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Author has written 2 stories for Book X-overs, and Naruto.

FIRST THING IS FIRST. You have a choice if you want to read this profile before getting to the fic, so don't give up just because you choose to read this very LONG profile :)

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I'm not into the:
-sparkly vampires
-Mary Sue-ness
-107-year old virgin
-abusive & obsessive bf
-poor writing
-unhealthy love
-cold, dead, & sparkling
-Twilight series

FIRST: I work with OC's...

I must apologize for the lack of writing but I am not that fast with it and no one has said anything about it yet. If you have suggestions or comments PM me instead of posting them in the reviews. Remember! Reviews are for good things only, in other words, PRAISE! I am always forced to remove my fan-fic due to people putting rude stuff "Like 'FLAMES'."and critiquing comments in them and dose not let you delete them, “which pisses me off.” And that just chases away curious readers because like everyone else they only seem to be interested in reading something that has good reviews.

NOW about the Martha fan-fic… If there is a word, or a phrase or anything else you are flabbergasted, or find down right. "makes no sence!"… LOOK IT UP in the Lord of the Rings or, “The one I am really fan-ficing about.THE SILMARILLIONS!! I can not tell you all at how bad of reviews I got on my fan-fic just because of the rude statements. “not questions!” I have gotten-Soooooo I put in foot notes in, and just about a couple days latter I get even more crap about how annoying my foot notes are and that I should get rid of them. T_T I am already on pins and needles about reputing my fan-fic back up and I am going to scream, and jump off a building tearing my beloved hair out cursing the next one who judge/ridicule/scoff at me for the things JRR.T wrote in his bible of middleearth aka Arda I am also not going to complain anymore about people calling me a Mary-sue because like I keep telling you all...

(URL: ) "Yemi Hikari, I hope you don't mind if I use these ;) There, I have credited and linked back and hope you won’t get upset @_@!"

Yemi Hikari

“But why does an AU need to resemble the fandom? I mean, can’t you yourself vary from the course?" And you know what happened when I did break the ‘heart of canon? A surprising thing happened. I ended up developing my own work that wasn’t fanfiction any more. The main point is being able to recognize when one has gone so far away from canon to begin writing ones own work.”

Silent Slytherin in the Shadow

But, isn’t that the point of being original? People have acused me of not being original enough, so I take it upon myself to be and now it happens again. If anything I have learned about writing fanfics it is, "I can't make everyone happy!" Yes I understand perfectly what you are getting at. And yes I understand perfectly that I have strayed off into my own story instead of remaining in the fanfiction borders. It is called, “thinking outside the box!” I know in fanfiction cases that this is in some way unacceptable. I am intending to use what I have done an learned to make a fanfic, and try to be as original as possible by using the OC method if I ever want to make something real of it. I have explained it before, and I don’t want to do it twice. Well, technically it would probably be my 100th time but you can now see why I am not going to explain it again. READ AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSION. Sorry

Yemi Hikari

“What about crossovers? It is the same for crossovers? Did you know that there are three kinds of crossovers?" There is the one that is canon and the one that is AU. Then there is one that is the combination of the two. How so? If a fic happens after everything that is canon is written, it is a canon crossover. If a fic is written during a canon fic and varies from the original, then it is an AU. And of course, there is more then one world here.

Silent Slytherin in the Shadow

I seem to now think that my fic is listed in the ‘both canon and AU’ lists 9_9 I don’t know… I think? READ AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSION.

Yemi Hikari

“Do you point other factors other then canon issues when it comes to believability?" Yes, I do. I happen to have knowledge on certain subjects, so when something happens that I know is wrong based off that knowledge; I will let the writer know. Sometimes I am right on believability issues, other times not. In fact, I would rather say I review believability issues instead of canon issues. It is just that canon issues can tend to play a big deal in believability issues.

Silent Slytherin in the Shadow

Okay… I’ll agree to that X3 but if there is something of that factor then E-Mail me instead of putting it in my reviews because sooner or latter I will fix it and that written review that was posted previously will still be there and it will chase away future curious readers wondering by. And be prepared to really help me on that because I have the imagination of a visionary with autism. @~e

Yemi Hikari

"Is there anything you don't suggest writers to write, particullarly new or amature writers?" I don't suggest writing crossovers, AU's and poetry. Actually, that is because most new or amature writers who have just begun to write fanfiction have had little experience in just not writing it, but have read very little of it. So, it is more of, don't write things that you are either uncomfortable with or unfamilure with until you are both comfortable and somewhat familure with at least what works and doesn't work. It's like playing the piano. A select few people can jump into Chopin, but most people have to start at the basic, scales. So, I suggest for new, unexpreienced writers to actually start with a canon based fic that is a one shot.

Silent Slytherin in the Shadow

I am a new and amature writer @_@ Oh Gawd did I take the bull by the horns! Did I just jump on that horse and took off running. But you know what? I was totally comfortable and very familiar with it, even though Martha is my first and I read so little fan-fics. However, I am well aware of the things I am doing and know the history and background of both the HarryPotter world and The Lord of the Rings/ The Silmarillions/ all the books of lost tales&unfinished tales etc etc! People and my teachers are amazed at how much I know about the hidden secrets, history and witty detail of those stories. I have been well aware of what I was doing but I will admit I have a few flaws here and there, but it is nothing that will ruin the reading experience of a few curious readers. Remember! DO NOT POST SUGGESTIONS, HINTFULL COMMENTS AND CRITIQUES IN MY REVIEWS! PM ME ABOUT THEM!

OC Test

1) Be honest with your answers. Unless you're honest; you're not going to know whether or not your character is a Sue.
That's the only rule. There will be lots of questions to be answered which all have their own little category. Afterwards, add all the points that you earned from each question and check out your result. This was not meant to offend anyone so I apologize if you're offended. This was meant to help people. Anyways, feel free to add this into your journal and have fun answering the questions.


What is the name of your character?

1. Martha Delafae Clievdnian

2. Marieanne McKassion

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? 2 points if yes

2total:Martha's last name is a pureblood name I made up.

2total:Marieanne was the name my bio-mother named me before I was adopted... If that means anything.


What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? 3 points if in more then 1

5total: This is a crossover AU/Canon fan fic the takes place in both the HarryPotter&LotR world.


Is your character unusually attractive? 3 points

6total:Martha is not ugly, nor is she a raven beauty. She has a fair amount of good qualities and then some.

6total:Marieanne, same as Martha but in a different light. She is slight/slender/wafe like. 5 out of 10 people who I show her to say she is ugly, but the other half say she is very pretty/cute. More or the same with unusually different looking.
"So, in stead of three points I gave them one for at least being attractive while not being unusually attractive."

Does your character have some type of unusual characteristic? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors firey red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count) 4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom

7total:Martha?... Just a child prodigy for the reason of trying to make the time frame canon to Rowlings time frame with Riddles. Is that an unusual characteristic?

7total:Marieanne, every month her hair has a different shade to the point it changes colors as it grows anew... Neutral colors like- Blond to Red and Brunet-not rainbow!

Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? 2 points

7total:Martha. No

7total: Well of course it dose! She goes to Hogwarts. They all wear the same thing... It is called school uniforms. Beyond that she has a style of premo-Prep/emo Like Misa! Nothing special.

Does your character have animal characteristics? Bat wings, animal ears, animalistic body etc.. 2 points

7total:Martha? No.
7total:Marieanne? No.

Does your character have a magical animal for a familliar? Alien creature, Unicorn or any of the like etc etc?... 4 points an or additional 2 if more then one.

7total:Martha? No.
11total:Marieanne? Has a cabbit
Cat/Rabbit named Bella.


Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? 3 points

10total: Martha_14total: Marieanne_ Lord of the Rings

Is your character a demon? 3 points

10total:Martha? No.

14total:Marieanne? No.

Is your character related to a demon? 2 points

10total:Martha? No.

14total:Marieanne? No.

Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels etc..) 6 points

19total:Martha_20total:Marieanne_ Both Martha and Marieanne are both Mother and child so they both have the same ancestry. They both are pureblood, and you are going to have to read chapter6 to know further information.

Is your character a supreme being? (Same as above) 6 points

19total:Martha_20total:Marieanne_ They both are human.

Does your character practice witch craft? 2 points

LMFAO Well that is a stupid question. Of course lol it is a HarryPotter fan-fic.

Can your character change form? 2 points

:sigh: 9_9... They both have strong animagus ancestry... Need I say more? This dose not count for points... but I will play fair any way.


Can your character change into a magical creature? 7 points

27total:Martha, can trancform into a... Well read chapter 6 and find out yourself!

21total:Marieanne? No.

Affair with canons:

Is your character in love with a canon?

27total:Martha? No.
21total:Marieanne? No.

If so: who?

Are they romantically involved? 4 points

27total:Martha? No.
21total:Marieanne? No.

Do they end up having kids? 4 points

27total:Martha? No. Martha has a child later but it is not from any of the canons... Or is it?
21total:Marieanne? No.

Did they get married? 2 points

27total:Martha? No.
21total:Marieanne? No.

Do they have flaws in their relationship? Not worth any points

27total:Martha? No.
21total:Marieanne? No.

Are there other canons who lust over your character? 4 points. Extra 3 if more then one canon lusts after your character

30total:Martha? We all know Riddle likes her.
23total:Marieanne?Draco from year 4 to 7 had a thing for her but she never wants a relationship with him .

Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? 2 points

30total:Martha? No.
23total:Marieanne? No.

Is your character in love with more then one canon? 2 points

30total:Martha? No.
23total:Marieanne? No.

Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? 7 points

30total:Martha? No.
23total:Marieanne? No.

Does your character hate any of the canon characters? 6 points

36total:Martha, hates Voldemort. If it isn't obvious already.
23total:Marieanne? No.


Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? 4 points

36total:Martha? No.
23total:Marieanne? No.

Has your character had any tragedy in her past? 5 points

36total:Martha? No... Just growing up issuse
23total:Marieanne? Not that I am aware of at this point in the story processing.


36 Martha

23 Marieanne


56-88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.
41-55= Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a loveable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believable and you will have an OC.
29-40= You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.
20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this?

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