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Author has written 2 stories for Book X-overs, and Silent Hill.

Name: Tom

Age: 17

Fav bands: Machine Head, Trivium, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Dream Theater, Faith No More, Nile and Mastodon.

Bio: Hi, I'm Tom. I always used to write stories, ever since I was really small, and I found some the other day and realised that for my age, some of them were quite good, and quite long too! I haven't written anything for about 3 or 4 years (maybe?) and thought that I'd try again and see if I've improved. My main letdowns when writing stories was that I tended to make them too complicated, ending up in paradoxes and looooads of loose ends that I couldn't be bothered tying up, or I'd get bored halfway through and just quit. Hopefully by putting my new story on here, I'll get some positive feedback and enthusiasm which should keep me interested in actually finishing it.

Current projects: I have 2 stories on the go, Silent Hill: Regression, and Sunset Over Rosa City.

Sunset Over Rosa City: Basically, a terrorist attack or something (it doesn't really matter) destroys all forms of communication on earth, effectively causing what I've called, 'the second Dark Age'. As a result of this, societies crumble, cities become seperate kingdoms, and the progress of the human race comes pretty much to a standstill. My story is based in one such city called 'Rosa City'. Two organisations, LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) and the SRA (Social Republic Army) are single handedly responsible for keeping the city under control under a very weak provisional government. The basic story is that the world slowly emerges from the second Dark Age and communications tentatively come back online. Countries become at least partially united again, and a President is elected for the country which Rosa City resides in (which remains nameless). There is a time of great nationalism and pride during this time, until that fateful moment. The President visits Rosa City, but is publically assassinated. The city descends into chaos as LEO and the SRA try to find and destroy whoever killed him. The finger is pointed at anarchist group 'Unbreakable' who believed that the world was better off in the second Dark Age, and 3 LEO officers investigate (this is an action/adventure rather than a crime/thriller though, lol). My main characters are Maria, a 21 year old female officer (who is hot!), Red, a 27 year old male officer who resides in a biomechanical suit after nearly being killed in a shootout, and Wolf, a 54 year old hunter and soldier who is Maria and Reds mentor and father figure. I don't want to give too much away, but here are the gangs of Rosa City:

Unbreakable: Anarchist movement, led by Eric Dolan, palamiltary group led by Commander Doyle.

Chroma: Fascist movement who pretty much reigned during the second Dark Age, are irritated at losing a lot of influence under new government. Led by the mysterious 'Dog', a man who is always seen wearing red robes and a dog mask (kinda jakal shape).

Knights of Salvation: Weird occult group (they like sacrificing children and stuff). Very small compared to Chroma and Unbreakable, not much of a threat. Composed mostly of rich people. Their base of operation is a large mansion in the old city. Led by 'The Grey One' and his personal adviser 'Bodach'.

Chapter 1 up! Chapter 2 coming soon... R&R when it does please!

Silent Hill: Regression: A homicide detective and an old cop friend of his investigate rumours of cult activity in Foresbrook, a town on the edge of Toluca lake... a man plagued by dreams of an ominous temple in an icy tundra takes a short break with his girlfriend to a small town in Toluca County... a bus full of school children awake to a nightmare they cannot comprehend... see beyond Alessa Gillespie; to see beyond Walter Sullivan; to see beyond the cult, the plague and the horror, they must unite to find the source. The source of all evil...

I'm past the 30,000 words barrier and it is going somewhere. I have one reader so far who's given me some ace enthusiasm and encouragement so far, which I am very grateful for. Would like a couple more people to read and review my story please! I'll return the favour!

Chapter 9 up! Chapter 10 coming soon...

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