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Author has written 2 stories for X-Files, and X-Men: The Movie.


Death Phoenix is the name,

Weird and unexplainable stories and poems is my game.

Making people think is what I like,

Throwing parties, giving others deadly fright.

Asking questions like devils cue,

I'm surely to be looking out for you.

Screaming, shouting seems no fun,

Run those legs in the summer’s sun.

TV shows with Kun Fu moves,

Fighting blokes I will not loss.

Watching out now I sometimes bite,

Drawing blood with my pure mite.


Ashlee Danielle Massey


Ash (short and sweet),

Splashly (when I was little I would jump into water)

Massey (too many Ashlee’s around)

Crazy (if you met me you would know why)

Alien (don’t ask)

Double D (one guess why guys used to call me this)

Shebee (belly dancer super hero)

Flexi (coz I am)




Mentally sometimes 13

Actually 21


Mum-A little controlling

Big, big brother-Older then other brother, looks kind of like a bikie

Little, big brother-Older then me, but younger then other brother, looks kind of like final fantasy character

Dad-Died 2004, two days before my birthday (sad hey), looked kind of like an Italian mob boss, but kindest person you could ever meet

Hair Colour:

Currently brown with red tips (I did not dry my hair this colour)

Naturally weird (hints of black, brown, purple, red and blonde)

Eye colour:

Weird (brown with a hint of yellow)


Third planet from the sun (Earth)

Southern hemisphere (not the northern)

Australia (not horse trailer)

South Australia (you know the state between New South Wales and Western Australia )

Adelaide (the state of churches, funny really I hate churches)


No more, thank god (no fun intended)

Love life:

Don’t have one any more

Single (cry)


Used to have one canary named charming (he always bites other males)

But he is no more (relative shocked it to death)


Writing stories (some times do not make sense)

Drawing (not that I’m that good)

Watching anime (what ever really)

Writing poems (get it from my father)


Any thing that I fear (of cause)

Dentists (they usually have worst teeth then you do)

Doctors (when performing an x-ray they say you’re going to be fine, while they’re a sheet of iron and about two doors away from you talking to you by a microphone)


The death of any other family members or friends (7 family members and 4 friends have died so far)

Mechanical Santa’s (they seem so evil to me)

Uncontrolled height’s (roller coasters are the worst)

Sitting in Santa’s lap (they always try to get a free feel)

Favourite quotes:

If the world did suck, we’d all fall off (friend said it to me once)

We go to school to practise for the future and practise makes perfect, but nobody is perfect so why do we practise, thus why do we go to school in the first place (own)

We expire to be more, pigs expire to be pore (own)

People don’t become vegan’s because of their love for animals, they become vegan’s because they hate plants (anty said it to me once)

I hate people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures... and the Dutch (austan powers)

Things you may not have noticed:

I have a split personality (3 actually)

Some of my poems are in my stories (usually whispers in the background)

I don’t like churches (they tried to change my ideas)

I have changed my hair colour only 4 different colours in my whole life (brown, purple, pink and black by accident)

I almost cry when there’s a mechanical Santa singing 2 feet away from me (almost being the word used here)

I also have a profile with under the same username (check it out)

I take a long time to write my stories (I get writers block all the time)

Fair wells:

You think you see the things I write, and know them word for word

But look much closer then you’ll see, their drifting like a bird

Moving further and further away, you can not get a grip

You reach both arm and hold on tight, but still your hands slide and slip

I see you trying that much is true, so do not give much fuse

It is all here you know it is, to satisfy your lust

I bed fair well to all of you, whom read upon this page

I wave my arms and speak a chant, as though I was a mage

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