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Author has written 10 stories for Cars, and Goosebumps.


I'm 35 and a mom to four sons. After they're in bed I stay up late with a cup of coffee and write Cars fanfiction. I have an affinity for Seventies pop culture, so I've set some of my fanfiction in that era. While some fans of the movie went out and spent hundreds on diecast cars, I went a different route and bought one BIG diecast, a '76 Chevette like my OC Charlie. I can't recall spending $500 on any single thing in my life before but it's fun learning how to fix him and someday he will be a semi-restored rat rod. Charlie denies any association with the Lemons organization. ;)

Grem has eclipsed Tow Mater as my favorite character. I love the way he never takes his eyes off the camera during his turntable video on the Cars website; he's clearly a guy who doesn't trust anyone. I like to imagine he has a bit of self-taught technical knowledge that comes in handy when he's out doing evil deeds, and that he wasn't always rotten to the core, but he got drawn into something very wrong when he felt he had no other choice.

Being a parent and writing for a fandom popular among kids, I feel compelled to say that much of my fanfiction is more appropriate for teen and adult readers than children. At least take the time to read it yourself before deciding if it's appropriate for your young Cars fan.

As always, if there are any OCs (original characters) or concepts from my fanfiction that you'd like to use in your own writing or art, feel free to run creatively with them!

I am always looking to adopt any stray Cars plotbunnies you have to offer. I'll consider writing anything, but I'm not much into writing:
-- Humanized cars. Which is not to say others haven't done a fine job of it, I simply like keeping them vehicles.
-- Crossovers. Again, there are good ones out there but I can't seem to mix fandoms.
-- Mary Sues. I like my characters flawed.
-- Anything ultra-squicky. Some things just don't translate well to the Cars universe, if you know what I mean. I'm not necessarily opposed to writing something rated higher than RaR, but if I did it would be posted on in order to comply with FF.N rules. If in doubt, ask and the worst I'll do is decline the idea, leaving you to write the fic yourself.

I'm on the Wingnut City and Hillbilly Hell Cars boards and Livejournal Carsslash boards.

Notes on My Fanfiction, AKA "Stuff I Need to Get Off My Chest":

When Life Gives You Lemons -- Please don't misinterpret this fanfiction as putting down day laborers. Those who show up every day and work hard always have my respect; in fact, I was there myself for a while. Remember, a character's views are not necessarily those of the author!

Real Estate Agent to the Dead (WIP) -- I was already a bit old for Goosebumps in the Nineties, but after reading Welcome to Dead House to my oldest son, I was intrigued by the character of Mr. Dawes, who repeatedly shows the same house to the town's chosen victims, and I thought he deserved a story of his own.

Retreads and Redemption (complete) -- This is rated M, so in order to read it, you have to set FF.N to display the M fics. This fanfic is not autobiographical. I'm happy to say my homelife was nothing like the Tireirons'! On a related note, I'm not criticizing large families -- I come from one and they're awesome. It's Monroe's lack of parenting, not the number of children he has, that makes his family so dysfunctional. The issue of responsibility: I don't recommend a lightning-fast romance like my characters had. That's a good way to get yourself hurt. Likewise, chugging beer then deciding to have sex for the first time would be not be the best way to lose your virginity unless you're a badass like Doreen. Waiting until marriage = good. Steps off soapbox.

Fooled Around and Fell in Love (WIP) -- Not a songfic, despite sharing its title with the '70s hit. When Tow Mater introduces Sally to Lightning as his fiancee and Lightning responds with horror it never fails to crack me up, and in the movie there are little hints that Mater and Sally enjoy flirting with each other. Even though I think Sally and Lightning would stay together, this was fun to write and Sally & Mater would make a cute couple. Coming up in chapter four: Minny deals with her conflicting feelings about her husband and Sally faces guilt over a past event.

It's Always the Quiet Ones (WIP) -- This is a challenge fic and a horror parody. Several characters mistreat Red and then meet grisly fates, but I'm in no way implying that bullying, as cruel as it is, justifies murder.

Even when you can't see Him God is there! If you believe in God put this in your profile.

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