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Author has written 3 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Bleach.

Just to let you know...if I don't leave a review to your story it's maybe because I decided to print the chap so I can read it somewhere else 'cause reading on the net just kills my eyes and I don't review when I do that because I always forget what I want to write X_x

I gave up writting fanfics srry! Too lazy XP

Hmmmmm... so let's see what I can say about myself:

Please only read if you're bored and want to go to sleep.

The way I act varies with my constant mood swings...

Very happy: I jump everywhere and start killing everyone with my horrible singing. I give hugs to everyone and start saying incoherent things in the middle of a conversation.

Happy: I keep on smilling and am very social.

Normal: Stare at the ceiling/sky and not talking

Annoyed: Ignore everyone and I become very sarcastic.

Tired: Not listening to anyone and just talking to myself. Also gets a headache so I get very grumpy some times.

Very Tired: I get excited for no reason and jump around.

Sad(not ver often): Lock myself in my own little word to read/draw.

Mad:Ignore everyone and give furious glances to everyone and I become very very sarcastic.

Very mad: I start throwing stuffs and ripping my posters off my walls and leaves my room in a total mess not that it wasn't in the first place.


Birthday: September 21st

Birthplace: Somewhere in Taiwan

Languages: Mandarin( I can only speak. Heck! I still suck 'cause I don't understand most of the 4words expressions), French( Probably the one I speak the most fluently), English (It comes out naturally when I type it but when I stop to think about it, I mess it up sometimes), Spanish(I'm still learning but I know the basic though I need some time before I can answer back)

Anime I watched( Might be only a few(f) or a single(s) episode):

Astro Boy(s),Avatar: The last Airbender(f),Battle B-Daman(f),Beyblade,Black Cat, Bleach(s),Cardcaptor Sakura,DNAngel,Case Closed,Digimon,Doraemon(f),Dragonball/z/gt(f),Elfen Lied,Excel Saga(s),Fruit Basket(s),Full Metal Alchemist(f),Furi Kuri(f/s),Get Backers(f),Ghost in the Shell(f),Gravitation,Gundam Seed,Gundam Wing,Hamtaro(f),Hellsing,Hihi Puffy Ami Yumi(f), HunterxHunter, Inuyasha,King of Bandits Jing,Magic Knight (both seasons),Metabot,Monster Rancher(f),Naruto(f),One Piece(f), Ouran High Host Club(f), Sailor Moon(f),Saint Seiya(f),Saiyuki,Samurai Champloo(s),Shaman King,Spider Riders(f)Spirited Away,Tennis no Ohjisama,Tokyo Mew Mew(f),Weiss Kreuz,Witch Hunter Robin,X(f),Yami no Matsuei,Yu-Gi-Oh,Yu-Gi-Oh GX(f),Zatch Bell(f),Zoids(f),Hack/Sign(f).

Manga I read(N if I read less then 5 chapters T it it's only the translation without images):

3x3 eyes(N),7 Seeds,Alichino,Angel Sanctuary(N),Angelic Layer,Avatar:the Last Airbender(cine-manga),Ayashi no Ceres(N),Berserk(N),Beyblade(N),Black Cat,CardCaptor Sakura,Chobits,DNAngel, D.Gray Man(N),Death Note(N),Demon Diary,Detective Conan, Devil & Devil,Dragonball,Flame of Recca(N),Fruit Basket,Full Metal Alchemist,Fushigi Yuugi/:Genbu Kaiden,Gorgeous Carat(T), Gravitation(T), He is my master(N),Hellsing(N),Hikaru no Go,Hot Milk(N),HunterxHunter,Ichigo 100percent(N),Inuyasha,Nabari no Ou(N),Naruto,One Piece,Ranma1/2,Magic Knight Rayearth,Rurouni Kenshin,Sailor Moon,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Shaman King,Spiral,Spirited Away,Tennis no Ohjisama,Weiss Kreuz,X,Yami no Matsuei,Yu Yu Hakushom,Yu-Gi-Oh,xxxHolic.

What I like:

Anime(favorate characters/pairings)/Manga: Prince of Tennis(Fuji/FujiRyo, FujiTezu), HunterxHunter(Kurapica/-, Killua/KilluaGon)

Type of story: Humor, Supernatural/fantasy, sometimes angst when it's very well written

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, fool around on internet

Bad things about me(lots of things XD):

-I loose interest quickly and aint interested in a lot of things.

-I'm picky about other people but not about myself.

-I know how to get on people's nerves.

-I have a short term memory.

-I have a selective memory(I only remember what is NOT important).

-I always find a way to avoid chores.

-I snap easily when people are too loud.

-I have a habit to be waaayyy too childish some times.

-I can't keep a conversation up D=

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