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Well, hi. Not going to say too much about myself here besides what's relevant. I'm female and from Northern England. I don't write often and I have no aspirations as far as writing is concerned - if I had, they would be more on the poetry than the prose side.

Please do review! I value all constructive feedback or even just a quick note to let me know that someone is reading. I reply to all reviews directly and will try to take account of any advice given. If you've written stories for fandoms that I'm acquainted with, I will most likely return the favour.


Left Behind - Oy vey, I'm not gonna go into how I became a fan of this! My interest in LB is not from a spiritual perspective (oh hell no). I like it for the ships that the authors never intended. Also, Nicolae is jaw-droppingly awesome in all his Romanian sexiness. I don't care much for the 'heroes'. Ships I support: Lucifer x Nic; NicoLeon; Nicolae x any GC, actually.

Pokémon - I've been a fan since the whole craze caught on in England; I just never really 'grew out' of it. I'm still a fan, but I'm catching up after falling behind. As you might guess from my username, I'm a huge fan of Team Rocket. I like to take them a bit more seriously than the series does, and I think there's a lot to their history that hasn't been explored. Ships I support: Non-fluffy Commandshipping (Giovanni/Sakaki x Domino)...RocketShipping, I suppose, although I'm not the greatest fan of J&J...

Final Fantasy VII - Not written anything for this fandom yet, and I doubt I will, but I often read things. Mainly smut. Not ashamed. Ships I support: Sephiroth x Cloud; Hojo x Vincent. That way round, no fluff.

Monkey Island - I'm just a reader of this fandom. I like things that are dark and serious, rather than comical - unless it's really good comedy. Ships I support: Not really bothered about ships here, aside from the ones that sail...(and that's the kind of bad comedy that I don't read).

The Powerpuff Girls - Again, just a reader of things that are darker and more serious than the cartoon itself. I'm a fan of most of the villains, especially Him, and I like to see what people do with them. Ships I support: None, really. I'm not into the PPG/RRB thing.

The Bible - Yes, you read that right. Ships I support: (yes, I'm going there) Lucifer/Satan x anyone.


Pokémon - All That Glitters - This one has already done the rounds. It was my first ever fanfic, which I started when I was about 13/14 and posted here under a different penname. It was a Mary-Sue-laden piece of drivel which I'm trying to salvage. It's about a Rocket who decides to take the Gym Challenge. Things go well for her, but she eventually learns the reason why. I can't really say more than that. The new version is hopefully less Sue-ish, and if I decide to commit, it will be a series. It is OC, sorry about that, but it will eventually include ideas that I had about Team Rocket's history and Giovanni's past, e.g. How did Team Rocket get started and what do they actually do? Why did Giovanni leave for a few years (just 'cos he lost to a challenger in his Gym? I think not...)? What happened to his mother? AND WHY DOES PROTON BASICALLY DRESS LIKE A GRUNT IF HE'S AN EXECUTIVE? XD (no really)

Pokémon - Whiteout - I decided to write this on the spur of the moment as a break from the above, and something that will hopefully attract a bit more of an audience compared to an OC fic in an outdated, old-skool setting. It's set during the course of Pokémon Platinum and involves the three 'main' protagonists - Dawn, Barry (Pearl) and Lucas - taking on Team Galactic, as they do in the game...but things don't really go according to plan. It's not a comedy. Well, it's not meant to be.

THINGS THAT I MAY POST IN THE FUTURE (subject to encouragement! Hint hint!)

Left Behind - Sweet Child Of Mine - This is a story that I initially wrote when I was 16/17. It was originally meant to be a sort of Nicolae Defense Case in story format, but reading the prequels destroyed my arguments. Yes, well done, LaJenkins. It's about an angel who gets assigned to childhood!Nicky as a guardian, and her dilemma of wanting to save him vs. knowing that prophecy already has his fate planned out. You could even call it a spiritual custody battle. But I'm trying to find a way to write it which will be sympathetic to LB's main fanbase, rather than a theological treatise, and that's pretty difficult for me...

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