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Author has written 9 stories for Naruto, Death Note, Warcraft, D.Gray-Man, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inheritance Cycle, and Defiance.

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My four biggest works are in Anime/Manga

So I Married a Murderer is about a young girl who falls into a well that leads her straight to the love of her life, Orochimaru. Aided by the wisecracking ghost of a king for a conscience Kelly will help the snake sannin and try to see if she can get him to fall for her.

SIMM: The Series: Land of the Plague is a continuation of that wonderful piece...snrk, sorry, couldn't say that with a straight face anymore. It's not horrible, but I'm waaaaay better at writing now. If you're still interested, it features an all new epic storyline and cute bits of romantic fluff as well as more of Griffin's antics. And it's on an hiatus that may or may not be lifted, I'm kinda getting back into reading Naruto fanfiction, there may be stuff. There may not be. If anyone wants to adopt the fic PM me and I'll tell you the overarching plot, provided you're good enough.

Sapphire's Redemption is a pet project that's taken on a life of its own and follows a much loved but rarely seen character in Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as introducing more than a few new ones. This is one of my better fics and is completed with a sequel in the works.

The Clockwork Exorcist is a D. Gray-Man story about a mechanical dragon with a human soul, and her complicated relationship with a certain grumpy samurai. It promises to be very long, manga length long with some chapters and adventures that are based on the show and also my own original ideas.

To view my other works, including my original pieces, visit: thegriffin88 on deviantart!

The Cast and Crew


Travelers are a select group of beings, usually griffins, who are recruited by the gods and godesses of Karma, the world my original novel is set in. They are assigned to a particular person in the world they are sent to live in, called their ward, and given two tasks: 1) to protect and serve their ward, keeping them safe from the minions of the god of Chaos, 2) to help their ward complete their mission in their world, thus ensuring that time and fate flow as they should. Travelers become very attatched to their wards, forming close bonds that have an almost psychic link. If their ward is threatened, a traveler will usually, instinctively, move to sheild or protect them. Travelers are not allowed to harm another traveler's ward, no matter what side they are on. Travelers are meant to be observers, not participants in anything that would drastically alter the flow of fate.

Name: (Shinobi) Griffin

Alias: The Yellow Leaf, SG

Age: 20-ish

Gender: Female

Species: Griffin

God: Manauia (Honor)

Size: On the large side but about medium when compared to the others.

Magic: Fire

World: Naruto

Ward: Hatake Kakashi

Goal: Help Kakashi do whatever it is that he's supposed to do.

Description: Yellow body feathers, brown fur, blue eyes. Wings are: top part=grey middle=pink flight feathers=same yellow as body. Wears her leaf headband like a skull cap with long ribbons coming out of the back. When she's in the woods, she ties these back as well.

Background: Griffin arrived in the Naruto world about a year before Itachi massacred his clan. In that year she had developed a strong bond with the boy and was sure that he was her ward. (the person she's there to watch and help yadda yadda) But a few days before the night of the massacre it was announced by her overseer, the god Manauia, that her real ward was Hatake Kakashi. She met Itachi after the massacre as he was leaving and told him that she couldn't follow him because of this. Itachi accepted this and asked her to do him a favor while he was out of town: Take care of Sasuke. Griffin obliged his request, and informed him that she could do no more than try and nudge him on the right path. It is still unclear how close she was to Itachi, or if they are even still in contact.

She is currently touring around with Suigetsu, once again shirking her responsibilities as Kakashi's watcher. She follows the KH reject because he stole Zabuza's sword. Griffin respected Zabuza as a person because she believes that he had a good soul. She had appointed herself a personal quest to redeem Suigetsu from his sin of grave robbing and others.

Fighting Style: Ranged attacker. She uses her fire magic about the same as her wind magic, as a tool for doing everyday things. But her jutsus are special, they are a breed of her own techniques she calls the: Bully Techniques. One is this: Bullying Technique: Hate Crime no Jutsu, in which she filngs a rock with amazing accuracy at someone. She uses this to punish someone if they said something she didn't agree with. Sai and Neji are the constant targets of this jutsu. Her top move in this category Crotch Kick no Jutsu. You can guess what that is.

Weapons: Large shiruken, small shiruken, kunai and her magic. Also rocks, acorns, any projectile she can find.

thegriffin's notes: Griffin was not the first traveler but my first OC. Her name is griffin because I always called her my griffin character, although she didn't have a name. I used her as a representation of myself to voice my views on various, unimportant things. She needed a name and Griffin just stuck. I added the Shinobi part because most of my views with her were about Naruto. I was really unclear about exactly when she came into the whole Naruto picture until just before Shippuden started. (SG: Shit Pudding) I kinda felt a twinge of like for Itachi when I saw him as a kid and pretty much everyone I like Griffin likes, or hates. Depends. She's also close to Sasuke, having looked after him for years, even though he wasn't her ward. Really, the only reason I made Kakashi her ward was because he was the first person I liked in the manga, and Griffin was created when he was the only guy I liked in the manga. As we can see, that has changed. I also decided to have her steal underwear simply because it was funny and made for great running gags. Plus, it was a way for her to make money. Her residence is under the portrait of the 4th Hokage because I thought he was kinda cute. She can also play the piano. She is related to Sapphire and Cali as sisters.

Personality: She's a hyper, fun-loving, pants stealing, suprisingly stealthy, loud-mouthed, sometimes serious, exceptionally extremist, laugh-out-loud, over-sized cat-bird of a traveler. And I love her to bits.

Name: Sapphire

Alias: The Ice Queen, Nak'ulak (centaur for 'Frozen Heart')

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Species: Griffin

God: Ekundayo (Redemption)

Size: Large (as in just all around big. No fat jokes)

Magic: Water/Ice

World: Fullmetal Alchemist

Ward: Zolf. J. Kimblee, the Crimson Alchemist

Goal: To make sure Kimblee doesn't die before he's supposed to.

Description: Blue feathers, blue fur, yellow eyes. Tail is not like a lion but like a cougar which she inherited from her father's mountain griffin side. Wings: same shade of blue as body but with black stripes running through them.

Background: Sapphire was once a happy, gifted healer. She was a renowned healer and had a wonderful life in Karma. But that was the problem. She was brought in to care for an elf named Phenix Rainstrider. And Phenix, was terminally ill. Sapphire describes his disease to Kimblee as something akin to Stomach Cancer. She was his healer, she was supposed to be giving him a comfortable last few years. But desptie all this they formed a close bond not unlike what travelers share with their wards. But, a few years down the line, the disease began to take its course and Phenix grew steadily sicker. He eventually died and Sapphire fell into a deep depression. She stopped healing and began damming the gods. But the gods, being the benevolent creatures that they were, decided to make her a traveler, and set her with someone who was equally sinful, yet delightfully cheery. (Sapphire: Quit being so f-ing happy, you'll give me diabetes.) Zolf. J. Kimblee, the mad alchemist of Amestris.

By the time Sapphire got to Kimblee, she had turned into a surly, chain-smoking, beer-drinking ex-doctor, and by the time she got to Kimblee, so had Scar and a large iron pipe. Cursing all manner of things Sapphire began operating on the man in the midst of a blizzard on a train in the middle of Briggs. She managed to extract the pipe and cauterize the tissue around the gaping hole so that he wouldn't bleed out. She succeeded and is still following the man today, even though she constantly reminds us all that she 'really doesn't want to be there'.

Fighting Style: Sapphire is a punch first ask questions later. She's frightfully adept at hand-to-hand combat for a healer. When her fists aren't enough, she resorts to ice magic, a derivative of her native water magic.

Weapons: Ice magic, fists, claws, sharp words. Ouch.

thegriffin's notes: Sapphire originally started out as and analog for myself in a series of shitty shorts involving my two favorite things: cute guys and illness. She was a very happy character in those stories and when they got scrapped, so did she. When I decided to bring her back for a companion story to The Living Blade Alchemist she got a makeover, as House-esque healer in need of redemption. I figured that a surlier personality would be able to keep the mad alchemist at bay long enough so that he didn't go off blowing up half of Amestris because he felt like it. She Griffin and Cali's sister and plays the violin. Also, in the fic, Zolf's middle name is Jay. It's an allusion to the joke on the Simpson's about the J in Homer J Simpson was Jay. lol n' such.

Personality: She feels like the world is out to get her and wants everyone within shouting distance to know it. Don't think that just because she's a healer that she won't hurt you. She won't hesitate to throw a mean punch in your direction. You probably deserved it anyhow.

Name: Cali

Alias: The Living Blade Alchemist, Mustang's pet chimera, Flame's Ember

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Griffin

God: Rudo (Compassion)

Size: Small

Magic: Fire

World: Fullmetal Alchemist

Ward: Colonel Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist

Goal: To have Roy and Riza get together. Oh, and maybe save the world.

Description: a cowlick of 'hair' on her head, one blue eye, one brown eye and calico coloring throughout.

Background:Cali originally trained on Earth as a doctor. She went ot school in Oxford and that's where she met her mate, Zackary Greyshadow. It was love at first sight. When what was to be her ward died unexpectedly before she could meet him, she was whisked away to Amestris.

Cali arrived in Amestris four months before the war in Ishbal ended. She was thought to be an escaped, talking chimera and was imprisoned in the military labs for testing. There she met Dorchet, Marta and Loa. While the four never really became friends, they did become comrades. But, after displaying for a crowed of military officers her fire magic, she was granted release thanks to the persuasion of one man: Colonel Mustang, the expert on fire. He was able to recognize that what she was doing wasn't alchemy and that she really couldn't be from Amestris or the surrounding countries. He took her into his home and trained her in alchemy. She made a name for herself in the military and soon earned the rank of sergeant, although her only priority is getting Roy and Riza together. Well, that and maybe save the world. We'll see.

When she found out that her sister was in Amestris and the watcher of the Crimson Alchemist she blew a gasket. She begged Sapphire to give up her ward but Sapphire refused. Cali has never truly forgiven her big sister for this.

She still keeps contact with Sapphire though, and with Zack, who she sees on Earth once a month.

Fighting Style: Close combat, weapons specialty. Cali is a weapons expert with training in martial arts. She only falls back on martial arts and/or her fire magic if she is unable to transmute a weapon.

Weapons: She can create whatever the situation calls for if she has earth to transmute. Also fire magic.

thegriffin's notes: Cali I created for the story in itself. I had a little vision of a calico colored griffin and naturally named her Cali. Her first Bio was that she worked in the Central City Library and when that burned down, went on to travel with Ed and Al. But then I decided to take a different approach, one that would lend me more freedom, the untold story of Roy Mustang and his crew of wacky lackeys. Her type of alchemy is actually modeled off of Ten Ten's jutsus in Naruto. It is sometimes mentioned that she gets the ideas for some of her attacks from her sister. She must be talking about Griffin! She is also seen reading several mangas in the story, all of which were written by Osamu Tezuka, who created her boyfriend's ward: Black Jack. Cali, on the other hand, hates Jack. She is, however, very close to Roy, almost like a female Maes (whatever wrong thoughts you are thinking, stop) But she still retains her personality. She is the sister to Griffin and Sapphire. She plays the flute.

Personality: sweet, caring, cuddly, and yet she is able to hold her own in battle. She in intrusive, loving, loyal, fierce, overbearing, funny, impulse driven and one of Roy's best friends.

Name: Zackary (Zack) Greyshadow

Alias: The Neon Alchemist, Jack's Ace

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Griffin

God: Kriti (Healing)

Size: Taller than Calil but shorter than Griffin.'

Magic: Dark

World: Tezuka Universe

Ward: Dr. Black Jack

Goal: To help Black Jack save the world, one patient at a time.

Description: Black feathers, a shock of hair going almost into his eyes with a red zig-zag going through it. Wings: Alternating black and red feathers starting with black on the top. Yellow eyes. His lion-parts look almost like patchwork and vary in color and size. In addition, his legs are longer than most, makin him look a little strange yet allowing him to stand on two feet for longer than most of his species.

Background: Zackary Greyshadow was born...actually, he wasn't born, he was created. Zack was the product of and experiment by Slade Greyshadow 'The Demon Master'. Slade was an insane dark type who wanted to create an army of created creatures. He made Zack by sewing parts together and infusing them with both life essence from the planes of existance and his own life force. The result was Zack. Zack was considered a failed experiment, since he didn't actually obey his master and eventually ran away. He was able to find a good home with other griffins in the Horncliffs of Switchton. Because he was created, he is able to stand up on two legs for longer and has arms close to human proportions.

A few years down the road Zackary was picked up by the gods and made a traveler. He was sent Oxford in Earth to study medicine. He thought about using a dark spell to disguise himself as a human so that he could attend classes with as few stares as possible until he met Cali. She had no way of concealing herself and was doing just fine. They fell in love almost immediately. After the death of what was to be her ward, Cali was whisked away to Amestris with the promise that they would still be able to see each other. Zack, though, finished his studies in Oxford and left to pursue a different, more dangerous career, that of the assitant of Dr. Black Jack.

Despite his girlfriend's protests, Zack enjoys working with the dark doctor and had gone on many great adventures with the man in the surgical mask. He's popped into Amestris twice now, once to help Jean Havoc, and a second time with his boss in tow to help a very ill alchemist. Flame or Crimson? It's all in Sapphire's Redemption!

Fighting Style: Zack doesn't fight a lot in his line of work but when he does, he can throw a punch or two. Zack relies on his speed and flexibility most in an encounter. He only ever falls back on his dark magic if his life is truly at stake and he can't escape. He can only perform his 'Neon Alchemy' in the world of Amestris when he's visiting Cali or Sapphire.

thegriffin's notes: Zack started out like Griffin, as an analog to voice my opinions. He looks like Black Jack because that's the series he was created for. I then decided to make him the boyfriend of Cali and have his story cross over with hers. The whole creation thing is relatively new and was really a way for me to explain why his backside looks the way it does. He doesn't like to talk about it. He plays drums and guitar.

Personality: Like the classic college male Zack likes to lounge around, play video games, eat pizza and other junk food and watch Adult Swim. But when the Dr. is in 24/7, he doesn't get much time for that. He's kind soul with whip smart wit and an attitude to boot.

Name: Magpie

Alias: Grey Reaper

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Species: Feather

God: Rhuk (Wind)

Size: About 6ft when standing fully erect

Magic: Yes. She's particularly skilled.

World: Alagaesia

Ward: 1st: Unknown 2nd: Oromis (by proxy)

Description: Brown hair, worn in either a horse tail or let free as it is longish. Two grey wings with black stripes on her back, large enough to support her weight. Owl-like feet, same shade of grey with talons. Green eyes.

Background: Magpie is a Feather, people from the far Eastern land of Uruk. She was married there, to another feather named Liam. But Liam died in a war with the desert dwelling Tsarg. (Ghoulish raptor-bat people. Very barbaric.) Grieving, she sought out the origin of magic, which all Feathers can perform, and made a pilgrimage to Duweldenvarden, where she met the dragon rider Oromis. All this was before the fall of the riders. Three years later, Magpie had come no closer to finding a way to bring back her husband, but had made very good friends with Oromis and Glaedr. But not many of the other Elves liked her necromatic experiments. Sensing this, she moved to Terim. It was there that she continued her research for a few months before she was called upon by Rhuk the wind god, and patron deity of her people.

Not much is known of Magpie's time as a traveler but one can guess that it was on some english speaking area of Earth in the present day. When a traveler leaves their ward's world they sever ties with it to an extreme degree, wanting to focus on where they are currently instead of where they have been. This is because, as in Magpie's case, time flows differently between worlds. Magpie was gone not for three years, but close to 100. She found this out when she got reacquainted with Oromis and Glaedr, and met Eragon and Saphira.

Not soon after she had arrived back in Alagaesia, Oromis and Glaedr went to fight Thorn and Murtagh, and were killed. Magpie, who had followed them from the forest, used every ounce of her energy, and the energy around her for close to a mile, to bring Oromis back. She saved him, but as a dragonless rider, would he appreciate the gesture?

Personality: Quirky, curious, witty, and caring. Magpie wants to do what's right, but sometimes she ignores social morays to do so.

Weapons: Bow made of a special ply yet strong wood. Her talons which grab things. Her magic which she uses to infuse spells with stones. These stones can be attached to arrows, making a fire arrow, or an ice arrow, or even an arrow that creates a cloud of poison gas.

thegriffin88's notes: Magpie is a humanoid version of two old characters I had. One was a griffin, the other a half human half feather. Which still does happen in feather society but not in Magpie's case. This version is more stable and better in all to work with. As for her magical arrows, think of her as a medieval Hawkeye.


Reapers are the adversaries to the Travelers. They work for the God of Calamity Tace as soul collectors, seeking out only the most powerful or evil souls they can. Because they desire powerful souls, they often cross paths with Travelers, who guard those with powerful souls for that very reason. Reapers can't really fight back though, seeing as they really don't get to be more than three feet in length/height. They resemble a cross between a weasel and an Asiatic dragon.

Name: Cody

Age: 23

Gender: Male

World: Death Note Earth

Title: Reaper of the Chained

Scythe form: The head of the blade is a padlock, the staff a chain and the grip a key

Description: Black with an orange mane and yellow eyes

Attached to: Light Yagami

Background: Cody has, thusly, only been used in my sister’s story so her version of the reapers is a bit different to mine, but the main fact of the matter is that Cody is out to steal the souls of people killed by Light. He likes these souls because the souls of criminals are easy to manipulate and so the Chaos God prefers them for the building blocks of his army.

Personality: Cock and bull attitude, wise cracking and rude. Just like all the Codys I’ve known.

Name: Kenny

Age: 22

Gender: Male

World: Bleach Earth and Soul Society

Title: Reaper of the Rose (Don’t laugh, it’s a serious title apparently)

Scythe form: Head of blade is a rose, the staff is a stem with thorns and the grip is roots

Description: Purple with a red mane. Wears the skull of some poor, otherworldly creature as a mask/helm. Has spikes running down his back.

Attached to: Ichigo Kurosaki

Background: Kenny, although being attached to Ichigo because of his soul reaping abilities, can be seen with other members of Soul Society regardless. He nearly ‘died’ when he first stepped into the world of souls as there was so much to take and so little time to do so. He thinks that Ichimaru is the reincarnated form of his God and thus was easily manipulated by him into doing his bidding. Kenny still thinks the world of Ichimaru, but is held back by his duty to be a reaper of strong souls for the coming age of darkness.

Personality: Reckless and crazy, but very devoted to his god and the collection of powerful souls

Name: Roxie

Age: 19

Gender: Female

World: Black Jack Earth

Title: Reaper of Heart’s Melody

Scythe form: Head of blade is a heart, staff is two music notes, grip is a treble cleft

Description: red with a black mane and black stripes, blue eyes

Attached to: Dr. Kiriko

Background: Roxie attached herself to the doctor of death because she saw him as a reaper like herself. She loves the Doctor and is almost like a Pinoko polar opposite.

Personality: Feisty and sassy

Other OC's:

Name: Ghost (Real name: unknown)

Alias: The Ghost of Atlantis, Hel and Jorgmunder, Hel and Niddhogg etc

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Atlantean Human

Occupation: Atlantean Aeronaut

World: Code Geass Japan

Description: Tall, always wears a mask similar to Zero’s (she claims he stole the design from her) in public and her aquamarine aeronaut greatcoat. Ghast wears a similar helmet and is leathery black with a white underbelly, white underside of his wings and a bristly white mane of hair.

Background: Ghost is a killer. She lives to hunt what she calls the Ragnarok, a race of super-humans that were created by the Atlanteans and led to the downfall of the great city. In the millennia since the fall of Atlantis, Ghost established herself with the world’s strongest empires in order to allow herself much more freedom and ease to hunt the Ragnarok. Aided by her dragon-like Atlantean Flyer Ghast, Ghost and the three other surviving aeronauts hunted the Ragnarok down to the last, or so they thought. Allying herself with the Britannia empire Ghost managed to capture the last Ragnarok but, at the insistence of Prince Clovis, she allowed the humans to run experiments on it. This was not one of her finer moments because, a few years later, the Ragnarok escaped during the attacks in the slums and did something Ghost had wanted to prevent at all cost, the creation of another Ragnarok. Who are these two Ragnarok Ghost is now trying so hard to kill? They are Lelouch and C.C.

However, as much as Ghost would like to rend both of them from tip to tail, an order from her superior prevents so for Lelouch’s power is that of Alpha, the man who single-handedly overthrew the Atlantean empire. Chase, the Lord-Knight Aeronaut, orders Ghost to leave Lelouch because of a prophecy the Ragnarok Omega predicted, about he who would rule the world. It was foretold that he who would be able to overcome the maddening effects of the Geass power would be King.

Not merely content to sit by and watch her prey go on peacefully, Ghost has decided to make Lelouch’s life a living hell. She figures that if he was to, let us say, die at the hands of a Britannian Knightmare or soldier in one of the Black Knight’s raids, the rest of the aeronauts would have to accept it as an unfortunate accident. So she has absorbed herself into the special ops unit of the Britannian army, working alongside Suzaku and her lover, Lloyd.

To say that Ghost is in love with Lloyd would be a vast understatement, she is positively infatuated with what she calls, ‘the smartest human alive’. She uses her vast knowledge to help improve the Knightmare Frame technology and Lloyd, in turn, allows her access to medical supplies she needs to care for her infirmed brother Daniel.

Personality: Slightly crazy, completely homicidal towards the Ragnarok, racist and the absolute nicest person to Lloyd. Ghost is probably selectively bi-polar.

Weapons: Ghost has a double-axe that she can materialize out of thin air provided that she is wearing a special glove. Shield-stones that create a shield of energy that will stop most things such as bullets and lasers. Ghast breaths a jet of plasma to melt anything in his way as well and uses his many rows of needle teeth and dagger claws to tear up anything the plasma won’t melt.

thegriffin's notes: Ghost is very interesting to write for. At times she's a good exercise in writing a softer kind of romance and at other times she's an experiment to see just how racist I can be. She can be very cruel to Lulu and CC (but mostly Lulu. Shame on Ghost picking on the one who can't defend himself from her and Ghast) Really though it's fun to write from what's technically the enemies point of view (and really, you're not supposed to love and agree with everything she does. You'll like her, but you'll hate yourself for it.) and that's what really appeals to me about the show, the whole concept of 'what's the right side? is there a right side?'. That and Lloyd's accent. X3

Name: Tock (real name: Eva Fairbough)

Alias: The Clockwork Exorcist, Giya otaku (Kanda's 'endearing' name for her. Translates to 'gear head'.)

Age: 18 (3 months younger than Kanda)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Exorcist

World: D. Gray-Man Earth

Description: Tock used to be human but now her soul inhabits the body of a brass battle-golem in the shape of a clockwork dragon.

Background: Tock, also known as the Clockwork Exorcist, was a human up until three years ago. She and Kanda were in Belgium and got caught in a swarm of Akuma. Tock and her golem-innocence took too many hits and eventually fell. Kanda dispatched the rest of the Akuma but it was already too late, she died in his arms. But instead of ending, this is precisely where our story begins, for Eva’s soul did not pass on, but rather was bound by her innocence and transferred to her battle-golem’s body where it currently remains.

Eva, who all but legally changed her name to Tock, has learned how to live with her body the way it is, although she does hope for the day when she can get it back. Still though, she still works as an exorcist for the Black Order because of the way her innocence allows her to morph into a larger metallic dragon, a living innocence weapon. She recently found out that the Akuma who killed her were being commanded by one Tyki Mikk. She is now on a personal mission to shred him to bits.

She seems to have some sort of close relationship with Kanda although they don’t actually say much on the subject; it seems to be clear that Tock is in love with him. Whether the feeling is mutual is up for debate.

Personality: Overly emotional, occasionally hyper and probably in love with Kanda, Tock is a happy go-lucky kind of person most of the time although she does seem to share some of Kanda’s animosity towards strangers and newcomers. She doesn’t really like Krory.

Weapons: She can transform into a larger dragon with metallic wings and breathe an anti-akuma breath. After the Ark incident she develops a poison that she secretes from her fangs. This is a reversed version of the Akuma virus that also destroys Akuma. She can also scream really, really loudly but she doesn't intentionally use that as a weapon.

thegriffin's notes: Tock's kinda like Griffin, she started out as me voicing my reactions and opinions and getting attached to a character and therefore manifesting myself as an automaton dragon . She does have a past though, like her master Archon and the fact that she and Kanda seem to have a secret involving what went down on a mission in Greece.

Coming soon to a website near you:

Jack's Ace: Zack the griffin finally gets his own little story as the offbeat assistant of the infamous mercenary doctor Black Jack. Includes cameos of some of your favorite anime characters (canon allowed at least) Estimated publish date: Better late than never

Sapphire's Redemption: The Mad Chimera Master of Tin Town: Sapphire and Kimblee are back in a trailblazing sequel to the hit story that started it all. What will Kimblee do when Trisha is kidnapped by an insane alchemist who lives in the labyrinth of mine shafts around town? Call in reinforcements Roy Mustang and Cali Griffin! Well, okay, so it's Sapphire who calls them. But hey! It's a sequel, and it's got cameos and explosions! (As a note: This may be a little campy. Why? Because it's based on old radio plays, even though it's prose)

So there you have it and remember to Read and Review or I'll forget I'm writing this! (and Balthazar the purple demon kitty will eat you.)

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