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My name is David Kowalski. I am 16 years old and lived in Parma, Ohio for almost all of my life, until about three months ago. I am currently on foreign exchange in Japan (which is why I'm not living in Parma now). My hobbies are World of Warcraft, Skies of Arcadia, and Kendo. I love Japan too! I am also really angry that someone else took the pen name Silvite. THAT'S MY NAME! GRRR!

Anyway, I love to read SoA fanfiction so much that I decided to try writing some. My first fanfic, A Rogue's Feelings, is a crappy one-shot about the whole love triangle thing that everyone wonders about. I am currently writing another fanfic entitled Darkened Discoveries, however, I won't upload it until its complete. I hate trying to read half-completed stories and I feel, "why should I make others wait for an update?". Regardless, a small tidbit of info about the upcoming story. Darkened Discoveries takes place 20 years after the so called "Crystal War". Basically, its about the adventures of Vyse and Fina's son, Aika and her lover's daughter, some new characters and whatnot. It will explain stuff involving the Black Moon, what happened to the Glacians, and other fun stuff like that. So there's your taste, hope you'll all enjoy it! I'm not a writer, as you will most likely find out when reading my works, but I just love Skies of Arcadia too much to just not write possible sequels and wonder what could happen.

In "A Rogue's Feelings", many are experiencing odd symbols (they're actually kanji...). That is because I origionally posted it at www.soaworld.w00ty.com/fanfic but when I came to Japan, I didn't bring the file with me (I had no idea about this site at that time...). When I discovered this site, I simply copied and pasted the whole enchillada from there, which, being on a Japanese computer, must have messed it up. The origional version is still at www.soaworld.w00ty.com/fanfic if you would like to read it easily.

"What is Love" is just an idea that I came up with after finishing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Having seen other scenarios like VyseXGilder and such, I simply had to respond somehow. I realize that this scenario is not only unlikely, but utterly wrong. However, I believe I speak for all readers when I say, WTF ARE YOU GUYS SMOKING TO MAKE CHARACTERS LIKE GILDER, VYSE, AND RAMIREZ GAY??? and that this type of story is well overdo.

Everyone should also realize, VYSE X FINA! That is the only pair that works, and I know from experience that best friends forever means best friends forever, so sorry VyseXAika fans, but I believe you are wrong, unless somehow Fina got with me, then Aika could be with Vyse and we'd all be happy ;) (Upcoming story idea btw...)

I also feel no need to write disclaimers. If Overworks wants to sue me, let them try, but I know they won't because it'd be a waste of their time and cost of a lawyer would be higher than what they'd get from me, not to mention they'd lose a customer.

I love swearing and I rate my stories as such, if its rated teen, then get the hell out kids, you're obviously illiterate anyway! It says TEEN for a reason...

And one more thing about me. I can't stand the diehard anime fans that know a tiny amount of Japanese and use it to describe stuff in an English sentence. If you speak English, DAMMIT, CALL IT LESBIAN, NOT "YAOI"! Even as an exchange student, and a diehard anime/manga fan, I will not use the Japanese words in mid-sentence. You people should either write in Japanese or keep the phrases in English.

So that's me! Read and Review please!


PS-You flame me, I flame you, insult you, spam your email, find your myspace and harrass you, if you play WoW I'll make a character on the opposite faction of your realm, lvl up to 60, then kick the shit out of you, etc...

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