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Konnichiwa! My name is Moriko Sakura! In proper Japanese it would be written Sakura Moriko. That means Sakura is the surname and Moriko is the given name. I chose this name on my own, so I'm not really Japanese. It's just a pen name, ok? My English pen name is Kay Weber. I have darker golden hair. It is not really blond nor is it a dark golden. But its not quite golden either. I have hazel-green eyes. I'm really hyper all the time and extremely crazy! I'm a really bad speller and love spell check! I took German in high school and am a Japanese and psychology double major in college.

Pottermore Beta tester right here! I am obsessed with it! I love my common room. I am a Hufflepuff! ^_^ Don't mess with us badgers!

Schadenfreude- laughing at the misfortune of others! It's German. And laughing at others misfortunes is fun!

It is on my radar to edit my profile and remove many of the things on here. This is because my profile was first put together when I was a high school freshman (now I feel old!). So please, do not let the oddness of it bother you.

Please do not judge me by the stories that are in my favorites. I have had this account for years and many of the favorites are from my early years. While I would not favorite some of them today, I think it would be very rude to unfavorite them.

Likes-ummmmm too many! Sailing, writing, reading, listening to music, my piccolo(and my flute!), acting, singing, musicals, Wicked, Fall Out Boy, all music except rap, classical rock, Styx, Beatles, Queen, cotton candy, sugar, trick-or-treating, Japan, snow, summer, Christmas, Easter, randomness, DDR, sea turtles, pandas, cats, huskies, pasta, milk, chocolate, dancing in the rain, Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, Disney movies(yes, those that are rated G! I love those movies!), movie soundtracks.

Dislikes- broccoli, rap, friends annoying little brothers, allergies, mosquitoes, boring teachers, fanfics with pairings of characters that shouldn't be together

Things I say often:
So sue me!

And all that jazz.

Quotes and funny nonsense from my friends and me!

Chlo: I got schlorped again!

Jenna: I have to pee like a pregnant rooster! ~as an after thought~ ...and roosters are male, so that makes no sense!

Me: Spell to 11 using trumpets! (correlates to a card game called Ziggity where you have to spell a word, match insturments, count to 11, or complete a puzzle)

Me: Sailing, sailing! Sailing over the oc-lake so blu-green!

From a group in English while working on a project on The Fellowship of the Ring: Tom: Hobbits are lazy
Me: What? They are not! They provide their own food!
Tom: Well, they party and eat a lot. Besides, look at Bilbo. He's writing a book. That's not work.
Me: Writing is work! You just insulted my dream of becoming a published author!
Tom: Oops.
Tom: I read the series last summer. I didn't read them this summer.
Me: So you're the lazy one!
Tom: Fine. I'm lazy! (writes is lazy next to his name on his paper while Taylor, the other person in our group laughs hysterically)

"But why is the rum gone?"~Captain Jack Sparrow

Tom:You know Taylor's scared of chainsaws!
Me: Oh really, Taylor?
Taylor: Yes because of that stupid haunted corn maze where the guy chased me with a chainsaw...
Tom: Watch! This is all you need to do to scare her...(makes crazy chainsaw noises and brings arms towards Taylor. Taylor screams and ducks while Tom and I laugh hysterically...)

Em: I'm spurcial!

Lu: Look at Mr. H! He must be part of the trench coat Mafia!

Me: So this one time, at Band Camp...
Lu: Which time would that be?

Steph: So there's these dishes at the cafeteria from some Chimete...
Mom: Chimete? That sounds like Chinete...
Steph: Oh my gosh! That's what they are! It's written in cursive so it's an n not an m!
Chris: And you graduated third in your class? What kind of school was that place?

Me: Alivia! Flute parallel! PARALLEL! NOT AT AN ANGLE! PARALLEL!
Alivia: Fine. Whatever. You have a piccolo so stop yelling at me. It's hard to keep flutes parallel and march.
Me: Fix it.
Aliva: Fine. It's not that big of a deal... Besides piccolos are easier.
Me: ~laughs uncontrolably~ Piccolos ~laughter~ easier? ~laughter~ That is ~laughter~ the funniest thing ~laughter~ I have ever heard! ~uncontrollable laughter~
Alivia: Ummm okay. I think I'm going to go back to my spot now...

Tom: I'm going to come bug you at lunch tomorrow.
Me: How? You don't even know where I sit!
Tom: Yes I do! You sit at the same table as Chloe! Right by the pop machine, all the way in the corner by the radiator!

B-chan: How many ADHD people does it take to change a lightbulb?
Me & Kasey: Hey look, a MOMIJI!!
B-chan: Huh? You guys know it's a butterfly right?
Me: Catch that bunny!
Kasey: Momiji, come back!
B-chan: Oh! There's a bunny! Lets catch it!
So now:
How many ADHD people does it take to change a lightbulb? Hey look, a bunny! Catch it!

Tom: I can see you as a serial killer using pens and rulers!
Me: Um, okay than.

Tom: Sporks are mightier than spoons! Right?
Me: Sure, if you say so.
Tom: But you don't mean that! I'm not talking to you!
5 minutes later:
Tom: Even Em says sporks are mightier than spoons!
Me: I thought you weren't talking to me?
Tom: I changed my mind.

Tom: Taylor! I can't believe you let her read that note!
Taylor: I didn't! She stole it!
Me: I did. That's why the papers ripped.
Tom: Lies! Deciete! I'm not talking to you guys! I hate you!
Me: Taylor, how many times has he said that to us before?
5 minutes later:
Tom: Wait, Moriko did you read the whole thing?
Me: Yup! ~evil grin~
Taylor: I thought you weren't talking to us?
Tom: I changed my mind.
The next day:
Tom: I still have that note.
Taylor: I thought you were going to eat it.
Tom: Well, I didn't.
Taylor: Okay than.
Tom: See? ~pulls note pieces out of pocket~ I can even still read it!
Me: Sure you can!
Tom: ~reading form note: Awww. That's so sweet.
Taylor: Huh? That says ewww!
Tom: I thought that was how you spelled awww!
Me: Sure you did!
By the way: The note was a conversation note after our English exam between Tom and Taylor. And it concerned me which was why Tom got so mad that I read it.

Me: ~writing Taylor keeps track of how many times she has kissed Kyle on a chalk board~
Taylor: Actually not anymore.
Me: ~looks up~ What?
Taylor: I lost count on Sunday... when we were making out...
Taylor: Shut up! And by the way, never let anyone French-kiss you. It's disgusting!
Me: Um, I didn't need to know that...

"She was translating the Battle Hymn for the Republic into Arabic, actually. When she finished that, she moved on to Korean sign language." ~ Edward Cullen, Eclipse

"What? What's wrong? Is there something in my teeth? Fine, let's get this over with now. No I'm not seasick, yes I've always been green, no I didn't eat grass as a kid."~Elpahba

"Where I come from, we believe in a lot of things that aren't true. We call it...history."~The Wizard from Wicked

"Just little judgments, like thinking Mexican busboys need to learn to speak God damn English!"~ Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, Avenue Q (Sorry, but if you are living and working in America, LEARN ENGLISH!)

Air Force One quotes

"Oh really? Well, when you talk to the President, you might remind him that I am holding his wife, his daughter, his chief of staff, his national security adviser, his classified papers, and his baseball glove." ~Ivan (top hijacker)

"How the hell did this happen? How the hell did they get Air Force One?" ~Kathryn Bennett, Vice President

"Don't fail me red, white, and blue." ~James Marshall, President

"This is bs! It's simple physics-without fuel the plane crashes. Everyone dies." ~Ivan

MASH quotes

Hawkeye- Did you know they speak Korean in Korea?

Favorite Books- Fruits Basket, anything by Tamora Pierce, Harry Potter, TWitches, The Giver, Warriors, Full Moon, Saiyuki, Ella Enchanted, Inheritance Cycle, Wicked, Prophecy of the Stones, Twilight series, The Gentleman's Alliance Cross, 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU, The Host, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

Favorite Pairings- divided by books/series/show, some are really weird

Fruits Basket: Tohru/Kyo, Uo/Kureno, Kisa/Megumi, Hatori/Kana, Hana/Shigure, Ritsu/Mii, Ayame/Michi,

Tamora Pierce: Daine/Numair, Alanna/Jon, Aly/Nawat, Kel/Neal, Sandry/Briar, Tris/Keth, Rosethorn/Crane(don't ask), Kalasin/Kaddar, Beka/Rosto

Twilight: Bella/Edward, Jake/Leah (Just don't ask-walk away)

Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny, Dumbledore/McGonagal, Malfoy/Hermione, Ron/Luna,

Full Moon: Mitsuki/Takuto

Inheritance Cycle: Eragon/Arya, Roran/Katrina

Wicked: Elphaba/Fiyero, Nessarose/Boq

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko/Katara, Toph/Aang, Suki/Sokka

Bad Pairings

Fruits Basket: Tohru/Yuki(ick ick ick ick ick!) Kyo/Uo(ummmm how about NO!) Kisa/Hiro(just dont like it)

Tamora Pierce: Daine/anyone but Numair and vice versa, Alanna/George(Did you know, Alanna married Jon in the original version? Don't believe me?, click on etc. and then spoilers and read the Alanna, Jonathan, George one), Briar/Tris

Twilight: Bella/Jake

Harry Potter: Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione (Harry/Hermione is better, and I'm not a fan of that either), Neville/Hannah Abbott (I don't care if JKR said it's cannon), Luna/Rolf Scamander (Don't care if it's cannon)

Inheritance Cycle: Eragon/Saphira (HELLO! Human and dragon? What the heck?!)

Wicked: Galinda/Fiyero(or Glinda/Fiyero, whichever you pefer!)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Katara/Aang, Zuko/Mai

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