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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile.

Wauw have I been gone for a while... 4 years since I last updated my profile... Must be about the same for updating stories too..

I really don't know what to put here right now, so just read on.

Here's what you will find:

-Info about me

-My Stories


-OC Submissions

-Beta Reading


There will be a list of requirements at the two last but all in good time. I'm still in the process of revamping my profile page, which, let's face it, is in dire need of it.

So lets get started, shall we?

Info About Me

Hmm... What can I tell you. I'm a 23-year-old Danish male who likes to read fantasy novels, watch sci-fi movies and series and loves to play games. Sadly, the available time for the latter is radically decreasing. As said, I live in Denmark, the smallest country in Scandinavia (where Johan from GX was originally from(!)). I work at an IT-company in Copenhagen, the Capitol City of Denmark. I live with my girlfriend (soon to be fiancée) and have quite the commute, giving me lots of time to watch anime, read and now write again.

I believe that is enough for now, until I fell like writing more.


If you look at my profile (which you in fact are doing), you'll find that I've made five stories for this site, all of which will be covered in detail in the following section.

The first story I want to talk about, is The Legend of Zelda: The Hylian Mirror. In here, you can read the first 10 chapters, out of a planned outline of 14 or so. The story is set after Ganondorf was defeated in Ocarina of Time, though Link was not send back in time, thus already ensuring that it in no way is canon. The plot is fairly simple: The Elemental Stones has been stolen and Link sets out to find them. His search takes him first to the Grass, Fire and Water Palace (in that order) where he fights a giant creature in order to retrieve the stones. Outside of each temple, the stones react on the marble plate and transforms the six medallions into Shards (with a capital S). Twinrova appears and opens a portal to the Sacred Realm. Link pursues and winds up in a town, similar to Castle Town. Here he learns of the other part of his quest, a quest that not only requires the six shards but also two wands. Getting those proves to be harder than expected, and even then, the adventure isn't over.

But unfortunately, due to circumstances not under my command, I've currently lost all drive to write more on the story. I do not know when the story will continue, if it will continue, or if I'll re-rewrite the past chapters to make them the same quality as my present writing. I'm sorry.

The second story is a one-shot Legend of Zelda. It is called "The Battle of the Goddesses" and features the goddesses, Koume and Kotake, as well as a third sister, Koteka. the concept is, that the witches think themselves stronger then the goddesses and nearly wins the battle. But Din, Farore and Nayru creates the Triforce and wins. Koteka is then locked up in the Sacred Realm. I wrote this while working on chapter 5 on THM and thought I could use it. I've decided against it.

The third story is called Darkness Returns and is set in Hyrule's distant future. It is an adoption of the on-going story at The prologue was written by Jeffrey Moffett so all credit for that goes to him. The story takes place in Hyrule's distant future. Swords and magic has been replaced with guns and other firearms. Gone are the idea of chivalry. Money is all that matters. But people have forgotten the ancient legends. Now that Ganon rules again, then who will safe us? That is why Froge has been sent by a small resistance fraction to find the new Hero of Time. Their reports tell that he should be in the city of Darunia, yet Froge can't find him. He is almost killed, when a young man rescues him. Froge learns that this young mans name is Link - and Froge realizes that this is the Hero of Time. As he tries to convince Link, the latter is filled with disbelief. Before they go to sleep in Link's hideout, Link tells Froge about his past. How he lost his sister and later had to take care of several young children. And how he finally killed his sisters kidnappers after learning that she had been sacrificed to Ganon. As with THM, I currently have no will to write this one.

The forth fiction is another one-shot, titled Flight of the Huntress. It's a Metroid story. I cannot tell you anything about it, since writing anything here will spoil the story. I will, however, tell you that you shouldn't read it if you don't like sad endings.

The fifth and last for the time being, is my Ranger fic: Power Rangers: Atlantis Knights. It's made like an actual season of PR, with new characters, weapons and all that. Some story elements are slowly introduced over time and will re-appear several times throughout the season. As for the actual plot: Three teenagers (Benjamin, Katherine and Joseph) are out mountain climbing when a storm appears. They seek refuge in a cavern which they decide to explore. They find a chamber with a small crystal and a slot for it. They place the crystal which triggers a cave-in. The teens manage to flee through a strange, white portal. When they wake up, they find themselves in a strange city and are soon under attack. They lose the battle and as they lay defeated, notices a whale swimming by above the dome. They soon learn that they are in Altantis. Back on the surface, two demons, Quiser and Fuboon, has managed to free the demon princess Wyrmina who begins to attack Golden Springs, the teens' city, at once. In Atlantis an alarm goes of, and The King begs the teens for help. They agree and becomes the Atlantis Knights. They race to the surface and then to the city, in order to take down Wyrmina. They manage to drive her of, but the war is only beginning.

In episode two, Travis is introduced, as well as the teens start in High School. But Wyrmina has a surprise for the Rangers. Quiser has managed to open a gateway to a small pocket dimension where the demons were banished to 4000 years ago. She brings back Golzor, a dark clad knight He launches an attack on Golden Springs, and are successful in his initial attack. But the Rangers get a helping hand in form of Travis and in the end defeats Golzor, who swears revenge.

The third episode introduces another cast crew member, Sarah, as well as being told from Joseph's point of view, meaning that he was the one being "followed" in the episode. Episode three is also the the first episode to introduce their Zords.

And wauw! 5 episodes in 5-6 months... That's slightly better than I hoped. Well, go read the rest of them yourselves, rather then have me review them. Now that I've started writing again, I may actually get around to continue this story as well. Only thing is that I've lost all my notes and such only have what is preserved by fanfiction (and my usually useless memory, which has instantly recalled lots of my small plots). With any luck I'll get my act together on this one again while writing...

...this, my newest story and the reason I've returned to Fanfiction - Pokémon: The Gawaro Chronicles. It's a Pokémon fanfic, following a pair of young trainers as they travel a region filled with lore and mystery.


I've made a forum for The Gawaro Chronicles, which may be found here.

OC Submissions

The following is an OC Application Form, to submit an OC for my story ‘The Gawaro Chronicles’. By submitting your application, you grant me full control over your OC. If I decide to use him/her, I may or may not consult you for details, but you will be credited for the OC whenever he/she appears. The OC may be a one-shot character or a recurring as I see fit, as I’m sure some of the OC’s could reappear in various tournaments along the way.

How do I apply? Easy, you copy the form below into a PM, set the subject-line to “OC: [name]” (example: OC Ash Ketchum), fill it out and send it to me. There is no requirement you need to pass in order to be eligible to submit an OC, just as you are welcome to submit multiple OC’s (just please keep them in separate PM’s). I do appreciate you reviewing my story before applying for OC’s, but I do not demand it.

Regarding party selection: All gen I-V are accepted. I will accept gen VI when the games comes out and we know more. Legendary Pokémon may be changed, unless you can justify why and I accept the justification. Pokémon should be ranked by likelihood of use. If your OC only has 1 Pokémon it’s no problem, but if he has all 6 slots filled, I need to know which he’s likely to use. Therefore slot 1 is most likely to use and slot 6 is least likely, with the scale going between them (in the case of Ash, Pikachu would fill slot 1, while his on hand flying-type would be slot 6, as he doesn’t use them much for battling). If possible, include attacks and abilities. I’m working with BW2 data from bulbapedia, so if you’re unsure of attacks, look them up there. If a Pokémon seems overly high leveled, I will scale it down myself.

The Form:

Full name:



Hometown, Region: (ie: Pallet Town, Kanto)

Appearance: What do your OC look like, eye color, hair color, height, clothes, etc.?

Mannerisms: How do your OC act? Nice, jokester, self-righteous and etc.?

Goal/Driving force: What is your characters motivation? Not everyone are aiming to be a Pokémon Master after all. Some want to be breeders while others want to get revenge on certain people. The possibilities are endless.

Pokémon party: Which (up to 6) Pokémon is your OC using?

  • Pokémon 1:
  • Pokémon 2:
  • Pokémon 3:
  • Pokémon 4:
  • Pokémon 5:
  • Pokémon 6:
  • Strategy: Does your OC rely on power alone to win his battles or does he/she utilize clever tactics?

    Beta Reading

    The next point on my list was, and still is, Beta Reading. I just finished updating my Beta Reader Profile, but I'm going to go a lot more into details here. If you at any point think "Wauw, his stories are good. I wonder if he can help me" or anything along those lines, then feel free to send me a private message, where you state your cause. I don't care how much you tell me as long as you let me know that you want me to read something of yours. I'll reply within 24 hours and we'll work out something from there. I prefer getting the mails directly to my own mail address, rather than messing around with DocXchange (please note that it's pure pre-justice).

    I have few requirements, but please meet them.

    1: I will not, under any circumstance, read slash fiction. I don't care how long it is, I don't care how detailed it is, I don't care if its taken a month or a year to make. I will not read slash fiction. boy/boy and girl/girl is simply inappropriate for a place like this. There are small kids around for God's sake. And don't even think that parental control is as good as they say. Boy/girl are okay as long as it's either obvious from the series/movie/whatever, or their feelings slowly develop.

    2: Please try and make chapters more than 200 words. I'm not kidding when I say that I've seen stories that are only 250 words in length. INCLUDING authors notes. There's nothing for me to work on with only 200 words... At the bare minimum, pull yourself together and write at least 1000 words (which also happen to be the official definition of a chapter).

    3: My final requirement is simple. Please don't include () in the document you send me. Rather, throw in a footnote or something if there's something you want to ask or comment on at that specific point. Excessive use of () will break the flow if you want me to read it.

    That should be all the requirements for now, but if I find others, they will be added.

    Now, what happens when I receive your document? Well, first off, you get a reply within 24 hours to confirm that I've gotten the mail. Then comes the process of reading it. I can't promise I'll have the time to read it straight away, but I promise that I will read it within a week and give you constructive feed-back. I'll accept your document(s) as many times as you think is needed, but I won't order you to send it to me every time. I think the rest is the same as for what will be said in the review part.


    Before we even begin this part, allow me to make a definition of review.

    Review: noun, to look at something again. A review is in my opinion an art. Not in the same form as the actual stories, but a review is still something special. A single line review that says that a story is good is worthless. I've seen reviews that said: "Good chapter" and then end. Not only is the review worthless by its own right, but the reviewer didn't even bother to finish his/hers sentence properly. A review is a large body of text, which tries to remain as objective as possible, while still providing a useful insight into the aspects of the story, hinting at or outright telling what could be better and how.

    Now that we've defined what a review is, let's move on. You are at any time welcome to ask me to review your story/stories that are on this site. As with the Beta Reader thing, I'll give you a personal reply within 24 hours and read your story within a week. There will then come a detailed, critical review, commenting on what should be improved. Now, let me warn you right away. I can be brutal. Really brutal. For proof, check here and here (both links open in new windows). That said, I can also be your best friend and something of a saint. Sadly, I can't seem to find any examples of these... Some of the reviews I've linked to have resulted in debate between me and the author. Most of them took the advice happily, while there have been a few who would love nothing more than to strangle me through the screen. But after a few e-mails, everything got fixed.

    Another thing you should know when it comes to reviews, if you ask me to make a review, then you forfeit all right to accuse me of flaming, abusing and whatnot. You were the one who came to me, not the other way around. So if you ask me to review your story and I make a 5k char review where I seem awfully evil, don't come crying to me about it. I've simply told what could be better.

    In order to avoid utter and complete humiliation, you might also want to tell a little about yourself on the profile, at the bare minimum how old you are, where you are from and whether or not English is your first language. It's not mine, but most of my thought process is in English. If you are only, say, 10 years old, then I wouldn't expect he same as I would from a 20-year-old, which in turn would mean that I would hold my punches a little (read: a lot). That said, I've helped an 11-year-old improve a lot. Check here and here to see the difference (links still open in new windows).

    Last but not least, there's a money-back guarantee. Only it works backwards. If you review one of my stories, then I review one of yours, only with a more positive outlook than otherwise. Easy as pie.


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