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uh...ok...well, my name's Theo, I'm 16, and I live in Scotland...

looks behind herself suspiciously

... and my parents would kill me if they knew I was interested in fanfiction. I'm meant to read more "intellectual" and "cultured" things, apparently (although, frankly, some of the people I read on fanfic have better writing skills than some 'real' authors). So this is my attempt at teenage rebellion I guess, since we can't all go on rediculous quests or betray hidden cities...

I'm a big Tolkien fan (something my parents think I got over years ago), and I especially love "The Silmarillion". I have a tendancy to sympathise with some of the weirder charactes therein (Feanor, his sons, Maeglin...uh...Morgoth) although perhaps that's just me trying to be different. I do want the good guys to win in the end, honest! Fav. stories would have to be anything to do with the Noldor and "The Akkalabeth".

Apart from Tolkien, I'm reallly into Classics (Latin, Greek, Ancient History, etc) which I hope to study at uni; really depressing Victorian novels (Thomas Hardy rocks!); various hopeless political/social causes, and lots of weird stuff like that. So if anything I write is depressing, overtly partisan, etc, you know why.

My partner in crime is the Evil Witch Queen (also on fanfic), who is not only the best friend EVER, but is also indespensible for bouncing ideas off of (even if she does disapprove of some of mine).

I've enjoyed stories and writing ever since I was little, and I've won prizes and stuff at school for writing, but mainly that was for non ficton. So this stuff will be some of my first attempts at fiction. Feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Anything I write may take some time to be updated, as I'm trying to write three dissertations for school - so please be patient!



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