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The name is Haleie. 18 years young. I am an extremely mellow person. Freshman year of college, I am double majoring in Theater and English Lit. I am not a writer, I am a reader. I study shakespheare, it is what I do.

Acting is my passion. I have been doing it since I was very young, and i love it so much.

So you are probably wondering what a non-writer is doing on here. Well, I love to read, simple as that. I would like to try my hand at writing, though I am sure it will be horrid.

I was born in the United Kingdom, and lived ther until now. This is my first year by myself and out of Europe.

I am a vegatarian, but not because of what they do the animals, but because I just can stand meat. I do yoga 3 times a week, only when I am not in rehursal for a show.

I am not that interesting, but I guess we will all still survive, yes?

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