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Seeing as I'm now probably going to actually use this account again and for more than reviews and a story I should've had a more thorough plan for... for anyone interested enough to look at my profile, I'm flattered you're somewhat interested me however I've stripped this account of all its favourites and other settings as those were from a different time and after looking over some of that stuff it embarrasses me to think I ever liked it. At any rate, I'll add some new favourites at some point.

I don't particularly care about people knowing my age, so for those curious enough to visit this page, I'm 20. Gender should be pretty obvious. I'm English but I grew up in France, thus I speak two languages. That said, my French writing is now officially atrocious so don't expect me to type to you in French- it's been just over a decade now since I lived in France, so I've not had much reason to write in French.

If you need to know anything more private messages exist.

For the record, Hamon isn't my favourite card. I couldn't decide on a profile picture, and as GX is what got me to dig this account up I went to my nearest deck and decided I'd settle on the first good looking monster I found. Ultimate Rare Hamon pops up (he's a 3 for 1 but the Gem Beast deck he's in is for fun) and I fail several times to get a photo (unless the foil is supposed to make it look like a 3d film without glasses, I'm just bad I guess), give up and rob the wiki of a pic. I'll probably change it at some point.

If I had to pick one though... Ra. Because my favourite colour is gold (in tasteful doses) and I like the quasi-Egyptian influence on his design.