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Okay, guys, here's the deal - this account, originally sole property of Kinen is now shared by both him and Gosangoku. We have already gotten quite far into our first collaborative story together, inspired by Metallica's Unforgiven series. It's a crossover fanfic consisting of Bleach and NARUTO and the plot is primarily constructed by the spirit world and the shinobi world clashing. We shan't reveal more just yet; you'll have to read to comprehend the strategic and intriguing story that is The Unforgiven. What we can inform you of is that the main pairings are SoiSaku (SoifonxSakura) and IchiNaru (IchigoxNaruto). Genres include action (goes into quite intricate detail so you could also classify the action near enough to horror/gore or maybe just thriller), romance and advanture. As a bonus, it does include some awesome vehicles including Yamaha R1s (Kinen's favourite) and, hopefully, Suzuki GSX-R 600s (Gosan's favourite).

About us


I did upload something here once, but I forgot about it D: XD.
But seriously, I've decided to resurrect my dead writing arse and bring it back with Gosan, since we both inspire each other and we decided to collaborate with our writings.

A.K.A.: Mengde, Kenji.
Gender: Male.
Location: Wales.
Age: Twenty.
DOB: 10th May, 1989.
Music: Metal mainly (Linkin Park, Static-X, System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Spineshank).
Games: Metal Gear Solid, Dynasty Warriors.
Books: The Art of War, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Sports: Ice hockey (L.A. Kings), Gaelic football (Dublin), hurling (Cork/Limerick), American football (New England Patriots).


A lot more information about me is specified on my profile which can be found by CLICKING HERE, but I'll add a little bit of information to ensure you that I'm not a forty year old peadophile.

Alias(es): Gosan, Gosangoku, Kai, England, Ingirisu, Arthur Kirkland.
Gender: Mentally male, physically female.
Location: England, London.
Age: Fifteen.
DOB: 28th August 1994.
Music: Metal mainly (Linkin Park, Static-X, System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Muse, Thousand Foot Krutch, Simple Plan, more listed on my profile.)
Games: Action. COD, GTA, MGS, Pokémon, FF (IV, VII, X), KH (I, II), Steambot Chronicles, other games listed on my main profile.
Books: Action/horror/adventure/crime. Books listed on my main profile because I'm a lazy arse.
Sports: Football (Man U), hockey (NYI, LAK), F1, NASCAR and basketball.
Sites: deviantART, FanFiction, FictionPress, YouTube, LiveJournal, Facebook (please PM for Facebook).

Well then, I'm a fifteen year old high school student aspiring to be an author and/or manga-ka/anime director from England. I enjoy writing action mostly, and so you can guess I love writing my fight scenes. I can also be quite morbid with my writing, going into detail on injuries. I do lots of research on it to make sure it is very scientific and has good medical explanations, and I also research the weapons and/or attacks utilised to create such an injury. I don't have a favourite weapon as I can't decide what I prefer. Like Kinen, I can be a strategist (although he's more of a strategist than I am) and as such my weapon alters depending on the situation and on what the opposing has. My favourite anime/mangas are similar to my tastes of books and films; I like action, and thus I'm commonly watching/reading anime and manga of the shounen genre. My first anime was DragonBall Z and Toriyama Akira was my first major influence. As you can guess, another large influence was Kishimoto Masashi. DBZ got me on the anime road, NARUTO gave me a push, and more and more animes built up and helped me decide on my career. My current obsession is Axis Powers Hetalia but my favourites shall always be NARUTO, Bleach and DragonBall Z. You can see the (almost) full list of animes and mangas I like on my main profile. Pretty much all info you could get on my is there. XD

Gosan-Kinen Productions.

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