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Well. updates are going to come a lot slower. the good news is that I'm almost finished with Before You Start Falling

I'm pretty sure no one f/cking owns Naruto on a damn fanfiction site, so it isn't necesarry to even put a disclaimer.

My fanfics are 100 percent my ideas.

if you wanna know , ASK ABOUT ME. (Messages please!)

So, if you a hater, FUCK YO LIFE.

My stories:

Like You Did Mine

It's basically about Ino comming back home to Konoha after 10 years only to find out that Shikamaru is engaged to Temari. And then..drama stirs up. Well, Shikamaru constantly hestitates about him loving Temari. Ino is basically the girl on the side.

-I wrote this to challange myself after writing one depressing story. This is my second fic. I enjoyed writing it.

I Lost a Friend

SasuSaku. After years of being elesewhere, Uchiha Sasuke randomly decides to come back home to Konoha. Living Naruto's dream, she's become the Rokudaime Hokage. She's got mixed feelings about him and wants to know why he's mysteriously returned. Sasuke's been hiding a deep dark secret that'll only hurt Sakura more than he had ever hurt her before. And there are still unexplained details of Naruto's death.

-I love SasuSaku. They're just a beautiful pairing. I personally like it. It's a good challenge for me because I try not doing OOC. After this fic, I am taking a huge fanfic break.

Notes From a Prince

Based on Maalaala Mo Kaya. Well. She gets the notes to make her happy, Too bad she doesn't who they're from! Before you frikin stab me, I AM DOING A SEQUAL!! It will be updated along with the final chapter of 'I Lost a Friend.'

Deceiving a Princess

Let me summarize this for you: Would she have changed her mind? If she had ever stumbled upon this letter, would she be standing the same ground now? And the boy slash prince slash best friend forever.. Where would he place in her heart?

-This is the sequal everybody's been riding my ass to write. Let me tell you. Man. It took me two nights to write this and I am so glad it's a one-shot.

Before You Start Falling

Sakura is torn, reminding her self to be a good girl and not to focus on love. Uchiha Sasuke--rumored to be some dangerous thug, has his mind set on the girl. And love is basically a self destruct button. It destorys you. So, before you fall in love, stop yourself. Resist every temptation you get. Because the moment you fall, you're risking all the good opportunities in life. Would you risk it all for a chance to love?

-SasuSaku highschool fic. You know, Drama/Romance stuff. Different parts will be based on INVU. Scratch that. Practically every part is based on INVU. When does the fourth one come out again? And si, it is my last fiction :(

This is Dear Life rewritten.

Deleted Stories that I am absolutely sorry for deleting:

Every Breath, Every Vow, Every Bond you Break

After five years, Kakashi encounters Rin in a bar and they rekindle their bond.

- This was my first fanfic. Me and my budaaaay wrote this cuz I had to move! I deleted it because I think I may rewrite it into a oneshot. Not sure yet. KakaRin is my fave pairing.

Note: Just read chapter 10 of I Lost a Friend . That was going to be the original re-write, but it fit in so well with the story that I could'nt fight the urge to add it on.

Dear Life,

I'll say straight up that this was based on INVU. Well, its a boy meets girl, girl meets boy kind of thing. Uchiha Sasuke is the son of mafia leader. Haruno Sakura is a sweet, smart girl. Nothing scares her more than the fact the she's falling for a boy...Uchiha Sasuke. Don't worry! I update this after I Lost a Friend and the sequal for Notes From a Prince

It was deleted becus it was too much like INVU. I felt SOOOOOOOO bad like that. Ehh whatver. I'm rewriting the first chapter and we'll see what happens from then on.

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