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I am currently like um uh uhm yeah, what was I typing? if you have any idea, please PM me and tell me after reading the rest of this.


Okay I came up with this: I'm not evil, I'm creative in a destructive way. ( if you want to use this, you have to say Me ALONE came up with this. i hate it when people take all the credit.)

okay... here is some odd quote Mr. Murphy said. "going crazy? it must be a pretty short drive"

(Mrs. Murphy is a Cwazy Wabbit) or so she claims...) :)


I guess I can tell you one thing. I am not sane. At all. Really.

Name: Emily

Age: yeah somewhere between one and infinity. even though technically that's not a number

Where I Live: bobville placeton

Favorite pairings: Mary/Colin (secret garden) Arthur/Trillian(Hitchhikers Guide) Ginny/Draco(Harry Potter) Felicity/Ben(american girl)

Cimorine/Mendenbar( enchanted forest chronicles) Kate/Thomas(Sorcery and Cecelia) Cecelia/James (sorcery and Cecelia) Mcgonagall/Dumbledore(Harry Potter) um, okay don't kill me... Holly/Butler(Artemis Fowl) they are just perfect...

Ummmmmmmm lets see: i am a duck. i love ducks

my favorite book: The Secret Garden. Seriously Mary/Dickon? Who are they kidding?

some random fact about me: I will freak you out if you ever met me.

My bff: LandUnderWave

my fave food: macaroni. or miso soup

who is evil: Count Olaf, Voldemort, Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, my P.E. teacher, school in general, ummmmm let me think Carmelita Spats. (The Cake sniffer!)

if i had a million dollars: all to charity my frend.

i couldn't live without: my copy of the hitchhikers guide and a towel

favorite songs: If I Had a Million Ducats(Brobdingnagian Bards ) All of the songs from Wicked the Musical, Haters(Hilary Duff) um, lesse, Travelin'Soldier(Dixie Chicks), ummmm Man Goin down(Shedaisy) Repent(Shedaisy) I am the Walrus(Beatles!) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(Beatles!!) Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds(Beatles!!!) pretty much any Beatles song, We want a Rock(they might be giants) Mammals(They might be giants)

i love the internet. i couldn't live if it weren't for instant messaging.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: i like going ummmmmmmmmm

think about George Bush and then a Banana : i am picturing George Bush getting eaten by a gorilla and a banana being ex-president

lesse: i can make soup from scratch. not like anyone cares. but i can

guys from books that i LOVE...sorry i have problems..: Draco, Charlie Bone,Tancred Torrson, (he rocks) umm... Manfred, Tom Riddle,Draco, Legolas, Senri, (my frend want me to tell ya'll that she LOVES Hatori)

fav Baseball team; either the Cardinals or the White Sox!

where do i go to skewel: a middle school in klgGSLDhk ha! now you'll never know! where i live

my bff once said: people are weird

yeah...: i love meeting people!

ummm yeah. i have no quotes right now oh wait "You mean we're stuck in this Suckfest?"(the Lindsay Lohan version of Freaky Friday) I'm not dead, I'm just no longer living. (my friend) i can't think of anymore right now

okay here is a useless piece of info: i am insane ask LandUnderWave who is currently also insane... but who cares about that. unless you do. Do you? yes-- well i prob'ly need to be in a mental institute right now... or something

the following is not very interesting by my standards but some people like to know this stuff.

mwahahahahahahaha!!! evil! oh, and i'm like currently well, typing this.

hair: prettyish dark brown. thick. red highlights. really short thanx to my mom...

eyes: Blue. Really blue. you know those stupid games where you have baby pictures and you have to guess who it is? my stupid blue eyes are so recognizable that i always lose. badly.

skin: Pale people make fun of me during the winter

height: well that is classified information, but i'll tell you this. i'm tall for my age. again, ask LandUnderWave

weight: again classified, but fairly skinny.again ask LandUnderWave

my friend... you guessed it, LandUnderWave and i made this up. I know this dude who dislocated his forehead due to an immense immediate amount of snow that fell on his doghouse

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