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Hi! I'm you're friendly neighborhood yaoi fangirl.. So, I'll just tell you a-little about myself, k?

--contrary to my icon.. I hate pink... start things off, I'll warn you.. if you read any of my stories I tend to get chronic writer's block...and sometimes it takes me a while to update.. sorry.. I'll update as often as I can though.. It helps if I get reviews.. AND most (well probably all) of my stories will include some form of Yaoi, so if you're against that please stay away from everything I write.. So.. ok, on to the good stuff..

Likes: Anime, Yaoi, Shounen-ai, J-pop/J-rock, Death Note, Cats, Red (the color), Writing, RPing (if you ever wanna RP I'm always up for it), Computer Programming, etc..etc...

Dislikes: Sakura, Kagome, Misa, pretty much any girl in any anime... sorry.. I'm just THAT much of a yaoi fangirl..

Concerning Anime:


Death Note (My record for longest obsession with..anything.. _.. Yeah, it's THAT good!), Yu-Gi-Oh, FMA, Inuyasha, Naruto, Gravitation, Ai No Kusabi, Loveless, Sukisyo, Gakuen Heaven, Tokko, Trinity Blood, etc..etc...


LXLight - I don't really care who's on top (the seme) but... in my story so far.. I'm not even sure who's on top... So, whatever floats your boat.. as long as Misa's not involved with them at all.. (I mean like threesome-wise.. or cheating on someone..or yeah.. )

SasuNaru- Of the first yaoi couple I actually got into.. but never did get the chance to write a fanfic about.. OH and I do not care if Sasuke's name involves the word "uke" he's on top.. no matter what.

BakuraXRyou - Yeah.. I know they're one person, but so what They're still like 1 of my favorite pairings from Yu-Gi-Oh (which is saying alot because I have quite a few..)

KaibaX(pretty much anybody)- yeah.. not much to say.. I don't mind him with alot of people.. same with Ryou..








Since I will more than likely forget to put a disclaimer on everything I write I'll put it here in case I do forget:

I do not own any of the shows, characters, or anything I write about in my stories! (except things that I originally wrote- like the poem I started off my Yu-Gi-Oh story with.) So, don't sue me..

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