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Author has written 5 stories for Lost, NCIS, Misc. Tv Shows, and Misc. Books.


My challenge to any Heroes writers: Someone please write a Mohinder/Eden story! It doesn't seem like anyone ships them. Just because she's dead doesn't mean there shouldn't be any stories about them!

Go read the story I wrote with kitkat11. It's over on her profile. It's called "Bedtime Bear." It's a House/Wilson slash parody.

House: Ravenclaw

I am completely obsessed with LOST.

Other favorite shows: NCIS, Heroes, House, The Office, Bones, Numb3rs, The Class, X-Men: Evolution, Psych, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly

My new shows (which hopefully won't be cancelled): The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Moonlight

I also watch: Smallville, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Monk, That 70's Show, Scrubs, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Friends, Simpsons, gameshows, and whatever is on.

My favorite books: the Harry Potter books, the Divide trilogy, the Artemis Fowl books, the Inheritance trilogy, the Inkheart trilogy, the His Dark Materials trilogy, Ender’s Game, the House of the Scorpion, the Sweep series

If you have ever fallen up the stairs copy this into your profile (I fall up the stairs more than I fall down them)

If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile. (I blame it on X-Men)

If you think that those stupid kids should just give that God-forsaken Trix rabbit some Trix, copy this into your profile.

If you should be doing homework right now, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever heard of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, copy this into your profile. (my chemistry teacher gave us a test on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and he had the instructions in pirate speak; we were all amused)

!eliforp ruoy otni siht etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fI

My favorite characters///ships:

LOST: Charlie!///PB&J, Dan/Charlotte

Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Rose/Jack

Torchwood: Ianto///Jack/Ianto (they're the only slash I actively ship; it's so outside my typical pattern; I'd expect myself to ship Jack/Gwen, but I really, really don't. Ianto's just too adorable)

Bones: Brennan, Zach///Brennan/Booth, and Angela/Hodgins

NCIS: Abby, McGee///McAbby, Tate, Tiva

Heroes: Eden (RIP, I practically bit my hand off when he pulled her through the glass. Awful noble, though), Mohinder, Isaac, Charlie, Hiro, Elle, Claude///Mohinder/Eden (Love Eden, not just Eden or From Eden; besides, she was going to tell him everything; and that kiss!), Hiro/Charlie, Peter/Caitlin, Claire/Peter (Yeah, there's incest and an age gap, but whatever), Matt/Audrey, Claire/Zach, Isaac/Simone, Sylar/Maya, Micah/Molly

X-Men: Evolution: Kitty, Kurt///Lancitty, Rahm, Kurtty

House: Amber (CTB), Chase, Cameron///Chase/Cameron, Huddy, Wilber

Firefly: Kaylee///Kaylee/Simon, Kaylee/Jayne

Scrubs: Elliot///JD/Elliot

Numb3rs: Charlie, Amita, Larry///Amita/Charlie, and Larry/Megan

The Class: Kat, Richie///Ethan/Kat, Richie/Lina, and Duncan/Nicole

The Office: Pam, Jim///Jam, Dwangela, Darryl/Kelly

Psych: Shawn, Jules, Gus///Shules

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon///Leonard/Penny

Chuck: Chuck, Morgan///Chuck/Sarah, Ellie/Morgan, Morgan/Anna, Ellie/Captain Awesome

Moonlight: Mick, Beth///MacBeth (Mick/Beth)

Ghost Whisperer: Payne///Melinda/Payne

Two and a Half Men: Rose///Charlie/Rose

Harry Potter: Luna, Hermione, Bellatrix///The Government Stole My Toad (Neville/Luna), The Good Ship R/Hr (Ron/Hermione), Orange Crush (Ginny/Harry), Wotcher Wolvie (Lupin/Tonks), Bludger and Quaffle (Fred/Angelina), Fang and Flora (Bill/Fleur), Loyal Badger (Ernie/Hannah), Oranges and Cream (George/Katie), Pomp and Circumstance (Percy/Penny), Aurora Borealis (Frank/Alice), Batteries and Baking (Molly/Arthur), Blood Traitor (Andromeda/Ted), Drillers and Fillers (Mr. Granger/Mrs. Granger), Icicle (Lucius/Narcissa), Immortal Beloved (Voldemort/Bellatrix), River Deep, Mountain High (Hagrid/Maxime), Thorn and Buck (Lily/James)

The Divide Trilogy (which, is, by the way, a really good trilogy, but it doesn't even have a section on fanfiction): Felix/Betony

Artemis Fowl: Artemis/Holly, Root/Holly, and Artemis/Minerva

Inheritance Trilogy: Um, Eragon/Arya, I guess

Inkheart trilogy: Meggie/Farid

His Dark Materials Trilogy: Lyra/Will, and Lyra/Roger

House of the Scorpion: Matt/Maria

Basically, I like almost any canon ship for any show, and some ships that you have to kind of dig a little deep to see.

Characters///ships I can't stand:

LOST: Locke, Michael///Clocke (It is just wrong)

Heroes: Mohinder/Sylar (Mohinder/Eden, I say! Besides, Sylar's evil) (The odd thing is, I'll despise it one minute, and then I'll see it the next. It drives me crazy because I don't want to see it work)

Stories I am working on/thinking about:

The Class Visits a Pet Store/The Class Visits the Zoo

Things that always happen in NLLL stories


Mom, dad, two little brothers (14), golden retriever named Ty, a cat who adopted us named Phabela, and two hermit crabs named Ziggy and Sandy.


Wicked! Haven't actually seen the play, but I am reading the book, and I have the soundtrack.

Oh, and I love amanda145's whole Jack/Claire sibling theory! It must be proved right! The "Others" will take Jack, Kate, and Sawyers' blood, right, and they will already have Claire's blood, so they'll just happen to see the whole genetic thing, and be like...whoa.

Here are some rockin' quotes from people I know:

"Chase, it's not apples and oranges. They're different colors." --kitkat11, playing Forman

"Now who's El Nerdo?" --my brother Sean talking to his friend who forgot what his homework was (I'm not sure of the relevance of this statement)

"You need to watch more TV and eat more Trix cereal." --my friend Marie to my friend Emily becuase Emily is in pre-calc as a freshman, and Marie recently tried Trix for the first time and loves it

"That doesn't make it more vague, it makes it stupid." --me building on what my English teacher said when we were trying to make a bad answer to this one question for practice for the test tomorrow

"Brilliant, Harry Potter!" --My friend Deepti just...being random...with a British accent

"Is this the part of class where we pay attention?" --someone in my math class...to the teacher...under interesting circumstances

"The Sheep Go Marching In!" --Pat answering a 'Humdinger' thing while we were playing Cranium. The answer was The Farmer in the Dell. Now imagine the tune of the Farmer in the Dell with the Sheep Go Marching In as the words...Hi ho the dairy o, the sheep go marching in...

"I'm not ignorant, I just don't care!" --me

"I broke my butt!" --Emily

"My train of thought got de-railed!" --Mr. K

"It's not all sealed up, you let the air in! Hey, that's my name!" --me

"Self-serving himself? Redundancy much?" --Jacob

"My hands feel minty!" --me

"I don't remember the '80s." --my mom

"You don't drink soda to get nose bubbles!" --Sean

"What the heck's an Olive Garden?" --kitkat11

"You don't put cheese on the couch!" --Sean

Katherine: "Guess where my sister is! She's in Australia!" Me: “Australia is awesome! Just don’t fly to Los Angeles.” --because the Losties were in Australia and flying to LA when their plane crashed.

"So, like, really, I'm the god of gods! EEEEKK!" --Deepti, because she will be playing Zeus in our English skit

"More people recognize the McDonald's logo than Jesus." --Michael

Mum: "Where's your plate, Sean?" Sean: "I ate it!" Everyone else: laughing their heads off (you had to be there)

(We're doing a graph worksheet in World History) Emily: "What's that mean? What the heck does the as-oh, I get it now." Me: "Hahaha, you forgot the -terisk."

Me: (to Marie) "You're such a tree!" Marie: "I know you are, but what am I?" Roxanne: "That's such an old comeback." Marie: "I know you are, but what am I?" Me: (to Roxanne) "Oh, snap! She just called you an old comeback!"

"You just dropped the cat from the balcony!?" --Sean and Pat (my friend and I were up on the balcony, and we felt like throwing stuff at my brothers, and so we found a shirt and we were going to throw it at them, but we didn't think we could get it all the way over to them, so we decided just to throw it over to get their attention, but then we saw the cat just sitting there in the perfect spot, so we dropped the shirt on her and she got scared and bolted away 'cause we got her dead on, and so my brothers thought we threw her off the balcony (which we would never do) and we were just up there cracking up.)

Sean to Mom: Spell fort three times. (She does) Say fort two times. (She does) (ETC, ETC); Sean: What do you eat soup with?; Mom: Ha! You're not going to fool me! I eat soup with a fork!

(Watching Torchwood) Me: "Of course that's a weevil. You know what a weevil is! You've seen them before!" Mum: "I see no weevil."

More later

Oh, and a disclaimer for any and all of my stories, becuase I tend to forget them:

I do not own anything in this story but my own imagination. I don't even know anyone associated with the show, or anyone associated with them. That is, I probably only know them by six degrees.

"98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile please."


2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Eriizzle

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal): Blue Llama

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, and current street name): Elizabeth Erin (awesome, yeah? totally just switched)

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, last 3 letters of mom's maiden name): Ryaerler

6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink): Purple Milk

7. YOUR ARAB NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maidenname, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, last letter of your moms middle name): Razihsh

8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mothers middle name): Elizabeth

9. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one your pets): Black Ty (Ha! Like a formal event)

You Know You Live In 2007 When...

1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years.

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a screenname or myspace.

4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV.

6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.

9.) And you were too busy to notice number 5.

10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.

12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did Lol. I fell for that bad.

Quote of the day:

11/15/06: "Guys...where are we?" --Charlie Pace, LOST

11/16/06: "Abby slapped Ziva and Ziva slapped her back." --McGee, NCIS

11/17/06: "Just think--she could be your boss and your step-mom." --Amita, Numb3rs

11/18/06: "She's not nearly as pleasent as she thinks she is." --Cuddy, House

11/19/06: Nicole: "You married a woman named Fern?"
Richie: "Your husband's name is Yonk."
Nicole: "Sure." -- The Class

11/20/06: Richie: "I'm not leaving till you talk to me."
Kat: (under her breath) "Oh yes, you are. "
(Kat grabs a spray can, opens the door and points it at Richie)
Richie: (mortified) "AH!"
Kat: "That's right. You get outta here or you're gonna get this right in the eyes... I swear I will PAM you!"
Richie: "But, I..."
Kat: "Go, go, go... Get the hell out!"
(looks at the can of PAM)
Kat: "Oh God, I had it pointed towards me!" --The Class

11/21/06: "I solved the mystery of the smoking goldfish!" --Abby, NCIS

11/22/06: "I don't like the term dirt." --Hodgins, Bones

11/23/06: "Polar bears are meant to be quite clever. Very clever. They are like the Einsteins of the bear community." --Charlie, LOST

11/24/06: "Am I being mean to Dwight? I don’t know. I did just make him run around the building, and I have no intention of timing him. This isn’t even a stopwatch, it’s a digital thermometer." --Pam, The Office

11/25/06: "A = B = C = D. It's like one of Charlie's equations. Can't believe I just said that." --Colby, Numb3rs

11/26/06: "Look! Shampoo that's not tested on animals. I feel bad for those lab animals running around with dirty hair, but if it's better for the environment, that's the sacrifice they have to make." --Earl, My Name is Earl

11/27/06: Holly: "I'm sorry, sorry, um... do you have a middle name?"
Richie: "What?"
Holly: "It's just better if you have a middle name, you know, like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Wilkes Booth, you know."
Richie: "They all killed people! I'm just a very bad driver." --The Class

11/28/06: Foreman: "You stash your drugs in a lupus textbook?"
House: "It's never lupus." --House

11/29/06: Booth: "Did they gather all the evidence from the explosion?"
Brennan: "Yes."
Booth: "You sure?"
Brennan: "Yes. Booth, I was there. They were very thorough and I was very annoying." --Bones

11/30/06: "You can add but you can't hide." --Alan, Numb3rs

12/01/06: Creed: "Baby, hello baby." (dangles paperclips in front of the baby) "Here you want to play with this?"
Karen: "You can’t give paperclips to a baby, he could swallow them."
Creed: "Oh, it’s ok I’ve got tons of ‘em. You like that? Goo, goo, goo, goo." --The Office

12/02/06: "I had Martin explain to me what he got arrested for about three times, because it sounds a lot like what I do here every day." --Kevin, The Office

12/03/06: "On average, drug addicts are stupid." --House, House

12/04/06: Kyle (after he and Ethan see that Richie has run his car into a store): "Hey, you wanna go down there?" Ethan: "Why would we?" Kyle: " 'Cause...a car crashed into a store, which is kind of cool, and we know the guy in it, which is really cool...are you judging me?" Ethan: "I’m getting my coat!" --The Class

12/05/06: "Um, excuse me, mam, you just said my seat may be used as a flotation device, is that may be as in can be or maybe like, maybe yours will, or maybe yours won't cause I didn't ask for a floating seat, I would have but that wasn't one of the choices." --Earl, My Name is Earl

12/06/06: Kat: (angry) "You tell that news chick that we don't have his number anymore because we burnt all evidence of that lying scumbag bastard. We still on for brunch tomorrow?"
Ethan: "Yup."
Kat: "Okey Dokey!" --The Class

12/07/06: (Jordan talks continuously)
Dr. Kelso: "What the hell's with her?"
Dr. Cox: "She's mad, but she can't give me the 'silent treatment', because she knows I'd actually love that. So she's giving me the 'talk until I commit suicide treatment'."
Dr. Kelso: "Sucks to be you."
Dr. Cox: "You have no idea." (Starts eating his newspaper) --Scrubs

12/08/06: "Ted, even if she is married, it's a Canadian marriage. It's like their money, or their army. Nobody takes it seriously." --Lily, How I Met Your Mother

12/09/06: (After Barb has used the intercom button on the phone to call Ali into the office)
Christine: "What is that? Did you have an intercom installed?"
Barb: "It's on your phone. You just press the I-N-T button."
Christine: "Oh, I thought that was the internet...No wonder no one ever gets my emails." --The New Adventures of Old Christine

12/10/06: "Penguins are cute and all, but if you cooked one, I'd eat it." --Kat, The Class

12/11/06: Lina: "What if you need to borrow a cup of sugar?"
Kat: "For what?"
Lina: "What if you bake a cake?"
Kat: "I'd rather have a bitter cake."
Lina: "You are a bitter cake." --The Class

12/12/06: (After Lina tells Richie she needs to think about getting back together)
Lina: "I'm not saying I can't. I just need to think about all this."
Richie: "Okay. No, that's fair."
Lina: "I'm sorry."
Richie: "No, don't be. I'm fine. I'm more than fine. I bask in your indecision."
Lina: "I know this is hard for you."
Richie: "Please! The uncertainty is half the fun!" --The Class

12/13/06: "What are the odds of another dentist torturing you?" --Natalie, Monk

12/14/06: "I think we broke his brain." --Pam, The Office

12/15/06: Duncan: (to Richie) "So like... you could chop off 9 of your fingers and you could still count how many women you've been with?"
Richie: "Well, hopefully I won't have to go that far to make you understand..." --The Class

12/16/06: (Ethan tells Kat that he gave Benjamin Chow Kat's number)
Ethan: "How much do you love me?"
Kat: "Not at all!"
Kyle: "Huh! I saw that going the other way."
Kat: "Why the hell did you do that?"
Ethan: "Um, because sometimes, when we humans like other humans, our friends will try to set us up. How does it work on planet Angry?" --The Class

12/17/06: (Kat takes pictures of a guy she was photographing and brings them to Ethan)
Kat: "Check them out. Tell me I'm wrong."
Ethan: "Wow! These are all him?"
Kat: "No. (takes a picture) This one's his car. (gives the picture to Ethan; takes another) This is his house. (takes another) And this one's his favorite restaurant."
Lina: (sarcastic) "Oh... you're gonna go to jail!" --The Class

12/18/06: Kat: "Tell me the minute he calls! If my mother calls tell her she knows why I'm not talking to her and if Blockbuster calls tell them that I returned that stupid penguin movie like two months ago!" (later)
Ethan: "Blockbuster insists that you have the penguin movie!" --The Class

12/19/06: Kat: "It's not stalking!"
Lina: "It's totally stalking!"
Ethan: "One of you has a stalker?"
Lina: (pointing to Kat) "Or one of us is a stalker."
Kat: (yelling) "I'm not a stalker!"
Ethan: "What's going on?"
Lina: "There's this guy who lives in the neighborhood, who Kat follows around and takes like a million pictures of."
Kat: "I am an artist. He is my subject!"
Ethan: "Does he know he's your subject?"
Kat: "No."
Lina: "Do you hide when you do your "art"? Sometimes in bushes?"
Kat: "Okay, fine! I get it. But I'm sorry, when you're that hot and you leave your house, then you're asking to be stalked."
Ethan: "Well, clearly you know the law." --The Class

12/20/06: Kat: "What is it with the one dude? Where are my buffers?"
Ethan: "Okay, relax, your sister and Richie are coming with two backups, and in the meantime Kyle's the buffer."
Palmer: "Kyle's a what?"
Ethan: "Huh... He's... he's a buffer."
Palmer: "What's a buffer?"
Ethan: "You know... He's... gay."
Palmer: "Huh. Buffer? Never heard that term before."
Ethan: "It's new! It's cause a lot of gay guys work out, you know, and get buffer." --The Class

12/21/06: (Ethan sent Palmer huge flowers)
Ethan: (to Kat) "You really think it's too much?"
Kat: "Well, that depends... Did she win the Kentucky Derby?"
Ethan: "I think they're nice."
Kat: "Oh, they're nice. They're restraining-order nice, they're I-want-to-make-a-jacket-out-of-your-skin nice."
Ethan: "Really? I just wanted her to know how I feel about her."
Kat: "Hey, I'm on board. This is you screwing up your relationship with Palmer. I would organize a walk-a-thon for that cause." --The Class

12/22/06: Duncan: "You need more than one outfit. You gotta go back to your place and get your stuff."
Richie: "I'm so afraid Fern's gonna be there, with her horns and tail and sulfur smell." --The Class

12/23/06: Duncan: "So, Rich, Holly Ellenbogen, what's up with that?"
Richie: "I don't know I just made up a name."
Duncan: "No you didn't."
Nicole: "We went to school with her. When you crashed your car she was the reporter in the back seat. That was Holly Ellenbogen."
Richie: "Really? It sounds so made up."
Duncan: "Nope. She's real."
Richie: "Oh. Oh well." --The Class

12/24/06: (A phone conversation between Fern and Holly)
Fern: "I said I'm gonna get you!"
Holly: "Now I only got part of that. What are you gonna get me?"
(Fern hangs up the phone)
Holly: "Hello? Well, I guess I'll just have to be suprised." --The Class

12/25/06: Palmer: "So, Ethan tells me you're a buffer."
Kyle: "He told you that?"
Palmer: "Yeah, I-I hope that's okay."
Kyle: "Uh, It's fine with me, if you're okay with it."
Palmer: "Oh, yeah it's totally cool. My cousin Donald is a buffer."
Kyle: "He is? Like on a regular basis?"
Palmer: "Umm, I think so. Since college he's been pretty full on."
Kyle: "Huh, I've never actually been a buffer til tonight."
Palmer: "Wow, this is like, a really big night for you."
Kyle: "I need more monkey wine." --The Class

12/26/06: Fern: "So there is a girlfriend!"
Nicole: "I'm sorry... was that not established?"
Fern: "Well, whoever she is, she must have pretty low self esteem to fall for a shedding penniless albino like you."
Richie: "She's being nice because we have company." --The Class

12/27/06: Richie: "You have a gun?"
Fern: "Richard, is that you?"
Richie: "What answer gets me not shot?" --The Class

12/28/06: Jim: "Hey, Ryan. Do you want to pull a prank on Andy?"
Ryan: "Not right now. But ask me again ten years ago."
Jim: "I liked you better as the temp."
Ryan: "Me too." --The Office

12/29/06: "How would I describe myself? Three words: Hardworking, Alpha Male, Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable." --Dwight, The Office

12/30/06: Jim: "Maybe it's in the ceiling?"
Andy: "You know what, maybe YOU'RE in the ceiling!" --The Office

12/31/06: "Your gayness does not define you. Your Mexicanness defines you. We should celebrate Oscar's Mexicanity." --Michael, The Office

1/1/07: "I miss Dwight. Congratulations universe, you win." --Jim, The Office

1/2/07: "One of my life goals was to die right here, in my desk chair. And today, that dream was shattered." --Dwight, The Office

1/3/07: "Dwight will be missed. Not by me..so much...but he will be missed." --Ryan, The Office

1/4/07: Jim: "After you, sir."
Dwight: "No, thank you. I never let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear."
Jim: "Okay, well, that still leaves a 30 chance that I'll attack you from the front."
Dwight: "Uh, yeah, but it'll be easier to stop. I can always block the blow. Or I can counter it—"
(Jim suddenly slaps Dwight) --The Office

1/5/07: "Dwight betrayed me once before, so this is his strike two. You know what they say…fool me once, strike one but fool me twice……strike three." --Michael, The Office

1/6/07: "Dwight and I used to go on sales calls all the time. In fact, I have a picture to remember that time. (holds up a picture of himself with Dwight) Oh, young Jim there is just so much I need to warn you about and yet, tragically, I cannot." --Jim, The Office

1/7/07: Booth: (Talking about Russ) "I still make him nervous, don't I? (Pulls Bones out of her chair by the arm) Come on let's go."
Bones: "What...why do I always feel like you're abducting me?" --Bones

1/8/07: Zack: (Discussing his meeting with the dissertation committee) "I rectified their erroneous assumptions concerning polyvinyl replication."
Hodgins: "You corrected them?"
Zack: "Only when they were wrong."
(Hodgins chuckles) --Bones

1/9/07: Booth: (talking about Zack) "Is he gonna make it?"
Brennan: (talking about the corpse in front of them) "No he's very dead." --Bones

1/10/07: Booth: "Hey, let's go tell Bones."
Cam: "I just saw her, she's on her way to see the priest."
Booth: "Why?"
Cam: "He said he had something for her."
Booth: "No, she can't go places without me. Not when it's open season on Brennans!" --Bones

1/11/07: Zack: "I read a book on body language. Apparently in our culture, when an older male lays an open hand on a younger male, it conveys approval. But if he bumps younger male with a closed fist, it conveys doubt. Dr. Grayson went like this..."
(Pats Brennan's shoulder with open hand 3 times)
Zack: "Not like this..."
(Hits Brennan's shoulder with a fist 3 times)
Zack: "Like this..."
(Pats Brennan's shoulder with open hand 3 times)
Zack: "Not like this..."
(Hits Brennan's shoulder with a fist 3 times. Brennan looking annoyed)
Brennan: "Dr. Grayson is elderly and arthritic. Perhaps he simply needed help getting to his feet like this..."
(Pushes down on Zack's shoulder 3 times) --Bones

1/12/07: Robin: "Spider! Spider!"
Barney: "I left something in the hallway!" (Runs out the front door)
Ted: "Where?"
Robin: "Right there!"
(Ted comes over and kills the spider with napkin)
Ted: "Got it" (Kisses Robin)
(Barney comes back in)
Ted: "Still alive!" (Drops napkin on floor)
(Barney freaks out and runs back out) --How I Met Your Mother

1/13/07: Barney: "Freeways have exits, so do relationships. The first exit, my personal favorite is 6 hours in, you meet, you talk, you have sex and you exit when she's in the shower."
Robin: "So every girl you have sex with feels the immediate need to shower? Actually yeah, I get that..." --HIMYM

1/14/07: Lily: "Instead of telling Ted you love him you said 'Falafel'?"
Robin: "I totally choked." --HIMYM

1/15/07: Ted: "C'mon, Lily, we're supposed to be friends!"
Lily: "Yeah, some "friend!" You called me a Grinch!"
Ted: "You were a Grinch!"
Lily: (stunned) "How can you s--"
Ted: "Grrrinchy, Grrrrinch, Grinch, Grinch, Grinch, Grrrrrrrinch, Grinch, Grrrrinch!"
(Suddenly, the whole apartment blacks out)
Lily: "Happy? Now you've pissed off the big guy upstairs!"
Ted: "Yeah, I'm sure God cares if I--"
Voice from above: "You use that language again, and I'll turn off your water!"
Lily: "That's my super. He lives above me." --HIMYM

1/16/07: (Lily has just heard a message from Ted to Marshall where he calls her something very very bad.)
Lily: "I'm a what?"
Ted: "That was Barney..."
Lily: "That was you, Ted!"
Ted: "That was Marshall..."
Lily: "Marshall left a message for Marshall?" --HIMYM

1/17/07: (Ted and Lily listens to an old message on the answering machine)
Ted: "Hey Marshall! Are you lying on the couch right now moping about Lily? You are, aren't you? Stop it! She's not worth it, you gotta get over that grinch!"
Old Ted: "But I didn't say grinch.. I said a bad word, a very very bad word."
Ted: "Oh fudge..."
Old Ted: "But I didn't say fudge..." --HIMYM

1/18/07: Ted: (To his nephews) "Alright, don't tell your mom, but I got you guys some presents."
Nephew: "Like the gift of God's love?"
Ted: "No, dude. Real presents."
Nephew: (To his mom) "Uncle Ted got us presents!"
Stacy: "That's okay. Ted, we'll just give them to charity."
Niece: "Yay!"
Stacy: "Um, not you Charity. I meant the less fortunate." --HIMYM

1/19/07: (After blowing his nose) "My nose was just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out!" --Barney, HIMYM

1/20/07: "Oh Robin, my simple friend from the untamed north. Let me tell you about a little thing I like to call mind over body. You see whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop feeling sick, and be awesome instead. True story." --Barney, HIMYM

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