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i was reading through an early version of forever bound... and it made me miss fanfiction. so i'm coming back, with that story in tow.



i am now 16.

i still write obsessively (and I RP... perhaps you could message me and find out where.)

it's the summer, now, so i have time.

forgive me if i'm a bit slow... i forgot about this site for a while, but now have made a triumphant return.

hopefully, better stories are to come.

and here are my old works.



Covert Attentions

well, this was my first fan fic. ermm, it starts off rather slow. i'm sorry! just get through the first few chapters and you'll be alright. it's Draco's seventh year in Hogwarts.. Dumbledore isn't dead, but Sirius is. IN CASE YOU LIKE HARRY... DONT READ THIS. Harry is a total git in my story. That's because I dont really like Harry. But.. Bof. I'm not sure how long this story is going to be, yet. I have a feeling it'll keep going for quite a while.

Ginny's Phantom

alright, i wasn't quite sure if i wanted to call it ginny's phantom. but at the moment, i see nothing wrong with it, but keep track (in case i decide to change it). this might seem strange, Tom Riddle falling in love with Ginny. But I've neglected the Dark Lord for long enough, and I decided i need to write about him. after Harry kidnaps Ginny, he takes her to a small room in London. there, to her surprise, she comes face to face with the man she fell in love with in the pages of a book: Tom Riddle. Otherwise known as Voldemort. Now, he has never forgotten about her, and now, seeing the heat between Draco and Ginny, has taken action to secure Ginny as his. i'm sorry if this story doesn't contain as much draco/ginny as you would like, but i'll add as much as possible.

The Trouble With Ferrets

well, i thought it would be interesting to stick the very unhappy pair of Ginny and Draco in a room together, and force them to spend the whole year in such a fashion. why of course i included drama! where would any story of mine be without useless drama that doesn't exactly make sense? and snogging? why certainly. after the weasley family is threatened by a certain anonymous figure, Dumbles decides it would be best to protect Ginny (who was specifically mentioned, and currently the only Weasley at Hogwarts) from danger by posting a permanent protector within her grasp. That protector happens to be Draco Malfoy, an auror (read the auth's note at bottom of ch. 1) who is still the arch-nemesis of the Weasleys, no matter what he does. A whole year? How could this be? interesting things are sure to unfold.

The Sentinel's Failure at Midnight

i find this oneshot to be very self explanatory. a smitten malfoy appears at harry potter's celebratory (... it's not a ball, but it isn't a party, either. so.. a gathering?), is his usual rash, selfish self. he makes a bet with our beloved blaise zabini, to snog his secret amore, ginny weasley. who, conveniently, has been noticing malfoy for some time. of course malfoy is going to win the bet, and so he does, to the very annoyed surprise of blaise zabini, ron, and harry.

Forever Bound

when witches and wizards are injured, where do they go to be healed? the burrow, of course, which is the new order headquarters. and who is helping to heal at the burrow? ginny weasley. she is extremely adept at healing, although it's admittedly not her favorite job. but when the ever-ornery draco malfoy is found to have a deadly curse, can she, to save his life, be "forever bound" to him? and does she have any idea what this actually entails? of course not. which is what makes this story so interesting. that and the impending draco and ginny action. which of course is in every one of my stories. but can draco stop being so ornery, and ginny so stubborn, so they can both realize that they are meant to be? of course not. which is the challenge. that, and for ginny, saving lives and living around blood and gore, and for malfoy, possibly killing everyone he's ever known. and getting hurt. and maybe killed.

Professor? by Flipinpenname reviews
Ginny falls in love with her teacher. The next year comes back to Hogwarts and teaches with said teacher. What will happen with the two of them? Throw an angry Harry into the mix what will we get?
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The Trouble with Ferrets reviews
Ginny enters her seventh year of Hogwarts full of fear and foreboding. This would be the year that Voldemort was destroyed, the wizarding world saved. Yet, when she is forced to live with Draco Malfoy for a year, she will experience saving of her own.
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The Sentinel's Failure at Midnight reviews
ONESHOT. Harry Potter, in honor of himself defeating Voldemort a year ago, decides to throw a party, and for some reason invites Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy. A bet ensues, in which Malfoy must get Ginny to kiss him before midnight.
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Ginny's Phantom reviews
Ginny is kidnapped by an Imperius'd Harry, and taken to London, and straight to Tom Riddle's awaiting arms. But, as she realizes that she is to marry him, she also knows the only way to escape his grasp is to destroy him. But can she kill her 1st love?
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Forever Bound reviews
The War is in full bloom, and Ginny is helping to heal the injured witches and wizards that appear at the Burrow. But when Draco Malfoy is found to be cursed, she pledges to be forever bound to him to save his life. Can she suffer the consequences?
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Draco Malfoy was never expecting a short, redheaded Weasley to capture his attention. But after confronting her fiery attitude and her untamable spirit, he knew that she was something he had to have. COMPLETED.
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