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Author has written 10 stories for Beyblade, Final Fantasy VII, and Air Gear.


I'm aware that I appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth, I'm so sorry for it I really am. Okay so it's been Over a year since I last updated and I've promised to crack on it and to be honest I haven't really been doing that because of various distractions-you know A levels and Uni preparations and the like... But I am going to update...soon ( possibly in this order)

~ When Rude met Reno (6th version of the chapter is in progress and I'm trying to do the next one when inspiration hits me

~ Happy Birthday Hilary (Nexr chapter is written- its so gloomy but I wasn't a happy person when i was typing it but I need to proof read it.)

~ Sensational Disaster (i'm looking for my scribbles becuase I wrote some really good stuff for it and then i lost it and I can't write until I've found the pages)

~FFVII one shot possibly

~ Underworld - need to read ouran manga now to get the feeling for the characters again.

~Can he do it?


My Stories updates

When Rude met Reno - Chapter 10 is finally up, only been over half a year...

Underworld - I can't avoid kidnappings and darkness so lets drag the host club into this world and see if everything is still smelling of roses by the end. Added the prologue but its short as well.

Can he do it? - A comedy series starting from a Dane Cook sketch. (dear lord I'm trying humour..this can't be good)

Too far - A one-shot to help overcome my writers block.

I'm so sorry I haven't updated Happy Birthday Hilary =(, I really need to get to work on that!

future projects

(please inform me if you would like any of these put into production and apologises for spelling and grammar for the following)

~Memoirs of a redhead. (must check the spelling) - a collection possible childhood events of Reno before he joined the Turks and some spin offs from When Rude met Reno that aren't covered in the main story.

~ (Falling apart) - a huge cross over fic that includes some of my OCs (can't escape them) but mainly a crossover of FF game characters, KH characters from both games, Beybalde, FMA, Ouran High School, Pokemon, possibly digimon...basically any anime in my favourites and my favoutie characters will get leading parts. Expect crazy, spying, agent filled, dramtic action with bikers, school, and a huge quest obv.

~ I can fix that - Basically if you have seen Holes then you'll proabably know where this comes from. After AC Cloud is having a rough time, he doesn't really know what he should do and things are just going wrong. Reno comes across our stranded hero and becuase he has nothing better to do decides to help. This one act leads on to something more. (still haven't decided on CloudxReno or CloudxTifa, though I'd like it to be Shoun-ai)

~ (currently without a name as well) - this has been in my pocket for ages but basically its another go at being funny (don't run to the hills just yet.) Imagine what happens if Sephiroth came back (becuase we can't get rid of him) but instead of Cloud going against him alone, the Turks and Avalanche work together to bring him down...doesn't sound funny, but imagine the complete choas of it all, (Rude teaching Tifa to use a gun, Reno falling on Sephirothes head etc). Basically lots of unfortunate events will occur. (Oneshot)

~ Something that wasn't there before - Based off Manga storyline of Ouran High School after Kaoru gives up Haruhi to help Hiraku pursuit her but goes off in a new direction. Kaoru knows that Hiraku isn't good when it come with displaying his feelings to girls and so takes action to help improve his brothers performance even if it means stepping into girls shoes again, he'll do anything to help his brother. But as Hiraku shows his feelings for Haruhi on kaoru new feelings are stirred within the latter that were never there before...possible shoun-ai

~ (currently wihout a name) - basically a AU with FFVII characters in our world. Cloud and Aerith are friends who work in a bar togther every saturday and during the week attend the local high school where Rufus rules the roost and he doesn't like Cloud. Desperate to hit him where it hurts (meterphoically) he tries to set him up with girls only for them to cruelly break his heart, however Cloud never falls for them not even school beauty Tifa Lockheart and he doesn't understand why. Maybe the new transfer student Reno has the answer. (Most likely I'll squirrel some shoun-ai into here.)

~Feather Genetics - I'll probabaly give this a better name but it will be a Tsubasa FF, before any dramatic changes happen in the story so it'll slot in as a random world before the Tokyo Revoltions series starts. Basically the group land in a world were everyone practically looks the same, all big brown eyes and dark haired with same shape face. A ingenious scientist seeks power and control over nature, what does can this new band of travellers offer for him and can he use the feathers power to his own ends.

~Soul Bladers - theres a kind of Beyblading that's existed since people managed to trap the sacred spirits into spinning weapons. As the centuries went on and the wars came and went these spirits faded into objects of which they were trapped, some leaking into the childish game of what we know as Beyblading. But that doesn't mean the original art has died. It can't be found in back alleys, ruined castles, dark caves or far off villiages nor is it a cult or religion. Still, its there and its thriving. Kai once said "this is not just a game to me..." But when his desperate search for his own lost bitbeast, leads him stumbles into this world where Beyblading is not child's play and he's swept into its mysterious depths, he realises just why he's always felt that way. Years later he came back, he never looked at the world the same way again and those he knew before can't understand what happened to him. One thing is for sure, he's one step closer to getting Dranzer back and no matter what follows him from where's he's been, he can't stop what he's started. Though he may get more than he bargained for. (oh this sounds alittle too dramatic)

My profile - this is ridiculously long so just skip but if your wondering why I may obsess over things then...

~Pen-name: Vitalini

~Country: Britain

~Likes: anime, yaoi - some, drawing, writing/reading fanfiction, writing in gerneral, surfing online, listening to music, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Swimming, my cats, science, history etc.

GACKT, malice mizer -these with have inflence on my stories! I'm beginning to like alot more Japense and Korean artists such as Bump the Chicken, Utada Hikari, H.O.T... you know the score so maybe a few references to them or not.

~Dislikes: well theres no need to go into that ...

~Hates: OC-characters (that take over), when my computer crashes (and everything is wiped off it!)

~My motto: "nothing in life worth having comes easy." So go out there and try your best because it doesn't matter if you fail!

~"New year new bit of writing):

Yeah, A bio. I'm not much to talk about but heres some of my on looks that you may notice in my writing.

Yaoi: This is pretty much the same view as it was, I like the strong friendship bordering on Yoai more then all out Yoai but hey never know it may grow on me.

OCs and Mary Sues: I don't mind OC's that are extra but not the type that take over the show and Mary sues are very boring thus don't expect many (if any) in my writing.

~ Favorites ~~


Naruto: I still adore Kakashi and Deidara, but the animke is too slow and manga is quite killing spree at the moment.

Beyblade: my all-time favorite. Season 3 is really cool though v-force wasn't that good and season one graphics were awful but I was hooked all the same.

Pokemon: I will forever love EEVEE and all her evoltions. so kill me, she was my first pokemon toy.

Full Metal Almestist: Ed is my favourite though I don't usually like noisy characters but he's so cute and the show is funny and serious which makes it great. MustangxRisa is cute! (in my opinion)

Ouran High School: It makes me laugh.

~Anime characters:

Kai/Tala (joint first!), Oliver (close second!) Bryan, Rei (Beyblade)

Kakashi (he's so fuuny), Deidara! Gaara, everyone else- Sasuke is such a (to be filled with choice words) now. ( Naruto)

Reno, Cloud, Vincent (are my top Favorites) (FFVII)

Axel (organisation XIII)

Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyoya (Ouran High School host club)

Kazu, Spirfire, Emiri -she is epic, manly and we both like Kazu =P, sleeping forcest, heads of Trident (Air Gear)

~ Anime yaoi pairing:

Beyblade: Kai/Tala, (very limited though I'm open to others)

Naruto : Gai/kakashi (but not so much, just its a possible pariring. as a non yaoi pairing, I like Naruto and Hinata becuase I love Hinata the most with Tenten and Temari)

~ Manga:

Fruits basket: Go Haru!

Loveless: I've seen the animation and have volumes 1-7 (is addicted and it's beautiful.)

.Hack: looks promising

KH (of course)- so funny only problem is while everyones in school is talking I'll be sitting by myself and suddenly I'll burst into uncontrollable laughter and now they know I'm crazy!

Tsubasa: (proabably spelt it wrong) I love Fai and Mokana they make me squee insanely, Kurogane is awesome. The story and art are fantastic a must read though it takes a little getting into and a while for the suprises to happen, still worth it.

Ouran High school: seen the pictures but can't read the Japnese, still the twins relationship is changing and its so sad.

Air Gear: Gah I hate the nakedness but its got a good story line which seems to develope at a nice pace with (aside from random nudity) has some awesome female characters such as Emiri- I pretty much like all sleeping forest even if one guy likes to take people's faces off. Trident is also cool and of course there is Spitfire and Kazu. Kazu has become so cute in recent chapters and more moral.

~ FF:

I've only watched the movie Final fantasy VII Advent Children but I love Cloud, Vincent and Reno (though apparently he's a jerk in the game) so I am doing Turk fics .

"Lookin' at you is makin' me sober" - don't you just love Reno =P

Now I have the game mwhahahaha and Reno isn't all that funny cries but I still love him, especially since he's my cosplay character...wallmarket Reno anyone =) (then again I'm trapped in corel prison)

~ Kingdom Hearts:

Oh my goodness I like everything Kingom Hearts for it is so awesome, it combines the things I love the most Disney and Final Fantasy. The heros are awesome and on New Years Eve 2006 I became obessed with Axel and other Oraganisation memebers, I just need to finish, KH and chain of memories, Riku's story and then I can play KH2!


I've seen the movie and would like to read the Manga, looks good =).

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