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Author has written 11 stories for Rise of the Guardians, Harry Potter, Mythology, Carnival Row, Lucifer, and Merlin.

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1. The NOOM - The New Order of Merlin (Harry Potter universe expanded with BBC Merlin and mythology):

- Book 1: The Gathering - an epic multi-crossover. Currently being republished after a massive edit.

- Book 2: Cursed - continuation of the story. Ongoing.

- The Well of Youth - a mythic backstory. It will run consecutively with The NOOM books. Can be read before or after the main series - will warn of spoilers. Ongoing.

2. Harry Potter: Marauders Era - plots are not connected to The NOOM, but share the same world and characters:

- Hogwarts Prank Club - Remus goes to Hogwarts. Complete.

- The Beast of Knockturn Alley - focused on Remus Lupin - a teenage werewolf. Ongoing.

3. Carnival Row AU - Philo has wings:

- Hunt for Unseelie Jack. It was supposed to be a beginning of story. Since then, I've used that plot in my original book. I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with this one. To be determined.

- Remember that Time We Ran from Zombies - a fun short story. Complete.

4. Rise of the Guardians universe:

- Jack Frost and the Spirit of Christmas - a feel-good short story. Complete.

- Go to Hell, Jack Frost! - a fun crossover with Lucifer. Complete.

- Bloody Brain Freeze - an adventure with vampires. My very first fanfic. Complete.

- The House of J - a romance. Complete.

5. Harry Potter and The Little Mermaid crossover

- Gryffindor at Heart - coming soon!


You can find me on Twitter @Kamiccola if you'd like to chat. I'd love to hear from you. I'm also on AO3 and Wattpad under the same name. Wattpad has my original stories and cool book covers made by yours truly. I even have an art book up there with my pencil drawings.


I have an author's site with a totally unrelated technical blog (psst, I'm a professional geek). I plan to add a guide to my fanfictions there eventually.

IsobelLynx (dot) com

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ICE ALLIANCE: A Jelsa Fanfic (now set AFTER Frozen 2) by NopeNotTelling reviews
"Oh, that's not a wedding dress. That's my SPIRIT dress," she explained, glancing wistfully in its direction. "It's very important to me, but—a bit much, for when I'm staying in the castle. When I'm not in the Forest, I tend to save it for special occasions." "Like getting married?" "IT'S NOT A WEDDING DRESS!" [Set AFTER Fro2/ROTG, as TRUE TO CHARACTER/SETTINGS as possible]
Crossover - Rise of the Guardians & Frozen - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 100 - Words: 482,078 - Reviews: 2160 - Favs: 1,298 - Follows: 1,343 - Updated: 2/14 - Published: 8/16/2015 - Jack Frost, Elsa
Forgotten Family by Koala789 reviews
Harry had thought that the Dursleys and Sirius were his only family left. But Lily Potter had an older brother who had fallen through the ice to save her, years before. During Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, there's a new teacher, in charge of a new subject—elemental magic. But Harry doesn't understand. Why does Professor Evans act like he knows him? Rated T to be safe.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Family/Mystery - Chapters: 44 - Words: 144,164 - Reviews: 746 - Favs: 1,416 - Follows: 1,640 - Updated: 12/6/2022 - Published: 7/23/2016 - Harry P., Lily Evans P., Jack Frost, Jack's sister
Fire and Ice by JensengTea reviews
Lily Winter died tragically saving her sister... or so the newspapers said. She had died but wasn't dead. Man in Moon brought her back 80 years after the accident and gave power over winter. A certain guardian of fun takes interest in her and finds that she's a little more than a friend. Will Lily Winter thaw his frozen heart - literally? ROTG - Jack Frost x OC - Rated T
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 37 - Words: 25,336 - Reviews: 101 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 9/23/2021 - Published: 4/13/2013 - Jack Frost, Pitch, Man in the Moon, OC
The Boy King by Dunked Trash reviews
There were a few things that he was able to keep in his prolonged life. Things that stayed with him, never aging or rotting away like so many other things have. Even his memories were whips of things long buried. Merlin's friends are right. It's time to let go and move on.
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 28,928 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 12/1/2020 - Published: 3/15/2019 - Merlin, Arthur, Uther, Hunith
In the Hands of a Prophesised Vice by 4Eirlys reviews
Rewrite of Merlin's Guide as to Why You Shouldn't be Voldemort. When Voldemort resurrects Morgana to help with his plans, the Old Religion cries out in agony to Merlin, ordering him to restore the balance. With the help of friends old and new Merlin must return to Hogwarts to protect the children. But nothing is as it seems and as always, it isn't going to be easy...
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 25 - Words: 114,834 - Reviews: 216 - Favs: 339 - Follows: 523 - Updated: 10/30/2020 - Published: 1/20/2018 - Voldemort, Luna L., Morgana, Merlin
Draco: The Warlock's Apprentice by QuickToBurn reviews
Draco Malfoy is a snotty, rich, and pampered wizard riding on his father's coat tails. He's mean and a bully, not a nice bone in his body. This is somethng everyone knows about him. He's expected to be the next death eater. So who would suspect that there's anything deeper than that? No one's heard of Draco Malfoy, a prophecied hero, that's Harry's job. Well they should think again
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Friendship - Chapters: 18 - Words: 49,261 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 119 - Follows: 134 - Updated: 11/3/2019 - Published: 7/3/2018 - Draco M., Merlin
Entirely Unprofessional by SkywardShadow reviews
Merlin is a secret agent. His ex Arthur is also a secret agent, and hates him. Gwen is a mechanic whose father has been kidnapped by a wealthy arms dealer. Together they might just save the world - if they don't end up killing each other first. (1960s AU; Man From U.N.C.L.E. fusion)
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 47,646 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 9/5/2019 - Published: 1/26/2019 - [Merlin, Arthur] Morgana, Gwen/Guinevere - Complete
The Half-Blood Magician by MagisterScriptor0006 reviews
A powerful magician from the Per Ankh School of Magic in Brooklyn, New York applies to attend Hogwarts, and is accepted. How will this magician and his interactions with The Boy Who Lived and his friends shape their destiny in the struggle against He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Kane Chronicles - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 4 - Words: 15,361 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 4/27/2019 - Published: 11/15/2018 - Harry P., Ron W., Hermione G., OC
Malfoy's Muggle by BlueRaven77 reviews
His beloved mother has fallen ill. And he must do anything to keep her alive.Draco Malfoy finds himself in an inescapable position. A position where he has to face the muggle world. And a very awkward position where he starts falling for a muggle girl. What happens when a pureblood struggles with his attraction towards a muggle ? Rated M for language and sexual content.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 11 - Words: 31,651 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 56 - Updated: 4/23/2019 - Published: 1/10/2018 - Draco M., OC
A Cold Day in Hell by DragonflyonBreak reviews
Pitch tries to "reprogram" Jack Frost. It works, for a little while. But then it backfires, because evil acts like this one have a strange tendency to do that kind of thing. The guardians are left scrambling in their efforts to try and fix the damage and they suffer the unimaginable consequences. Horror fic. No slash. Jack and Bunny centric. Some swearing. (part 1 of a series)
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Horror/Suspense - Chapters: 2 - Words: 11,982 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 90 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 12/1/2018 - Published: 12/26/2016 - Bunnymund, Jack Frost - Complete
The Beholder by VaingloriousHound reviews
Beauty, or so they said, lay always in the eye of the beholder. And as Harry was about to loose his composure while beholding Luna, he could with absolute clarity say that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Or.. beheld. Or just gawked at, really. Same difference! HPxLL!
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,203 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 264 - Follows: 93 - Published: 11/19/2018 - [Harry P., Luna L.] - Complete
Order of the Olympians by She'sLikeTexas reviews
Two months after the war with Gaea, a mysterious new prophecy has been issued, sending Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico Di Angelo, and Will Solace to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Set after The Blood of Olympus and during The Order of the Phoenix)
Crossover - Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 130,903 - Reviews: 182 - Favs: 478 - Follows: 378 - Updated: 11/19/2018 - Published: 3/31/2018 - Complete
The New, The Old and The Strange by LilithDarkness reviews
Jack's confused at how he managed to miss every spirit in the world for 300 years. The Guardians often disappear to their friends. Now Jack is on the hunt for other spirits and friends of his own.
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 25 - Words: 52,425 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 52 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 10/25/2018 - Published: 11/22/2015 - [OC, Pitch] Jack Frost - Complete
A Chance Meeting by satan-chillin reviews
When Geralt happened to come across an old man being harassed by bandits, he wasn't expecting that the same old man was more than what meets the eye.
Crossover - Merlin & Witcher - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,702 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 130 - Follows: 57 - Published: 10/23/2018 - Merlin, Geralt of Rivia - Complete
Snowflakes by aLovelyHate reviews
What if Jamie wasn't Jack's first believer? What if Jack's first believer was a little boy with a lonely older sister?
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 32 - Words: 70,417 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 124 - Follows: 70 - Updated: 6/28/2018 - Published: 7/31/2017 - [Jack Frost, OC] - Complete
Guardian Angel by zoepeanut reviews
Full summary inside. Also a crossover with the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, though it is not necessary to read the books to read this story. Follows the plot of Clockwork Angel using characters from Rise of the Guardians and Frozen. The first chapter contains the summary and background information about the setting, skip over if you simply want to begin reading the story.
Crossover - Rise of the Guardians & Frozen - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 84,147 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 6/10/2018 - Published: 3/30/2017 - [Jack Frost, Anna, Elsa] Pitch - Complete
The Sorcerer's Stone by pumpkinmoose22 reviews
Having an immortal alias seemed like a great idea until Merlin receives word that everything he's built in the last six centuries could be in danger. A dark force has decided to creep towards Hogwarts in the shadows and it's up to Merlin and Dumbledore to protect the Sorcerer's Stone - but they might not be the only ones trying to do so.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 79,567 - Reviews: 130 - Favs: 276 - Follows: 247 - Updated: 5/29/2018 - Published: 9/11/2017 - Albus D., Perenelle F., Newt S., Merlin - Complete
A Hogwarts Story by Palleas reviews
Many years after the tales in Hogwarts we know have come to pass, new characters enter the stage. Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel cross paths, the three becoming quick friends. But then, in their fifth year, a strange boy comes to Hogwarts from Durmstrang Institute of Wizardy in Bulgaria, by the name of Jack Frost. And strange goings on start happening in the castle...
Crossover - Harry Potter & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 61 - Words: 318,371 - Reviews: 1434 - Favs: 670 - Follows: 695 - Updated: 4/21/2018 - Published: 1/3/2013
The Big Four: Genesis by Koala789 reviews
A Scottish princess, wanting to be understood. A chieftain's son, torn between his people and his heart. A new spirit, longing to be known. A trapped girl, determined to see the world. Four different people, but all have one thing in common—they refuse to be alone any longer. When trouble arises, will these heroes bind together? Or is that not Destiny's way? SHIPS INSIDE
Crossover - How to Train Your Dragon & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 20,461 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 4/5/2018 - Published: 9/25/2016
The Birth of Albion by EchoEckoEkho reviews
The new king of Essetir uncovers Merlin's secret and seeks to exploit it to bring about the ruin of Arthur and Camelot. Can Arthur and Merlin's bond withstand the ultimate betrayal? Canon romance, some character whump, magic reveal, angst, probably some hurt/comfort, and humor for good measure. No slash. Alternate ending starting at Season 5.
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 23,804 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 93 - Updated: 10/18/2017 - Published: 12/5/2016 - Merlin, Arthur
A Sorcerer Among Wizards by Wardmason reviews
Dr. Stephen Strange doesn't like teaching. However, when a mishap with a mysterious artifact strands him in a dimension full of stick-wielding sorcerers and soul-sucking monsters, a deal with an ancient headmaster could be his only way back. After all, someone still has to stop Kaecilius.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Doctor Strange - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,276 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 472 - Follows: 665 - Updated: 7/25/2017 - Published: 11/27/2016 - Harry P., Dr. S. Strange
That vicious half-breed by RoseGarden231 reviews
A Nico goes to Hogwarts story but I promise you it will be interesting. Nico is sent away to Hogwarts by his father on a quest to kill Voldemort but will Nico be able to avoid suspicion and make it through the school year? Will he resist killing Umbridge? What happens when his powers start leading him into more trouble?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,834 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 123 - Updated: 6/5/2017 - Published: 8/3/2016 - Harry P., Ron W., Hermione G., Nico A.
If You Give a Manservant a Sword by EchoEckoEkho reviews
Arthur and Merlin visit Camelot's newest squires while they train. Oneshot.
Merlin - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,966 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 191 - Follows: 63 - Published: 4/19/2017 - Merlin, Arthur - Complete
Strange Sorcerer, Weird Wizard by The Seven of Us reviews
*minor spoilers* Doctor Strange had seen quite a few…well, strange things during his tenure as the Master of the New York Sanctuary. But even he has to admit that a slightly catastrophic visit to the London Sanctuary takes the cake. Especially when his Cloak keeps trying to hook up with another cloak. Disconnected oneshots. By Ruby.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Doctor Strange - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,571 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 1,108 - Follows: 977 - Updated: 3/16/2017 - Published: 11/8/2016 - Harry P., Dr. S. Strange - Complete
A Merging of Magic by Shyranae reviews
Time has flowed on. Memory has passed through legend into myth. For all but one. But as a new prophecy is spoken Merlin must make a choice. Does he await the return of his king, or does he delve into a new world of magic?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 44 - Words: 105,368 - Reviews: 375 - Favs: 732 - Follows: 824 - Updated: 12/22/2016 - Published: 1/18/2013 - Harry P., Merlin - Complete
The Crone of Storybrooke by happyalvin reviews
Not everyone in Storybrooke had their memories erased by the curse, there was one who still had their memories and the power to leave Storybrooke whenever she wanted. Her reason for staying? To ensure Rumplestiltskin would suffer for taking her only child. They called her Baba Yaga. Her story? It was no happy ever after. Not until she befriended a young boy name Henry Mills.
Once Upon a Time - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 11,447 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 11/26/2016 - Published: 5/23/2016 - Henry Mills, Regina M./The Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, OC
Before It Froze by DLaugh reviews
Elsa and Jack, and their seven years at Hogwarts. (a series of interconnected vignettes)
Crossover - Rise of the Guardians & Frozen - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,395 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 89 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 12/9/2015 - Published: 9/2/2015 - [Jack Frost, Elsa] - Complete
Stiles and Baba Yaga by ShadowChild Of Death reviews
He stood there, the pack behind him and Chris Argent as well. There had been children and people disappearing only bones being found but nothing else. He prayed that they were wrong and that she would be able to help because Stiles wasn't sure he could let them kill her, kill Stiles Babushka that had been his only comfort when he lost his momma. Gods he just hoped she wasn't hungry
Teen Wolf - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Family - Chapters: 10 - Words: 10,455 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 80 - Follows: 92 - Updated: 6/30/2015 - Published: 7/29/2013 - Stiles S., Derek H., Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa M.
In a Land of Prats and a Time of Zombies by SkywardShadow reviews
Em may not remember his own name, but he likes to think he's a pretty nice guy. Aside from the whole eating-people thing. Unfortunately Arthur, who has been trained specifically to blow the heads off zombies, doesn't share this view of things. (Warm Bodies fusion, Merthur; written for the 2014 After Camlann Merlin Big Bang) (Complete)
Crossover - Merlin & Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion - Rated: T - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 54,752 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 3/15/2015 - Published: 1/26/2015 - [Merlin, Arthur] Morgana, Gwen/Guinevere - Complete
Drugen Dourado and the Dark Secret by Linorien reviews
Merlin is having trouble getting over Arthur's death so when he gets an offer to teach at a newly created Hogwarts, he decides instead to attend as a student. It will be a good distraction from his troubles and a relaxing time of learning. But how long can he keep his identity secret when followers of the Old Religion decide that Hogwarts must be destroyed?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 48,501 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 182 - Follows: 140 - Updated: 8/31/2014 - Published: 5/9/2014 - Salazar S., Rowena R., Merlin, OC - Complete
The guardian of magic by JXeleven reviews
Jack thought it was just a normal day with Jamie and the other children, but what happens when he meets their new teacher, a young black haired man who apparently can see him. What does it mean and does it have something to do with Pitch returning?
Crossover - Merlin & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Supernatural - Chapters: 13 - Words: 24,700 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 133 - Updated: 4/22/2014 - Published: 9/28/2013 - Merlin, Jack Frost - Complete
Voices Follow You by tamatoe reviews
Jack has believers. He's just not looking in the right place. ["Believe?" Loki looks amused. "We conceived the thought of you before you were even born."]
Crossover - Avengers & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,665 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 290 - Follows: 301 - Published: 5/27/2013 - Loki, Jack Frost
The Tale of Two Hoodies by TheIronSea reviews
During the apocalypse, a certain guardian runs into a certain zombie. Little do they know an unexpected friendship is beginning.
Crossover - Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,677 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 98 - Updated: 5/23/2013 - Published: 3/26/2013 - Jack Frost, Tooth
Snow and Frost by JXeleven reviews
Hiccup meets a strange white haired boy named Jack, a boy as cold as ice and he decides to take him back to the village. But what is the mystery behind Jack and the coldness that always seems to surround him.
Crossover - How to Train Your Dragon & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,972 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 11 - Published: 5/17/2013 - Hiccup, Jack Frost - Complete
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The New Order Of Merlin: The Gathering (book 1) reviews
In a world of magic and myth, everybody's got a secret or two. Magical twins, Jack and Elsa, fearful of their heartless mother, the Queen of Winter, pretend to be human to hide out at Hogwarts. An immortal sorcerer, Merlin, pretends to be a child to become Harry Potter's secret guardian. An enchanted diary pretends to be little Ginny's secret best friend.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: K - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 39 - Words: 116,218 - Reviews: 195 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 139 - Updated: 12/31/2021 - Published: 12/11/2018 - Ginny W., Minerva M., Tom R. Jr., Merlin
The New Order of Merlin: Cursed (book 2) reviews
Merlin needs to crack the mysteries of The Cursed Vaults to save Hogwarts from closing while dealing with his dragon emergency. Jack needs to face the fallout of past choices. Elsa is torn between loyalties. Will injured relationships recover? Remus Lupin wants to prove that werewolves can coexist with wizards peacefully. What if they all fail?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: K - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 9 - Words: 29,293 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 1/11/2020 - Published: 10/19/2019 - Harry P., Albus D., Minerva M., Merlin
Jack Frost and the Spirit of Christmas reviews
What if Christmas Spirit was a real being, spreading holiday cheer as easily as Jack Frost can summon blizzards? In search of the answer, The Spirit of Winter goes on a quest through the uncharted expanse of the North Pole to find the Christmas expert - Santa. But this isn't a frivolous mission. A little boy's holiday cheer hangs in the balance. Pre-canon.
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,094 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 4 - Published: 12/21/2019 - Jack Frost, North - Complete
The Well Of Youth reviews
Beira was no longer a goddess. They should've known that the Goddess of Creation, the Queen of Winter, wouldn't accept a punishment of mortality. Now, others will pay the price of her justice. Mythic Fantasy based on loosely interpreted Scottish legends of Beira/Cailleach. Villain POV and a backstory to The New Order of Merlin series.
Crossover - Mythology & Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Angst - Chapters: 7 - Words: 15,484 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 10/19/2019 - Published: 3/26/2019 - Jack Frost
Remember That Time We Ran From Zombies? reviews
AU - Philo has wings. Young Philo and Darius meet under less-than-ideal circumstances. Fun adventure for all ages.
Carnival Row - Rated: K - English - Friendship/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 798 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/9/2019 - R. Philostrate, Darius S. - Complete
The Beast Of Knockturn Alley reviews
When his chains fail, Remus Lupin must step out of his comfort zone and face the beast within. Will an encounter with other werewolves save him or damn him further?
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 4 - Words: 7,142 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 10/3/2019 - Published: 8/15/2019 - Remus L., OC
Hogwarts Prank Club (Young Marauders story) reviews
Remus Lupin, a shy, young werewolf, must win a pranking competition to earn his place among the wizard children. A lighthearted tale of building friendship and confidence while having fun. Who will become the Prank King?
Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 9,633 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/28/2019 - Published: 6/27/2019 - Sirius B., Remus L., James P., Peter P. - Complete
Hunt for Unseelie Jack reviews
AU: What if Philo had wings?
Carnival Row - Rated: T - English - Drama/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,588 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 24 - Published: 9/27/2019 - R. Philostrate, Vignette S., Tourmaline L., Darius S. - Complete
The House Of J (Jack Frost & Wind Story) reviews
Over 300 years ago, Wind put a claim on the Spirit of Winter. When her plans are threatened by a Nightwalker, Wind takes drastic measures. Can a newborn spirit win the heart of Jack Frost before another immortal steals him away? A love story of nature spirit proportions. COMPLETE!
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 15 - Words: 35,561 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 9/20/2019 - Published: 11/12/2018 - [Jack Frost, Wind] Jamie, OC - Complete
Go To HELL, Jack Frost! reviews
Getting out of Hell is not as easy as getting in, even for Jack Frost. When his future is in the Devil's hands, all that's left to do is to bring forth the day Hell freezes over. What will Lucifer do with the naughty Spirit of Winter? For the ruler of Hell, Jack Frost is more than a winter spirit. Man In The Moon has been playing a naughty game.
Crossover - Rise of the Guardians & Lucifer - Rated: K+ - English - Supernatural/Spiritual - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,046 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 11/17/2018 - Published: 11/14/2018 - Jack Frost, Lucifer M. - Complete
Bloody Brain Freeze reviews
Winter spirits don't take well to being bitten by vampires. Jack Frost is a winter spirit with an existential crisis. Claire is a lonely vampire trying to escape her fate. Will she guide him to save his humanity or will both of them lose it? A fun adventure with vampires, warlocks and nature spirits. ROTG and original characters. COMPLETE.
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 22,447 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 11/6/2018 - Published: 10/28/2018 - Jack Frost, OC - Complete