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Greetings to all newcomers. You have entered a realm where darkness floods every corner. The heartbeats of those who have fallen echo throughout the the abandoned halls. Your heart beat quickens, to the increasing fear. The voices that wail their ghostly call are waiting for you in eternal suffering. Do you dare temp their fury by venturing deeper. Of course you do. Why? Beacause curiosity is the downfall of foolish humans. The intruder enters a room shrouded in dark veils, save for a single torch at the far end. Illuminated in the light is a high back throne, carved in the ashen wood are the names of the fallen. A moniker at the top is unseen at this point. You draw closer, your curiosity beckoning you. 'Control is the key.' You whisper. You reach the throne, just barely able to make out the worn words. Your heart beat quickens. You steel yourself, gaining control of your hammering heart. Written across the top of the throne are the Latin words 'Moderatio est figmentus.' Control is an illusion. It's too late to run. To scream for help. You are trapped in my world now. Welcome all those lost souls to a place where there are no more worries. No more fears, because we are the ones that strike fear in the hearts of others. A place of no return, where mere humans become much more. Welcome to the realm of the eternally lost.

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