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Author has written 28 stories for Lilo & Stitch, and Inuyasha.

My name was previously MisGel (Missy and Angel) as a combination of my dog's names. That however, was the name I signed on before we got a new member of the family: my sweet, little, chinchilla Mercy. Therefore, I changed my penname to include her as well.

I'm a big time Lilo and Stitch fan, but recently I dove into the world of Inuyasha. I'm trying my hand at making full length stories for Inuyasha instead of the same one-shots. I have a few that I think I am going to try, but I don't think they will be updated anytime soon since I want to know that what I'm doing will work and will have a sufficient ending.


Lilo/Stitch: I'm a HUGE fan of this coupling. I have many stories based around these two, so if you love this coupling, then you'll love my stories. Even when they're not paired together, I'll still make them close.

Angel/Reuben: I don't know how I came to be such a fan of Angel/Reuben, but I did. When Lilo and Stitch are paired together, sometimes I'll have Angel and Reuben together. I know this couple doesn't stand a chance in the show, but I make them work in my stories. Besides, now that Reuben is activated, he shouldn't be that bad for Angel.

Inuyasha/Kagome: It's obvious. They are soooo cute together!

Inuyasha/Kikyo: I at first despised this pairing since I was already in love with the Inuyasha/Kagome pairing. However, since watching the 147 and 148 episode, I began to understand the love they felt for each other and I almost cried when they parted. I still favor Kagome being with Inuyasha, but if Rumiko had decided to end it with Inuyasha being with Kikyo, I don't think I would be vehement about it. They did make a cute couple.

Sango/Miroku: Obvious like Inuyasha/Kagome. A perverted monk and an agressive demon slayer who hits him each time he molests her. Lol. Adorable.

Likes: Lilo/Stitch stories, L&S, Inuyasha, Inuyasha/Kagome stories, Country&Rock music, John McCain (better be our president!) Sarah Palin, President Bush, animals, my babies (My dogs and chinchilla), my family, and vacationing

Dislikes: Angel/Stitch stories, Inuyasha/Kagome hate stories, Inuyasha/Kikyo hate stories, bashers of both Kagome and Kikyo, insects, John Kerry, Barrack Obama (not because I'm racist, he just scares me with his minister and association with terrorists) PRESIDENT Bush bashers, racism, Angel&Snafu episodes, killings, bullies, animal abuse, child abuse, and leaving my babies for over a day

People ask me constantly how my dog, Angel, died. I tell them she died from a Colorado River toad and it alarmed me at how many people didn't know what those were. If there is anybody that lives in Arizona, and don't know what a Colorado River toad is, then read this. I feel I should alert people so the same thing that happened to Angel won't happen to their pet. A Colorado River toad are toads that have these poisonous gland and are potent enough to kill a full grown dog. They come out during monsoon season, so monitor your pet when its that time. You can also hear them out there, they sound like quacking ducks, but that is during their mating season. If your dog bit into a Colorado River toad, the signs will be excessive panting, panic, and when the poison advances, paralyzed hind legs. DO NOT take your pet to the vet, the poison took about ten minutes for it to go through Angel's system. Instead, take your dog outside, get the hose, and spray their mouth from the side. Do this for twenty or thirty minutes without letting up. Afterwards, your pet may seem drunk or dazed, but as long as they regained movement in their hind legs, they should be fine.

July 16, 2009

People who really knows me well knows that there are three things I value most in my life, my family, friends, and my babies. Well, sadly one of my babies died on the aforementioned date. Angel, my black Pinscher who was so loving, so full of energy. One who loved cuddle in my lap and lick me non-stop. What's horrible is she died in the same room I'm typing this now. I can still see her corpse and the way she twisted around in my arms. Her pale tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth as she died in my arms. It's sad when we come home and I expect to hear her scratching at the bathroom door, barking, whining, trying her damndest to get out and love on us. I feel Missy curled near my feet and I look down expecting to see Angel right next to her, but she isn't. I know she's in a better place, but that offers very little condolences to me. I'm selfish and I want her here with me, but I know I have to let go. I love you sooooo much Angel, and I miss you lots. I'm still gonna keep her name in my penname at least until my family and I are ready to adopt another pet, which I imagine will be a while. She was one of a kind and will always have a vast space in my heart.

Goodbye Angel, play nice with the other doggies in heaven.

Ok, I am no longer MisGelRcy for obvious reasons. On August 3rd, we got a new member of the family. Her name's Chloe and she's a Yorkshire terrier. So now, she's one of my babies too. She's so cute, she's like a snuggle bear. Love her to death, but still loving and missing my Angel. Chloe, as cute as she is, she'll never replace Angel, just like Angel didn't replace my other babies in the past. So yeah...

RIP Angel

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Lilo & Stitch - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 22,725 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 4/14/2009 - Published: 7/31/2008 - 626/Stitch, Lilo P.
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To See You Happy reviews
Kikyo and Kohaku are killed by Naraku, leaving both Inuyasha and Sango in complete anguish. Kagome can't take any more of their suffering and uses a ritual to bring them back, but Kikyo and Kohaku may have to die again to save Kagome from death.
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With tears in her eyes and sorrow in her heart, Kagome waits for Inuyasha. This is what she's always done and it's something she will always do.
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