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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; anything essential is invisible to the eyes.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My name is Crystal. (I'm not sure if you can see my picture or not...if you can, I'm the fish on the left :) )
I'm 17 years old, blonde hair, green/blue/grey eyes (mostly green. They adapt to what I'm wearing at the moment. Freaky, eh?), 5'4".
I go to a Church of Christ (I'm not telling you the actual name...). If you don't live in Tennessee, or the southern Bible-belt, and have heard of/are Church of Christ, yay you! You get life points!
I live Georgia, just north of Atlanta. (Insert singing gangsta voice here - ) We call it ATL 'cuz it's easy to spell...okay, enough.
I'm a senior in high school.
I am currently a part of the International Baccalaureate program at my school. For anyone else in IB, go us! And for any IBer who finally learned how to spell 'Baccalaureate' without having to look it up, double go us!
I'm extremely outgoing and love making new friends! That is, of course, until they start becoming creepy stalker type friends (no joke! I went to prom my sophomore year with a few friends and ended up obtaining a stalker! He could never remember my name correctly though...but he ended up getting me to pity-dance with him a couple times and roping me into taking prom pictures with him which, I have been told, are now posted up on the photography company's website without my permission! Oy ve...don't ask me which company, I honestly don't remember. I hate being nice...I lost my shoes too, in my haste to get away from said boy. Grrr...good thing I brought flip flops!).

I love music. I have a very unhealthy obsession with it and listen to almost any genre or language. I'm open to just about anything you can recommend except christian soft rock, degrading rap, or metal I can't understand the words to. I play piano and used to play the flute in middle school, but switched to chorus my freshman year of high school, and now am in love with the human voice and all of its capabilities.

Reading is my life...okay, my other non-musical life. Some of favorite books of the moment (I say 'of the moment', because it changes almost constantly due to the amount of reading I do) are the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, the A Great and Terrible Beauty series, the Chronicles of Narnia (if you've only seen the movie, and haven't read the series (the series people, not just The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) then you're missing out!) by C. S. Lewis, the Harry Potter series (I love you, Ron!) by J. K. Rowling (duh), The President by Miguel Angel Asturias, and Le Petite Prince (available in English for those of us who don't speak French) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. All of these are wonderful authors, and I recommend reading their other works if you have time! Speaking of authors, there are a few things about some of them that get on my nerves (I won't go into detail here because some people might get offended), but for the most part I worship them (they have, after all, supplied me with this insatiable habit, and for that I am eternally grateful).

I'm a pretty open person. For the most part, I'm straightforward, honest, and blunt to boot. If you ask me if something 'makes you look fat' (for example), and it does, I'll tell you. That's the way I am with most things. I don't want you to go outside looking 'fat' (if you get my analogy), so I try to help you avoid the situation all together. But, enough with stupid analogies...

Like I said, I'm pretty honest, and this gets me in trouble quite a lot. This is mostly due to the lack of a sense of humor in parts of the human race. People tend to take offense to things really easy now-a-days. It continually makes me sad because I love to laugh. Oh well, one can't have everything.

Despite my bluntness, I hate making people feel bad in any way whether roundabout, accidentally, or intentionally. For future refrence, if I've made anyone upset, please let me know (without cussing me out...) and I sincerely appologize! I hate fighting...I guess I am just a big softy at heart :)

Contrary to what I'm doing now, I'm not very good with words...or should I say, expressing myself with them. It always comes out wrong. Hence my unhealthy obsession with music as an outlet for the majority of my emotions.

I don't like to cry. It usually gets you nowhere and after it's over, you're physically and emotionally drained. I hate that feeling. But, you can go ahead and cry all you want :)

I haven't written...excuse me, published/posted anything (like fanfiction. I have written a couple of things). This is mainly because of the aforementioned 'non-verbally-communicative' trait, but also because I'm extremely critical of myself which doesn't help my raging inner perfectionist. Nothing is ever good enough, or perfect enough. Sigh I wish I would just leave myself alone!

I'm free to BETA anyone if they need one : )

So, funny story (well, it's not as much funny as it is entertaining...for me at least): I was working with three year olds at my church's Vacation Bible School. In my group were two of the most adorable children ever and they just so happened to have some of the characteristics of our beloved Twilight characters. When I asked them their names, they said they were Jacob and Bella (No joke!!) I flipped out, grabbed my phone, and took pictures of them so I could share. Isn't that cool?!? Well, it is for me at least. I know they don't look perfect, but here are the links for the pictures on my Facebook:

http://hs.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=174109&id=544576134&pwstdfy=276910c8f6abc3bf769caa6837dda5f6 for Bella

http://hs.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=174111&id=544576134&pwstdfy=cabe613a445e11b9f83ec7ffc6540f4b for Jacob.

And you can thank the author MyArtIsInWords for these being posted. He just wouldn't stop bugging me... :) I'm just kidding! I love my authors!
PS: I'm sorry if they won't work! Just tell me and I'll try to fix them for you! I don't really know any other way to put them on here (that's part of the reason they weren't on here sooner), so if they aren't working and someone has an idea, send it to me!

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