when speaking, so look out!

Like many fangirls, Cherryburg enjoys anime, and of course, yaoi .

Cherryburg was the 0th President of the United States.

Or at least she was before she became the Roman Emperor.

After that she became the poster child for a mental asylum.

Like all overachievers, it was not long after that until she joined arms with Van Helsing slaying monsters.

Today, this outstanding achiever is now known as the lady who sells peaches in the jungle.


Dear Blog,

I have just returned from a long hiatus and a horribly stubborn creativity block. It wasn't just writing, it was just... creativity all together. I got a physical headache from that! What will happen to us poor artists and writers! Blocks are getting so bad they're affecting our health!

I am currently reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. It is a wonderfully horrifying book, but unlike popular belief, it just doesn't go around and observe as the legendary Count Dracula sucks blood out of people. Aherm...thats the concept, but it's actually a much deeper novel. I have a whole new impression of vampires and am inspired to write one myself! Creativity is now just flowing into my head.

I tried my hand at water color painting today. For any of you attempting this, always color your drawing with color pencil before. It's much neater and has a great effect.

Mm...thats all for now, dearest.

With all love,


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The place for art. I have frequently visited but do not yet have an account. I will soon!

Likes and Dislikes Clich├ęs

Approve: Vampires, fantasy, Greek mythology, Three Days Grace, skinny jeans, ballet flats, supernatural, poetry, art, writing, cats, small dogs, Final Fantasy, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Hot Topic, and open-minded folks.

Disapprove: Annoyingly preppy girls, close-minded and old fashioned, material girls, procrastinators, Hanna Montana, Roman Mythology, bad fan fiction, people WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS.

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