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Basic information on me. Basically, I'm just your average sixteen year old girl. I enjoy listening to music and sleepovers and while I don't have a passion for fashion, I do find boys addicting...yeah...but seriously, if I had to make a list of my top five favorite things it would probably be as follows. 1.kingdom hearts 2.manga (reading it, staring at it, whatever. it's all fun.) 3. anime. 4 video games (very few of my friends like to play video games, which makes me sad.) and 5. talking/writing about the things I like. Which is why this site is oh so much fun. I mean, seriously, I get to write awesome stories, and randomly rant about stuff.

I live in California, so yeah, I do say dude a lot and like and so are definitally a big part of my vocabulary. But I'm not prissy, which makes me happy. I actually asked my friends to sum up my personality and they came up with a wierdly accurate description of what is me. Im a 'retardedly awesome freak who has major issues'...and I agree. I am. But they also say I'm entertaining and sickeningly nice. Seriously, sometimes they get mad at me because they can't get mad at me (if you know what I mean). I'm just one of those people who can say something that, if said by another person, would offend you, but when I say it, it's just funny.

Oh, and things I can't stand are like when my friend Casey says he's wearing a glove when he, clearly, is not. Also, when I'm talking to my friend Ash and I mention someone (like my brother for example) and she says 'hi jared'. I always have to say 'he's not here.' It bugs me, and I don't know why. But I'm a patient person, I don't get annoyed easily and I can put up with a lot of crap. So...yeah...that's me. Basically...

BETA: If anyone needs a beta, I'd be glad to help. I'm not really sure how it works...but I'd be happy to be one anyways...I'm reliable, and I have the time! Just send me a message or something if you're interested.

Notice: (written May 8, 2008) Just in case anyone checks this, I won't be updating for a little while. School is crazy and I'm behind on my homework as it is. I haven't stopped, I've just taken a short break...I should be writing again by the end of may. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully I'll be writing again soon.

Notice: (written Apr. 28, 2008) So...being grounded isn't as bad as I thought. I still get some computor time...and it's not like I'm not allowed to do ANYTHING. So it's all relatively chill...but. It is slowing down my updating time. I apologize for that profusely!

Notice: (Written Feb. 14, 2008) Ok. I am in major panic mode! I finally got my laptop back. Yay! But all my files are screwed. And I don't just mean screwed. I mean screwed into the ground with concrete poured over them and a fat guy sitting on top in a lazy boy watching football and eating nachos. That kind of screwed. Some of them have just plain disapeared. I don't have any of my it's not a guess chapters anymore. And a few of them (mainly my sasuhina and our twisted minds) are scrambled...yeah. the words dont make sense. Ok, I'll give you an example. "Shoving her tiny hands into her pockets she began to walk her way home" That is what it originally said. What my comp changed it to was this. " Home she shoving into her pockets to her tiny way her began walk hands." What the hell is that! Does that makes sense to you? So now I have to redo it it's going to be another wait. Again I apologize. And another thing. I lost my story ideas page! You don't know how devistating that is! I wrote everything on that! Every random idea or cute line I want to put in stories I put on that! I made my sasuhina based off of a seven word sentence I put on that page! if I could have one thing that wasn't messed with, it would have been that page...

Notice: (written on Feb. 9th 2008) Oh my god! this is driving me freakin insane! First off, I apologize for being gone for so long, it's been about a month and I am sorry. But now I would like to explain why I have been gone for so long and please sympathize with me. First, like explained below, my internet priveleges were taken away. But, that only lasted for about two weeks. Also, in those two weeks I finally wrote the ending to facing you, three chapters for insanity's consciousness, one for our twisted minds, and one for it's not a guess it's a fact. I was on a fanfiction writting high! So I finally get my precious internet back and I decide to watch some much needed anime. But (and this is the part that makes me want to rip my hair out) being the complete idiot I am, I managed to get a virus that spread through all my files on my cute little laptop in about three minutes...I hate the people who write viruses. And this one was good too. It had it's own backup file! Everytime we managed to make it go away, it came back. It was like...evil! I did manage to copy some of my documents, but I'm still not sure if there infected since my laptop still isn't fixed...and the last part of my story is just plain sad (not in the cry way, more of the pathetic way). Since my computor was broken I decided that maybe, I could just write them on my dad's comp and post them. But, then I discovered something that just made my day. My account on my dad's comp doesn't have word...sad right? and we can't seem to find the program to install it. So I thought that maybe I could just sign in and explain why I'm not updating so people know that I am still continuing my stories. But fanfiction (for some odd reason) is blocked. And I'm not talking about the site in general. No, I'm talking about the log in page. apparently the words username and password are concidered newage/occult material on my dad's new parental block program. But, I finally got him to unlock it for me which is why I'm here to write this. So, again I apologize and ask that you not get mad at me since this (or at least most of it) isn't my fault.

Notice: To anyone who bothers to go on this, I regret to inform you that, as of today january 12th 2008, I won't be updating my stories for a while. the reasoning isn't all that complicated, basically poor grades equals no internet. -sigh- but I am allowed on word so I'll be working on my stories during my time in stone age hell. I mean seriously, the internet is like an addiction to me. you can find ANYTHING on it. Well, anyways, I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I will, promise. And I'll bring new chapters with me!

Facing You

Favorite Pairings (not in order)

naruxhina - They are adorable and they belong together! (Wrote this while I was an avid Naruhina fan, but I'm all about the Sasuhina now...)

sasuhina - I admit, they actully make a good couple. And although Hinata can go with practically anyone, I perfer her with him. It's just so cute! (and by anyone i mean naruto, sasuke, gaara, shino, neji, kiba, kakashi, and ALMOST any of the akatsuki peoples.)

sasuxnaru - my favorite yaoi couple! cute but not as cute as naruhina or sasuhina

kyoxtohru - they go perfect. they conflict and they get along. kyo' really cute too. love him.

SakuraxShaoron - from card captor. they are adorable and they belong with no one else.

RitsukaxSoubi - this would also be a yaoi couple, but its different in a way...even if Soubi is 25 while Ritsuka's like what...11? 12? yeah. wierd and kinda pedafile-ish but w/e.

HikaxHaru - from ouran high school host club. Theyre...cute and idk...I just really like them. (Eventhough she's going to (obviously) end up with Tamaki)...

AmuxIkuto - from Shugo Chara. They are so freakin adorable together. I really hope they end up getting together in the manga/anime. I'd also love it if a section for this story showed up on fanfiction...

HinaxHidan - so cute! so wierd...but SO cute! Just imagine it, you know it's awesome.

Pairings that i dont like (not in order)

SasukexSakura - i am sorry but i hate sakura. in my opinion she deserves to die. I can't explain it. All i no is that i hate her and she doesnt deserve to be in a awesome show like Naruto. (The only time this couple is acceptable is when Sakura is a major OC who ISNT a total bitchy assed whiner..)

ItachixSasuke - Ok...i admit. i have read a few of these. and i did like them. they were very well written...but still. it kinda freaks me out. but sasuke does make a cute uke.

YukixTohru - it's not that i dislike Yuki it's just that kyo is so much more awesome!

honorable mentions

This is a place where I'll mention people who have done/made something or are just plain awesome. Which is actually pretty pointless since they'll most likely never even see this...but w/e. Check out their stuff if you're ever bored or something...

1. Misery Writer. a person on youtube that makes some of the best AMV's I've ever seen. All her (Or his...but I see em as more of a her) are very well made with some of my favorite songs. So, thank you. Seriously, just thank you.

2. aznplayaofall1. another person on youtube. I've only seen one of their videos (Ouran High School Host Club-Welcome to the Black Parade) but it was really good and it made me think about it differently. It also made me think back on that Eclair girl, and realize that while she sucks at being a person, she makes a really good anime character. So thank you for making that enlightening video.

3. FQSilencia. This person messaged me about one of the things that I wrote on this page, and we've actually had conversations. I find her to be pretty damn awesome, and although she doesn't currently have any stories posted on this site, I enjoy talking to her. She's manga and anime obsessed just like me so it's fun to talk about that stuff and have someone actually understand me.

4. Vegeta3986 and Masakox. I mention them like ten times, but I'll say it again, they just plain out rock!

5. I give out some seriously needed props to a fellow fanfiction writer known as Wolf Blossom. This author has currently submitted 68 different stories. I've read A LOT of her stories, and I have to say, she not only has quantity, but she also has quality. You have my admiration and respect. (feel special since I don't give that out that easily)

Still Continuing series'

--In this small little section I'm going to talk about shows/manga/any other show I think of that are still being continued, or even ones that are finished if I find it important. So...WARNING: There will most likely be spoilers in this section...just so you know...PS. If you ever want me to talk about whats happening in a certain series or whatever, just tell me. Even if I havent seen it, I'll most likely watch it just because you mentioned it. And then I'll talk about it.

Feb. 21st, 2008- This first one will be about Naruto (do i ever talk about anything else?...) and one of my, now ex, favorite characters. Itachi. When the whole story of him killing off his family and whatnot came into the storyline I thought that there had to be some deeper meaning to him killing the family. I mean, who goes around and kills their relatives for no reason? Not many people, I can tell you that much. So I was like 'Hey, Itachi's probably not as bad as Sasuke makes him seem. I'm sure he's actually a really cool guy. I mean, he did leave his brother alive.' So that was my thought process. But the other day I was catching up on my Naruto Shippuden and I discovered something...Itachi is INSANE! And I don't mean in the good way. He is creepy! He wants Sasuke's eyes! What the hell is that! He kept his only brother alive so that when he was older he could steal his eyes...WTF! Not to mention he wasn't even like 'I need your eyes little brother, so I'm going to have to kill you so I can take them.' No, he was all like 'GIVE ME YOUR EYES! THEY'RE MINE! THEY BELONG TO ME! I KEPT YOU ALIVE SO THAT I COULD HAVE THEM! GIVE THEM TO ME THEY'RE MINE!'...O.o...What the hell! Now I totally understand where Sasuke is coming from...

Mar. 1st, 2008- Ok, I got a request from FQsilencia to watch the anime Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. So, I did. And it was adorable! I mean, seriously, it was good. Sure, there wasn't as much...romance as I thought there should be. But, maybe that's just me. I really liked Chiaki though. Although, I seriously don't get why he didn't just tell her 'No! I don't work for the devil!' She seriously accused him of that at least twenty times! And each time all he says is ' I will protect you.' Which is sweet. But I would have been more like 'God damn! I do not work for the freakin devil! How many times do I have to tell you this!'...but I'm just impatient like that. Hmm...that's probably hard to understand if you don't know what the stories about. Basically, there's this girl (Maron) who is the reincarnation of Jeanne d'ark. (In english I believe they mean Joan of Ark) and it's her mission/job to go seal the demons that invade earth. But the demons always hide themselves in things that humans find beautiful (like paintings or statues). So, when she seals the demons, people think that she steals the stuff, hence the reason she's called Kaitou Jeanne. So all this stuff happens and a new theif named Sinbad appears and they compete to seal the demons and she thinks he's bad when really he's good and in the end, they all live happily ever after. That is basically it. But, Tanemura Arina is a really good manga artist. She's the one that made Full Moon wo Sagashite and Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. The manga goes more into depth with the characters and the plot, but if you're in the mood to watch a cute anime with sad and longing characters who find true piece within themselves, watch this.

Mar. 2nd, 2008- This is a non-anime show. It is called Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars is the worst and yet best show I think I have ever seen. It is the worst because no matter how much I scream at the tv, the characters that I want to get together, never do. It's the best because seriously, that show rocks. Now, the first time I ever saw it, I watched season three. I didn't know it was season three, but it was. During that entire season I was begging for Veronica to leave Logan and get with Piz because, well, Piz rocked. But, I finally got to see seasons one and two, and my entire opinion changed! Logan, who I use to hate, I love! Seriously, I watched that show for fifteen hours straight (I had it on DVD) hoping to get to the part where she finally hooks up with Logan. Which she did, that made me so freakin happy. I was almost crying! (not really, but you get the point) But, then they break up, then they get back together, and then it time skips to when they break up again...what...the...fuck! I waited twenty episodes for them to get together and then they're together for about two, maybe three, episodes before they breakup. and then it has the nerve to time skip the parts I want to see? that's all in season one, then season two, she's back with stupid Duncan! No one likes him! Well...a lot of people like him, but I don't. Then she doesn't get back with Logan until the very end of season two. And by very end I mean the last episode. (or so my friend says. I actually haven't been able to watch that far yet). But, besides the romance side of the show, it's really good. Season one and two are definitelly better than three tho...much better plot. Seriously, if you like mysteries, murder, random crimes, and watching people get out smarted by a short blonde girl with a kick ass attitude, watch this show. It's not on TV nemore...(I think it got canceled after season three. Something about it being hard to follow...yeah right! Lost is hard to follow and you don't see that getting cancelled!) But it's still really good and it makes me happy.

Mar. 18th, 2008- Ok, did, did Itachi die? I mean, I was reading it and I was like 'Sasuke watch out.' and then Itachi just falls over. I mean, I'm guessing he's dead...right? I'm a little disapointed though. After all that, he just...died. And then Sasuke had to do his maniacal laughter bit...but seriously...what the freak?

Apr. 28th, 2008- Ok, so I just heard this (haven't read the chapter yet). But Itachi isn't actually evil! Like OMG. My original theory on his was actually right. It was a mission for him to kill his entire clan. Which is just plain wow. I mean, what could they have possibly done!? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Tobi/Mandara/Obito has to say about it all! Dun dun dun...

Apr. 30th, 2008- I've got great news from a reliable source! (or at least I think he's reliable...I don't really see him all that much but when I do he is apparently compelle to talk to me until he has to leave...) Well, it's not necessarily great...but it's something. Apparently none of the Akatsuki are dead...well, actually I think he said one or two of them might actually be dead, but I think he was saying that Itachi, Deidra, and...others...(can't really remember at this exact moment) are actually still alive! Ok, I'm choosing to believe him because all the other stuff he said would happen has happened and although he seems like he could possibly be lying, I think he's telling the truth. So cheers to that and I'll make sure to ask him more when I see him again. On a side note, why the hell is Sakura voted number 3 (it varies but I've seen her as three) in the Naruto popularity contest? Why do people like her?...

June 19th, 2008- Ok, so Itachi is good, mandara is bad, and Sakura is still incapable of doing basicly anything...(well I guess not anything...she did kill Sasori...which she should die for. I loved Sasori.) So here's something I just HAVE TO say. Sasuke kills his brother, then Mandara tells him that Itachi was actually good and he was told to kill his clan by Konoha. So now, mister 'I'm an avenger so now I'm going to go and kill everybody' is bent on joining his ancient ancestor and taking out an entire village filled with ninja. now, I can see why he'd be mad. I'd be mad too if my village told my brother to kill his own family. But seriously, hasn't he noticed that his whole 'Someone is to blame and I will kill them' routine isn't really working out for him? I mean, he killed his innocent brother who didn't even bother to tell him that it was Konoha that told him to do it. So, obviously, that little fact wasn't so important. So now, instead of deciding that he was going to take advantage of the life his brother spared him and living it in happiness and content (or at least as close as a persumably emo boy can get to happiness) he decides to listen to a really really old guy who obviously has a grudge against the entire village of Konoha...yeah...real smart there. His judgment, is in no way clouded by his anger and his obviously extra amounts of what most would assume to be either testosterone or deep unexpressed and complicated emotions. Either way, he's kinda being a bitch...

And now for wonderful rants!

OK. to start my ranting, I'm going to talk about Sakura from Naruto. OK, my thoughts on her, are that she is an annoying, slutty, big foreheaded girl with serious issues. she is just a bitch. she is. i mean, itd be one thing if she just liked sasuke. but no, shes like "OMG. I wonder if sasuke is ok. Naruto is practically dying down there fighting Neji but I'm going to go ahead and worry about Sasuke eventhough he's with kakashi who would never let him die. I love you sasuke. and to prove my love im going to continue doing nothing." that's great sakura. it sounds like a plan. she is obviously a girl of her word since she doesnt do anything for, what? about 225 episodes? about? maybe she did one thing. but seriously, her big thing was cutting her hair...sasuke gets fridgen bit in the neck by a creepy pedaphile micheal jackson look alike and is in mind shattering pain and naruto got his seal screwed up so hes pretty wacked out himself, and so she cuts off her hair. Now, cutting off her hair would be one thing...but she freakin monologed and flashed back for a whole episode, if not two until she was finally like oh look i cut my hair. now im going to bite you until all my girlish screams wake up sasuke in a pissed mood and he tries to kill you. and then, im going to hug him. maybe if i do, he'll feel my flat chest and hopefully get fooled into thinking its big due to the dramatic moment...yeah Sakura, that plan worked out perfectly. congrats on a job well done...ok. lets all take a moment and think back on what sakura has actually done. there was the kakashi test. The only reason she passed was because she was following sasukes lead. ok, that parts not so bad. Its ok to follow someone awesome like sasuke. But, lets think back to earlier, actually during the test. the whole time she's like "Sasuke. must find Sasuke. must rape him and become pregant so he marries me. OMG he's dying. oh wait, thats just a genjutsu. apparently thats my type so im going to wonder about why i didnt see through it earlier as i lay here unonscious. then when she finally woke up she found sasukes head and actually believed that he was just a talking head, how sad. then later, during the Zabuza saga,what happened? hmmm...gets mad at naruto for making himself bleed. well at least we know she doesnt want him to go emo, they dont need another one on their team. She did manage to climb the tree...but honestly, i dont care. So she can correctly mold her chakra in her feet. Naruto has an excuss and sasuke can blow a freakin fire ball, enough said. then, the fight on the brigde...that was just plain sad. Naruto and Sasuke were seriously getting killed and what did she do? She continued to stand there and do nothing. It's like the naruto abridged series said..."Wow. Sasuke looks really beat up. and Sakura is...untouched of course...Hey Sakura, why dont you freakin do something! I would, but i broke a nail." And then after it was all over she was like. lets run over there so i can throw my equivalence of a ten year old boys body ontop of him so that if there is a slight chance that hes still alive, the pointy objects that are currently lodged in his back will go in even deeper cause obviously im a sadist like that. God, she sucks. Lets see, later in the chunnin exams. Ok, ill admit it, shes smart. but honestly what good is that going to do her in the field? It'll be raining kunai and sure she might be able to calculate the way they'll fall due to the force and wind and all that other ninja math related stuff, but by the time shes done, she'll have been stabbed about fifty times...i already covered in the forest, lets move on to the preliminary tests. Honestly, who can truthfully say and believe that the fight between her and ino was not stupid and pointless? it was lame. the only fight that was lamer was chojis but i think he definitally made up for that later with his awesome butterfly wings. but back to sakura, it was lame...neither of them are very good and them fighting each other, while dramatic and plot directing, sucked. and then, besides the final part of the chunnin exam while she was being a slut-ass bitch hoar skank-face, i dont remember anything that she does. i need to rewatch them. oh wait, there is that part where sasuke leaves. i laugh at her for that. Shes all like "Sasuke, wait, i love you. im only twelve and since I've liked you since i was probably about five or six i haven't explored my other options at all nor do i have any prior experience, but I KNOW im in love with you. just look at my crying eyes. isnt it obvious that if you stay you'll be oh so happy with me. i promise we can get married and be love buddies for forever and ever." if i was sasuke and i heard that from her, id leave too. simply because id be afraid shes rape me while i was sleeping. and the sadest thing of that in Shippuden...she doesnt suck at all. well, a little bit. i still dont like her personality in Shippuden but she does do something. so when i watch that, i find myself wanting to hate her more than i actually do...but I'm still holding onto my hatred of the first twelve years of her life. Sorry, that was really long. if you bothered at all to read this, please tell me your opinions of this. I dont have many friends who watch naruto enough to actually form a real opinion of the characters.

The next thing I'll talk about it still related to Naruto. but this time im wondering how it that even after everything he does, everyone still thinks hes a good for nothing idiot. I mean, he helped take down Zabuza/Haku. He defeated Gaara, summoned a giant ass toad, managed to actually get through the chunnin exams and even beat Neji who is the prodogy of the Hyuuga. He makes fiends no matter where he goes, and he is extrememly brave (if not idotically so). He also managed to almost beat Sasuke who only won because he was on stariods. So, after doing all this (things that no one could do...pretty much) why is he still treated like crap?

This one also pretains to Naruto, but its not really dislike. im just confused. They said that Naruto failed to graduate two or three years right? So...i would assume that would make him older than all the other kids he graduated with. But, since hes the same age, i thought, oh, he just started early. but if he started early, wouldnt he have met Neji, tenten, and Lee? also, in flashbacks, it shows him in classes when hes younger with all the rookie nine people. and theyr his friends then. so why werent they all friends later? if anyone knows. please, dear god, tell me!

This one is also not a dislike. This is just an opinion that i find myself explaining to a lot of people. I like Ino. i actually do. She, in my opinion, is way WAY better than sakura. I dont know where i got this theory or if its in the show or if i just made it up, but i always think that ino doesnt really like sasuke. When they were little, she became sakuras best friend and helped her with her confidence issues. which lead to them both liking Sasuke. Back then, i think that ino really did like sasuke. but i think that as she grew up, she stopped and the only reason she really said she did was because she wanted to push Sakura on. Sakura will be more motivated to get sasuke if she thinks she has competiton. So, basicly, Ino pretends to like Sasuke so Sakura will try harder to get him. But, i dont know. its just a theory of mine.

This next topic, is not about Naruto. shocker i know. Its about Rumbling Hearts. I'm sure not many of you have seen it, so I'll give a quick explination. Basicly, its about these two girls and two guys. Lets call the girls H and M and the guys T and S (S actually isnt in it all that much) since i dont know how to spell their names. H likes T in the beginnng so M (who is friends with both) helps them get together. T doesnt really like her all that much but within the first or second episode he falls in love with her. So, one day, T is walking down the street to meet up with H at the train station when he runs into M and she talks to him and he ends up buying her a silver ring because she tells him its her birthday. then he rushs to the train station and sees an ambulence and starts freaking out. And of course, it was his girlfriend H who got run over. Duh duh duh. So theres a three year time skip and basicaly T and M get together thinking H will never wake up but she does and she still thinks its three years ago. I wont say what happens incase you actually want to watch it, but i will say that all this crap happens and i hated the ending. there was really, in my mind, only one way for it to end well and that would be if S got hit by a car and woke up three years later with H beside his bed. that would have been the perfect ending for me. Anyways, the reason i told you all this is so i could have some basic ground work for what im about to rant about. I HATE M (real name Mitsuki). i hate her. she set her best friend up with guy and then, in the middle of their relationship, she wants him. which is the reason she stops him in the street that day and told him it was her birthday. and it really was just the way she said it that annoyed me to hell. and then when he buys her the ring, she put it on her left hand ring finger and shes all happy about it. im like freak. then after her BEST FRIEND gets hit my a car and is in the hospital, what does she do? she steals her boyfriend by literally (and seriously i mean literally) throwing her naked body on top of him. it wasnt just a "You caught me in the shower, just let me put some clothes on, whoops sorry i fell on you" thing either. it was a "He's depressed that his girlfriend is in a coma and since I'm sick of him not looking at me, I'm going to strip all my clothes off, yell at him to look at my body and then force him to kiss me while i rub up on him." God i hate her. And another thing, she use to have really long blue hair (which was ok...but i didnt really like it) but then she cut it into some creepy mulet thing. i just want to take some scissors and cut it off, along with her head if possible. then theres the whole "I feel so bad for myself because i dont swim anymore" thing and the "I wish my best friend would have just died. that way her boyfriend could be all mine and I wouldnt have to cry at night." God i hate her! But my full hatred can only truly be discribed if youve watched the show. I own all the episodes and i think theres only about 12 of them so it wouldnt take that long if your interested. But honestly, i dont really like any of the characters in the show. i hate Mitsuki but the others its not that i dont like them...its more like i have no opinion of them. theyr just kind of boring. The only ones that i really like are H's little sister and the two girls who work with T at the diner. those three characters rock!

Yay! Another rant on Sakura! I bet you're all just so happy. but dont worry, this one should be shorter...Ok. I just don't get how in the hell she is so popular with the guys. I mean, seriously, what is there to like? Is it the charming personality? Or does her hot 12 year old body just turn them on? I dont understand it! Naruto's an idiot, but he's not blind...or deaf...or in a coma...or imaginary (ok, he's only an anime character but in his own show he is so real!). Since he is none of these things he could never date Sakura since you'd have to be all of them to put up with...THAT! And this brings me to Lee...poor, poor Lee. I love Lee. He is so cute and honest. the spandex is a little creepy but at least it's not...fitted. I mean, at least it's not mentally scaring. And his hair, and eyebrows, and wierdly circular eyes...those are kinda...wierd...but all that aside (and even kinda with it) Lee is just awesome! I mean, he's a ninja who only uses Taijutsu! Do you have any idea how hard that would be to do! And not only is he doing that, but he's keeping up with Neji and Naruto and everyone! And the speed thing, that just kicks ass. Right, back to Sakura. I guess, if he really wanted to, Lee could date Sakura. The only reason I find this even remotely acceptable is because I believe that Lee truely likes Sakura. as disturbing as that's cute how persistant he is. So still...he is way too good for her! I guess that's that I think about it not that many people like That makes me smile!

There is one thing that I don't like about Card Captor Sakura. (ok, there's more than one thing but this one still buggs me) Now, I haven't read the manga so I don't know if it's different. But, I watched the anime. I BOUGHT the anime. and at the end, as cute as it was I was a little disapointed. I only bought it about a year ago, so I was about 14 or so...mb is was already 15 idk...but I was a normal average teenage girl with normal and average teenage girl expectations. At the end, I was think..."That's it? It's over? They seriously only spent about the last one maybe two episodes on their relationship? Are you freakin kidding me!" I was expecting some serious PG rated action! (It is a kids show after all) But no, she barely even realized that she liked him before the series ended. And then, I discovered the movie. Again, my hopes were brought up. And actually, the movie wasn't bad. It was really cute. But, yet again, no action. They didn't even let me see the hug! For all I know, Sakura fell down the creepy tower and died! But, although I normally refuse to watch anything in english (anime related stuff. Obviously I watch normal TV in english), the english card captor was good. But, that's only because Izzy was the voice of Syaoran (Is it Syaoran or Shaoran? I've heard both...). You all know which Izzy right? The Izzy from the original Digimon? The cute little spikey headed computor dude with the giant bug thing for his digimon. I love his voice...And they changed Sakura's voice. Thank god! She actually sounded like a girl in the movie! I think Kero's changed too...but i don't remember...

Why is it that in kid shows the characters are stupid? It's like, for example, on this one show that I can't remember the name of, the main character was this girl and it was something about these evil spirits were trying to take over the world but their negative energies were causing things to happen and only she could fix it. And of course there's a guy who helps her and obviously likes her, but in true anime fashion, she doesn't seem to notice the longing looks or sweet gestures...Ok, back on topic, in the first few episodes, I can understand her confusion. It'd freak out too if magical flying bird spirit things attacked me or if the bodies from the grave yard sprung from the ground. But after about five, mb ten, episodes I think I'd get use to it. Or at least learn that no, the reason that there have been mysterious disaperance of students at the schools is not due to ghosts but rather the energy of the evil spirits caused a black hole to appear. Seriously, what is with girls and being constantly afraid of ghosts? I do not know one person who is afraid of ghosts. Monsters and/or rapists hiding under the bed or in the closet I kinda get. And the whole, some random dude is sitting outside my window watching me and waiting for my parents to leave so he can kill me and steal my kidney makes sense too. But those are at least reasonable...

Another Naruto...Yay! Ok, this topic was brought up in Naruto The Abridged Series, but I'm going to go ahead and talk about it. Why is it that in that show, some of them wear some of the most inappropriate clothing?...I mean, they're ninja! Naruto wears a bright orange jump suit! What's he going to blend in with? A traffic cone? Then there's Hinata. She's wearing an eskimo jacket type thing! She must get so freakin hot in that! (Well..her and Kiba and Shino...that whole team are the reigning champs of oversized coats...) Then there's kurenai...You'd think that one kunai cut to that outfit and the whole thing will come tumbling down...It is seriously just a bunch of strips of cloth all wrapped around her. And of course there's Tsunade. While I think her clothes are actually pretty awesome, for her (because she's so..."big"), they don't seem appropriate for ninja fights. You'd think she'd just fall right out. Which brings me to Shizune. Not much wrong with her except that she's wearing heels. I know they say that girls can do whatever guys can and in heels, but that's just pushing it. Also, in Shippuden, you'd think that Neji's extra long sleeves would just get in the way, but he seems to be ok with them...I could go on and on with all the random ninja they throw in that are only there for one episode and have no name, but that would take forever. Lets just say that the girls always appear to be more like hookers than ninja and the guys always have all these crazy hair cuts and random chains. They always look very...pointy...

Ok, this isn't going to make sense to most of you, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it anyways...I just realized this as I was watching a Naruto video thing on youtube but it hit me pretty hard. I just realized that Naruto (the show) is I mean, seriously. It's amazing. The characters are so alive and awesome. It' (sad that my vocabulary doesnt get any better than wow...) The video even showed Sakura in a different view. I still think she's a vile little whore, but in that video I actually thought that she was pretty and a good Seriously, that showed the show in a whole new perspective and I appreciate that. I always like to see/hear different opinions.

This one isn't about an anime. It's about a movie that I recently watched. I had to put this in here because I actually yelled this at the tv. The movie is called pay it forward and it starts Haley Joel Osment, the dude who voices for Sora. (hmm...I should rant about that too) I'm not going to explain what the movies about, just what happens when I started yelling. Ok, the main dude's friend is getting beat up and instead of running away, he decides to help. So he rides his bike and hits the bully (I think they're all only about 12 so...yeah) with it. They start fighting and the bullies friend is like 'I'll help you take on the scrawny kid.' So he pulls out a knife and stabs him...first of all, what the hell? Who needs to use a knife in a fight that's two on one and the one is just a wimping little kid. And second, that kid wasn't even gangster. He was like a wannabe was sad. Ok, now this is what I yelled at the tv (remember, I'm emotionally attached to the main dude because he's the voice over of sora in kingdom hearts and I love Kingdom hearts) "No! No little boy! You do NOT shank the cool kid! No! Bad! No! Not cool little boy! Not cool!" Yup...that's my reaction to a kid getting stabbed...

Ok...I am seriously, PISSED! I have accounts on about ten different anime websites that all have various episodes of the animes that I watch. I even have accounts on some websites I don't remember ever being on. Anyways, I went on the site that I watch ouran high school host club on, but for some reason they decided to redo the site so now either I can't find anything and I'm just doing it wrong, or they deleted them all. So, I went to another site I go on a lot. But of course, they don't put in on there because they say that it's copy right infringement to post it. They say that if I want to watch it, I should buy it. Hence, the reason that I am pissed. I DID buy it! I bought it and it sucked! The subtitles make no fucking sense! They didn't even get the names right! How hard is it to know that his name is Tamaki, not Hwon. What the hell is Hwon? They dont talk right either. Everytime they said sempai, it was written as elder you have any idea how often she says sempai? A lot! And calling someone elder learner, doesn't make much sense! I swear, it's like they had chinese people translating the japanese show to english yeah, I'm a little upset. Does anyone know a good (and free) site to watch anime on? What is this world coming to when a girl can't get her much needed anime fix!

This one isn't a dislike. This one is something that I love. I love that in the series card captor sakura, sakura goes against the rules of the kiddy anime. Throughout the series, she actually gets better. Her magic gets stronger and she learns the difference between a ghost and a clow card. I mean, by the end of the series, she was like 'I sense a clow card.' Instead of still being like 'what's going on! I don't understand!' like they do in a lot of other shows. Like sailor moon. That show went on for forever and yet they never got any better...they got better weapons and wandy things, but they themselves never actually got better...which pisses me off now that I think about it. So, thank you CCS, for not being lame and actually having character development. It is much appreciated.

My latest favorite pairing is Hinata X Hidan...wierd pair (I know) but they're so cute together. Hidan is so...well, he's the type who cusses every chance he gets and enjoys toying with people. Hinata is just so innocent and cute. Together, they're just a cute ass couple with serious awesomeness! I also would like to see a pair with Tobi...but I don't know who he'd be with...

Ok...I'm just wondering, was anyone else so confused when they first got on this site? I mean...what the hell?! I don't know if the 'fanfiction language' as I call it, is used other places, but I was so confused when I first came here...hell, I'm still confused. It took me forever to realize that there was a difference between OC and OOC...I just always thought that people spelled it wrong...But now I know that OC means 'other character' or 'original character' and OOC means 'out of character'...or does it? I'm honestly just guessing since no one actually told me, but it works so I'm going with it. Same with AU. ('alternate universe'...that's my guess.) lemon was relatively easy...yeah, I kinda picked up on the fact that they were all sex scences! I've been looking at every lime I can find (well, not evey lime, but I've seen quite a few) to try and figure out what it means. As far as I can tell, it means they do everything but. And I still have no idea what the hell PWP means...I've gone over it so many times in my head all the possible combinations, but I got nothing. Yaoi and Yuri are obvious and I've gotten good at deciphering the character reference (like sasuhina or SH or SxH or SUxHH or USxHH or Sasuta or Hinake. Those last two aren't used often...but I have seen them.) Some names are hard though. Like in the D. Grey man genre. They refer to Kanda as Yuu. Apparently its his first name, but I didn't know that. So I was honestly confused. Or in the Life with Derek genre. Apparenly a DerekxCasey is refered to as Dasey. Cute, but confusing... But, anyways...I do consider myself at least partially fluent in fanfiction...and hopefully, someday, I will be completely fluent!

Things that I like and think you should know about:

One, Kingdom hearts. If you have never heard of this game, I pity you. If you've never had the oportunity to play this game, I give you my sympathy. If you've just chosen not to play it (at least try it) then I honestly believe that you have problems. But seriously, love trials, constant action, deep heartfelt meaning, and the cutest cutscenes. It is the ultimate master piece of Kazushige Nojima. I've beaten the game about four/five times. at least. Not to mention Kingdom hearts two. I mean, I like this game so much I'm actually going to buy a second PS2 with an adaptor chip just so I can play a variation of KHII that came out only in Japan. Yeah, it's just that good. So, if you like video games at all, play this one. It changed my world.

Two, Nigahiga. Nigahiga is the name of a profile on youtube. They make hilarious videos. Seriously, Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi (along with Kyle and Tim) are freakin geniuses. Watch them! You will laugh.

The Naruto Abridged Series. This is a hilarious take on Naruto. Basically, it cuts out all the unneeded parts and changes things to a more fan view than what actually happens. When I first started watching it, I thought it'd just be really funny. But, the more I watched, the more I realized that pretty much everything they say is true! But I always laugh when I watch them. It's made by Vageta3986 and MasakoX. They're hilarious and awesome! Love it. PS. If you actually like Sakura, you may not want to watch thier's pretty intense on the sakura bashing. PSS. I like MasakoX's voice. It's my favorite one and it gets me through those phases where I feel like I just dont like Sasuke all that much.

Ok. Red vs Blue. If you like halo, or things that are funny and dont mind crude humor and slightly disturbing this! It rocks! It seriously does! My favorite is Caboose, but who doesn't love Caboose?

Two movies that I've recently discovered that I love are Across the Universe, and meet the robinsons. Completely different, I know. the robinsons is so cute and Wilber is so cool. While Across the universe pulls on those teenage girl emotions. You know? I just can't help but like it.

story info...

Summer Camp Secrets

A lot of people seemed to like this story. and i do too. and I know i havent updated in a while but that's because im not even going to attempt to write any more of it until i finish at least Facing you. But, i do have some plans for this story...some random scenes are just floating around my mind. just have to figure out a way to put them together. not to mention that currently each chapter is a day and theyre suppose to be at camp for at least a month..which would mean at least 25 chapters if i put some days together. i dont have that much stuff to write. Also, the characters are developing too fast due to the long chapters. But i cant help it. character development is my favorite part...but since this story was popular, i'll continue to write it soon.

Our twisted minds.

To be honest, i dont know why people dont like this story. Its real. its like real people dealing with real issues. But, guess i can see why they dont like it. It is a little...dark. But theres so much freaking character development that i love it. and i just want to say, that eventhough i put this under the romance section, Sakura and Shoaran will not be doing any major hooking up. I'm not even sure if i want them to kiss. they probably will, since im just like that, but Im still not sure. Im still working on this one, its just hard to write. i have to be in a certain mood to pull off the tone.

It's not a guess, It's a fact

This story is also popular, and that makes me happy. I love Ouran High School Host Club. I own the anime and the manga and i think Haruhi and Hikaru make a really cute couple. The characters, once i set my mind to it, are easy to portray and fun to write about. I still have ideas for this story so updates should be fairly reglar. The only thing I'm worried about in this story is that it's going to be hard for me to find conflict for the couple. first its just themselves, but it cant stay like that for forever...

Facing you

This story is finally done! Finally! And I have to say, thinking back on the actual story, it IS pretty cute. I like it. But! It definitely needs to be redone, which is why I'm currently in the middle of redoing it. If you read the story, you know that there will be a sequal. Not sure what it's called, but the plot line is almost done. I have to say, its going to be a hell of a lot easier to write, so it should be coming out soon. Bye peoples!

Insanity's Consciousness

This is, by far, my most popular story. It's a cute Sasuhina about how she's a shy girl that no one notices until playboy Naruto decides he wants her. Of course, being the busy, busy boy that he is, he has his good friend Sasuke look after her for him. Lets just say that Sasuke starts to like said quiet girl and a few 'problems' come up. I have so many ideas for this story it rocks! And, if you are a fan of this story, since you took time to take a look at my profile, I'll give you a little spoiler for this story. It's not much, but I really like it. Lets just say that Hinata's dad notices her new friends and decides to bring in a better influence for her life. That, my friends, is how my favorite character of all time comes into this little fanfic. That's right. Allow me to introduce the honest and polite diplomats son, Gaara. But what Hiashi doesn't know, is that he's not all that honest and polite. In fact, concidering the fact that he claims to have an elicit relationship with the Hyuuga heiress herself, I'm pretty sure sasu and naru wont like him all that much either...If you've read this little spoiler and you read the story, leave a review on the story telling me you read this. I'm interested to see if anyone does. please and thankyou. Also, as an added on note, Naruto isn't as bad as he appears to be...Can't exactly tell you why (that would kinda ruin it) it's just're going to see a change. A dramatic's hard to explain without giving it all away.

Subtle Understandings

Ok. this is another Sasuhina. Basically, the whole stories told in Sasuke POV. (or at least so far. I'm pretty sure I'll keep it like that). The whole thing is about Sasuke and his feelings for Hinata who is his sister. Well, step sister. But they live in a house with no adults. It's just them and their little sister Hanabi. (well, for now at least). The thing with this story is that there's not a lot of drama. It's very casual. I mean, I'm not sure how to describe it, but Sasuke and Hinata have this unspoken relationship. They don't act like a coupld but they do at the same time. God, I don't know how to describe this. Anyways, so the whole thing is basically just about them living together and all of Sasuke's thoughts on the topic. It's light and airy and fun to write since it's from a guys POV and I'm a girl. Also, the original reason I wanted to write this fic was because I was very into the whole forbidden love stuff. and I'm not talking Romeo and Juliet. I'm talking incest. But since I didn't want to make them actually related, I just made them a family. And I'm not talking just in name or description. The way they live is like they ARE a family. It's very important to understand that for this story. Also, to add to the forbiddenness of it all, I made them have an age difference. I believe that Hinata is only fifteen and Sasuke is twenty. Which honestly isn't that big of a gap, but it is for now. I find it funny how age differences seem so less important when the people get older. So yeah, that's basically it. It's hard to describe here, so just read it, ok? Oh, and another note. Another thing that I liked about making this story is that I totally messed with all the Naruto characters. They're all seperated and put into random age and friends groups it's awesome.

Coming stories

Not much i can say for this section...Im writng a Kingdom Hearts (best video game ever! Seriously people, if you like one player story based video games AT ALL play this game. I swear, it is the best thing ever! Major shout out to Kazushige Nojima!) story along with another Card captor one. Im also considering starting another Sasuhina story. And of course, like i said, theres that sequal to facing you im doing...but i might not post those for a while until i finish off more of what i already have.

Well, I've currently got four stories that I'm actually writing out. Two of them I most likely wont post until they're completely finished or at least almost finished since Im not sure how they'll turn out. (those two are sasuhina's) then I've got a card captor that I'm working on, and mb another Sasuhina. I really LOVE the ideas for all my sasuhina's. They're wierdly original. But, that's the problem. I've noticed on fanfiction that original stories don't do all that well until the author is well known. So, until I'm better known I probably won't be posting these.'ll be a while...hopefully not that long though. and who knows, i might just post them and hope for the best. After all, they do rock!

forgotten AN's

Insanity's Consciousness ch.6- ok. I just posted this chapter like seriously, less than ten minutes ago and I just realized something. In this chapter, I made Sasuke seem like a little pussy! woops! I so did not mean to do that...but can't do anything about it now...I'll just have to bring back his manliness in the next chapter...poor Sasuke...loosing his tough manliness in less than five thousand sad...

random line_

if you are a naruto fan and you would like to see some funny naruto fan stuff then go to youtube and type in ultimate naruto fan flash. those are pretty good. they made me laugh. Also, Make sure to watch THE NARUTO ABRIDGED SERIES. it is freakin HYSTERICAL! i love it.(But seriously, i am in love with MasakoX's voice. It rocks...)

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~ I like pie. I have seen purple cows. if two gooses are geese, then why aren't two moose meese? or when foots is fee, why aren't footballs feetball? Milk tastes good. People call me crazy, but I'm just random! If you're random, and proud of it, copy this into your profile!

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haha...nigahiga make me laugh...


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Insanity's Consciousness reviews
Sasuke is asked by Naruto to watch over Hinata. Basically, to makes sure no one touches what is his. But what will happen when Sasuke finds himself wanting to do just that? SasuHina. AU.
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“What did I tell you before?”I could feel her melting into me. I pulled back, my teeth raking across her lower lip. “I’m the only one who’s allowed to do this to you.” AU Sasuhina. M for sexual themes -not incest-
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Their eyes locked and they both knew what they wanted' But, as they'll learn, sumtimes its not as easy as simply wanting it Sumtimes, you got to really fight for it And sumtimes, all it takes is getting the courage to turn around and say it NxH ooc REDONE
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 43,793 - Reviews: 73 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 3/27/2008 - Published: 4/26/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
It's not a guess, it's a fact reviews
Due to financial problems, Ranka can't afford to take care of Haruhi. Leaving her in the care of family friends, Haruhi finds herself in the strange world the Hitachiin's live in. At school, clubs, and even at home they just won't leave her alone. Hikahar
Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,506 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 96 - Follows: 105 - Updated: 12/18/2007 - Published: 10/25/2007 - Haruhi F., Hikaru H.
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Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,811 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 11/8/2007 - Published: 9/3/2007 - Sakura K., Syaoran L.
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a slightly angsty story about Kairi while she's waiting for sora to come back. It's placed during KH2
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,927 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/21/2007 - Sasuke U. - Complete
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