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Name: Frankie

Age: 15

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Birthdate: October 19

Zodiac: Libra

Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey


Digimon Heroes

A new project I'm working on is a series called Digimon Heroes based on the Digimon series. Izzy, Mimi, TK, and Kouji mainly star in this along with Kaoru from Powerpuff Girls Z. With other crossovers as well. I'm looking forward to finally show this to the computer world. Hope you enjoy too!

EDIT: Seems like I can do my stories after all since I've got WordPad instead. The transfer is complete so I can finally finish the series (if I'll have enough time). But anyways, I'm back and I'm ready! NOW RUN KOUJI! RUN BEFORE BONNIE GETS YOU!

Character Designs (some edited by me)

Izzy's usual outfit:

Mimi's casual outfit (originally seen from Diaboromon Strikes Back):

Mimi's Digital World outfit:

Kouji's casual outfit (original design by myself; I know, the bangs suck but I did my best):

Kouji's Digital World outfit:

TK's casual outfit (also seen from Diaboromon Strikes Back):

TK's Digital World outfit:

Kaoru's casual outfit:

Kaoru's Digital World outfit (seen from Jig the Uppa opening):

Author's Note on Ryella Stories:

Journal of Ryan Evans: A little fanfic that I did because I was bored. I was a really extreme HSM when I wrote this. But now I'm sort of a mellow fan. Don't get me wrong, it's cool. Ryan was my favorite character and he doesn't really get enough credit. That's why I made him the title character. I also love it when Ryan sings (he's the best singer of the whole trilogy in my opinion). I put him with Gabriella because he would work with her the most. (He would actually work with Sharpay if she wasn't his sister)

Journal of Ryan Evans - Adventures in NYC: Again I got bored and I love the musical RENT! (Warning: Spiler! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN RENT) I wanted to put Angel in the fic as well but a part of me wanted the story to take place after the movie. As for the Square Park, I have no reason why I put that there. It's not like it's going to be turn down in real life.

We Are Gonna Happen: A simple boy-and-girl-love-each-other-but-their-cliques-don't-approve-and-I-can't-believe-that-this-is-my-most-succesful-story story. Say that three times fast, I dare you! I listened to Emma Roberts' "We Are Gonna Happen" and all I could picture was Ryan and Gabriella as I pictured the lyrics in the song. Never knew it was going to be my biggest hit. Yeah the epilogue sucks. But at least it's not as bad as Harry Potter's (sorry to those who liked it)!!

Childhood Romance: You know how in Digimon that TK and Kari know each other since the first season and there relationship clicks when they're older (in my opinion)? Yeah. I was thinking what if Gabriella and Ryan have met before any HSM event ever happened. So I wanted to do this. I must say, this one is my favorite. Maybe because it's a cute story (I'm a sucker for cute stories!).

Secret Admirer: Everybody knows about secret admirers. It would be nice if Ryan was one for Gabriella. I know, Taylor's OOC in this fic (sorry to those who love her the way she is). It's also funny that Taylor and Gabriella go on a litte mystery!

Island in the Sun: Sequel to "We Are Gonna Happen". HSM2 was coming soon at the time I released this story. When I read the story for the first time without any brainstorming, I never realized how much fluff I used in this one! (To myself: BAKA~DESU!) But appearently many people loved it. Comparing this to HSM2, I think we have the same amount of fluff! Great minds think alike!

You Outta Be In Show Business: I wanted to make a story about Ryan becoming a popstar or something like that. This is my first Troypay story even though it isn't one alone. Again, Ryan is the best singer in HSM trilogy in my opinion. I was thinking that this should be like some sort of prolouge to some fanfic novel and make other volumes. I decided not to because of school and Digimon Heroes (I'm so lazy~_~;) I kind of thought there should be like a villian in this and it's not going to be Sharpay! And for weird reasons, I'd like the fact that rivals are the opposite genders to one another. (Example: Izzy and Arukenimon). Yeah, I'm weird like that!


Color: Anything citrusy

Fave TV Show: Digimon (espacially), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Winx Club, Kim Possible, Powerpuff Girls Z, Invader Zim, Foamy the Squirrel (actually an internet show but I'm putting it in this catogory anyway), (Now) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, any other animes

Fave Flick: Aquamarine, High School Musical, RENT, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Little Mermaid, Catwoman, Tomb Raider, Night at the Museum, anything marvel, Sweeney Todd

Fave Food: Pepperoni pizza and Ben and Jerry's Phish Food

Fave Book: Anything "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", The Clique series, and mangas

Fave Music: Every music except hip-hop & rap

Fave singers and bands: Aly & AJ, Anthony Rapp, Emma Roberts, Lucas Grabeel (I'm in LOVE with him even though he has a girlfriend), Vanessa Hudgens, Green Day, Weezer, RENT, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Disneymania, Zenon: Z3, PLAY, Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel, ATeens, too much to list

Hobbies: Dancing, filming videos, being silly, hanging out, being on my computer, writing stories, choir, and petting my dog and three cats

Personality: I'm pretty much an average girl that's in high school. I can be very moody mostly since I keep on changing my moods. If I'm in a really bad mood I watch funny videos and cheer myself up.

Why Am I Here: I just want to show the world my own stories even if they are dramatic (Waaaah!) or comical (WEEEEEE!) And for those of you who are reading this, thank you for even paying attention!

Why Ryella: Well I happened to be a big fan of High School Musical. So I decided to look around FanFiction and I found Ryella. I thought I might be kind of cute to read. After I read it, I thought it was amazing! That pretty much explains the stories I did.

Favorite Pairing: Ryella (duh on that one) and Koumi (I'm just in love with this couple as well, I like JouMimi also but I'm more of a fan of this)

Random Crap I've Put

Top 10 Reasons you love Ryella:

1. You think that Ryan and Gabriella are way better than Troy and Gabriella (Not affending the Troyella fans)

2. You enjoy seeing pictures of them together

3. You make pictures of them together

4. You mainly write Ryella fanfics obviously

5. You always go on YouTube and type in the words Ryella, Lanessa, or Lucnessa

6. You create a music playlist ONLY having Vanessa Hudgens and Lucas Grabeel

7. You're waiting to see High School Musical 2 to finally see Ryan's true feelings for Gabriella (or so you've heard)

8. You make an anime-like fanart of Ryan and Gabriella

9. You start making videos of Ryella

10. Finally, you mainly put them kissing at the end of every story!

When You Watch Way to Much Digimon

1. You beg your parents to get digital cable so you can see it on Toon Disney

2. You got to the toy store to get digimon merchandise

3. You want to go to the places that inspired Digimon

4. You start making AMVs

5. You start doing fanart and/or fanfic

6. You always sleep with your Digimon plushie at night

7. You run up to Digimon cosplayers and say, "OMG! It's (insert a DigiDestined or Digimon) can I have you autograph!"

8. You start to wear googles everyday

9. You love to play the card game

10. And finally, you want to marry a DigiDestined!

And the random stuff from other people though very true!

If you have O.L.G.D (Obssessive Lucas Grabeel Disorder) Copy this into your profile.

If you can't wait for High School Musical 2 and just want to fast forward time to this summer (lol), copy and paste this into your profile

If you think that life without computers is useless then copy this to your profile.

•.¸ (•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´.¸.• (¸.•´ •.¸)•.
. + LUCAS+ . . +GRABEEL+ . + . , RULES. + PUT+ . IT + . ON. .
+ . YOUR. + . + . + ..HOMEPAGE.. + . +

Funny Quotes I Would Like To Put Up Because I Can

Invader Zim:



Gir: Guess who made waffles!

Zim: I'm not going to eat tha--


Zim: ENOUGH! I will try some all ready! (Zim eats waffles) Well, they don't seem to be making me sick. You know this actually may be a tollerance to the humans' FILTHY FOOD! Okay Gir! I will try!

(Gir laughs)

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