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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Dragonlance.

Names: Panda and Shadow

Age: Panda doesn't remember her age but knows she is older than Shadow. Shadow lost count at 6,374 years.

Gender: Panda is a higher being and Shadow is an it

Location: Panda: Um, there. (points to a rock)

Shadow's Muses

Nate: real name-Nathaniel, long, silver hair, eyes are whatever he wants them to be at the time, wears earrings sometimes(like teardrops, fangs) never wears shoes, either wears all red clothes, all black clothes or a comination, aroung 6 feet tall, willowy, strong, a vampire, and Raistlin obsessed. the perverted muse.

"A psycotic, perveted, homosexual vampire. Basically a whore." ~Shadow

Ramel: an angel that fell into Shadow's head, has silver hair and silvery-blue eyes, usually wears all whire, wings were white but have faded to a silvery grey, shorter than Nate, nice unless you get him angry, very depressing, follows Nate around, and fluffy muse.

Falcon: used to be a pink bunny but transformed, has blue eyes and pink hair, has big pink wings, wears whatever he wants, follows Nate around and teases Ramel, pretty much insane, the humor muse.

Kage: the head demon, works part-time as a muse, mostly stays in the shadows, when in animal form, is a hybrid cat and dog, long black hair, wears all black, has red eyes and fangs, claws instead of fingernails, teases everyone, sadistic, the horror and angst muse.

Raistlin Plushie: deputy muse, was bought to satisfy Nate, acts just like Raistlin but more emotional, helps mostly with the plots, tries to keep everything orderly but fails miserbly, is a very bad drunk.

Panda's muses

Panda's muses are unknown. Not even Panda knows what they look like, her mind is far to dangerous and scary to wander in and explore. She has found a pretty rusty door that has blood seeping through it and screams are coming from inside. Panda's too scared to open it. Panda also has a dark hallway that has giggling at the end of it. She can hear a dragon sometimes too. So ideas just come out of the darkness looking traumitised and scared. Panda doesn't question where they come from.

Shadow is a huge fan of slash and yaoi. That's all she will read. Panda reads het more than yaoi, but will read slash if the story is really good.

Panda's myspace: link

Panda's deviantart: link

Panda's fictionpress account: link -- The story of Autumn Napier. Her life day by day. Some very strange things happen in her town, so strange you'd think they weren't real. Maybe the halucinations of someone insane. "It happened again today."

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