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I'm in love with the Jonas Brothers, and the IMDB Jonas Boards. I adore writing, and I try to update as often as I can.

Joseph Adam Jonas owns my heart.

Ships I'll write about

Niley (Nick/Miley)- Hate it in real life, and Niley sounds like a disease, but it's so cute to write about.

Loe (Joe/Lilly)- I like Emily Osment better than Miley Cyrus, so if anything, I'd pair my husband with Emily's character. But I must admit, I've grown to like this couple.

Kevin/Other Character- Because I can't think of any real life people I could see him being a couple with, currently.

Nilly (Nick/Lilly)- If I'm in the mood, cause I like Niley better. Considering their rumored real-life romance, and obvious connection (Nick and Miley's) I just can't picture Nick and Emily together, however; so I'd have difficulty writing it.

Loliver (Oliver/Lilly)- Aw, theyre cute. I totoally love the best friends relationship thing, I've done one once myself, so I can relate. Except, mine didn't turn out too well. But it was the most comfortable relationship I've ever been in.

Jorisa (Joe/MarisaME!)- Hehe, we'd be cute. No lie. I adore that boy.

Nace (Nick/GraceMYBFF)- She's in love with him. They'd be strangely cute :)

Kevauren (Kevin/LaurenMYBFF)- She's obsessed. They're meant to be. Hah. Love them.

Rick (Nick/RachelMYBFF)- She's also in love with Nick, she's just always gonna have to fight Grace for him ;)

Ships I wont write about

(Joe/Miley)- This is so disgusting that I don't can't even come up with a name for them without throwing up. She'd never get him.

Killy (Kevin/Lilly)- First of all, it sounds horrible, and second of all. Hello illegal age difference..

Kiley (Kevin/Miley)- Not going to happen, she's totoally into Nick, so I can't even imagine writing it. And once again, hello illegal age difference..

Moliver (Oliver/Miley)- Sorry, not happening. Him and Lilly are more meant to be.

Life is too short, so take the time and appreciate. - njonas

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