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My avatar is just so cute, neh? Hee-hee.

Name: Uh...um...just Misaki Taka -not my real name, but wateva-
Somewhere between 11 and 14...
Hair Color:
It used to be black...very, very black...but now it's ranging from dark brown to light brown...kinda brunette. It's all because of the sun; I didn't dye it, lol.
Eye Color:
Brown...But my cousin says it's a scary, very light brown, lol.
Fav. Color:
Mellow orange & the color of sunsets + sunrises.
Fav. Food:
Fav. Subject:
Fav. Hobby:
Fav. Clothing Style:
Tight tanks and baggy jeans.
What I Like:
Food, sleep, reading, writing, water, playing on the computer, nature, music, music artists, & lotsa more.
What I Hate -Grr!-:
People who are rude without thought, stuck-up guys and girls, bullies, language arts, writing essays, homework, chores, cooking, & myself...lol.

ATTENTION: I will be going on a two or three month hiatus because of my family problems. Not only did my grandfather pass away, my very close cousin has been diagnosed with anorexia. Also, since school is starting, I will have no time at all to do my fanfics. It will only add to my increasing stress. Sorry to anyone who is reading my fanfiction!

Current Story Status:

The Ice in Your Heart:

Prologue: Done. Released.
Chapter 1: Done. Released.

Chapter 2: Done. Released.
Chapter 3: Done. Released.
Chapter 4: Done. Released.

Chapter 5:Still thinking.

Future Stories:

Idea 1:100 Girl - Sakura, a true tomboy, loves to act in plays and plans to become an actor in the future. She's upbeat, positive, but has a short-temper. When cool Syaoran joins the drama club, everyone's hyped up about him. Sakura helps him settle in while he still thinks she's a guy. As he befriends her, he finds that she's a girl...and she sparks an interest for him. Join club adventures, blossoming romance, and a dark past or two in this gener-blending type of story! SxS
Chapter 1: Still thinking.

Feel free to e-mail (teexiong@yahoo.com) me about any ideas, problems, or to just talk. Or just simply pm me.

Plan Ai reviews
Syaoran asks Sakura to try and get Ai to be his girlfriend. Sakura accepts. Along with his best friend Minoru, together, all three of them sabotage Ai’s love life. But why is it that Syaoran seems to spend more time staring at Sakura then Ai? Mature.
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,198 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 13 - Published: 10/3/2007