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Author has written 17 stories for Charlie Bone, Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS, and One Piece.

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General Notes

Working towards a BA in English. Stories and chapters will come when able.

Currently Writing

I Am (Sonic the Hedgehog, One-Shot Collection, T, 326 Ch P&E) What I would have preferred The Book of Shadow be. It is meant to be a somewhat daily writing exercise, set around various incarnations of Shadow. Those inspirations that were true for the book also hold true here, perhaps even more so. Above all that, however, is the fact that I wanted the more fitting fic to have the more fitting title.

Two Years Behind the Blade (One Piece, Yaoi Longfic, M/M, 15 Ch P&E, Beta: Rhov) Mihawk/Zoro yaoi fic set during the two years Zoro trained under Mihawk. I'm trying to get back to it, I swear.


Reala: Rex Incuborum (NiGHTS, Action/Adventure Longfic, T/M, 26 Ch P&E) Longfic centering around Reala after the fall of Wizeman, after JoD. In hopes for the Master's return, he begins to gather the Nightmaren. But as he delves deeper into Nightmare, he learns things he would have never imagined.

Small note, if there's something you'd REALLY like to see come to life, let me know. Though I'm not a huge fan of requests, I'm willing to listen to anything reasonable.

Architects (One Piece, Musing One-Shot, RP) Musings between Mihawk and Shanks about Luffy and Zoro.

Assassino (Mass Crossover, One-Shot Collection, RP, ? Ch) The Assassin order isn't just limited to a single world—it spans the whole multiverse. Just a small series of looks into the lives of some famous Assassins from various fandoms.

At the Reaper's Feet (Mass Crossover, One-Shot Collection, RP, ? Ch) Grim's job takes him everywhere, and the things he sees as a reaper are impressive.

Blood (One Piece, Musing One-Shot, T-M) As a doctor, Chopper has thought nothing of getting blood on his hooves while tending the wounded. However, as a pirate, he finds the blood stains more permanently.

Death of the Young King (One Piece, Action/Musing One-Shot, RP) Set on Luffy's execution day, and told from the PoVs of his crew members.

Devil's Due (One Piece, Musing One-Shot, RP) When a Devil Fruit user dies, what happens to the devil trapped inside? (After the War on the Summit/Whitebeard War)

Doors (Howl's Moving Castle/Folklore, Action/Adventure Longfic, RP, ? Ch) Howl finds out one of his doors doesn't open where it used to. Now it keeps opening on the Netherworld.

Doppleganger (NiGHTS, Action/Drama Longfic, RP, ? Ch) The real NiGHTS returns, and he wants one simple thing- revenge. Note, this would be the one fic where I refer to NiGHTS as male.

Elemental's Gate (Legend of Spyro/Avatar: The Last Airbender, Action/Adventure Longfic, RP, ? Ch) Both Benders and Dragons are limited to a single element--except for the Avatar and the purple dragon. Perhaps these parallel worlds are supposed to intersect?

Fairy Ring (Folklore, Musing One-Shot, RP) Ellen finds herself in a fairy ring—mushrooms marking a circle. She sits and waits, hoping the place will open a path to the Netherworld—and possibly Keats. (Partner fic to Lost Guardian).

iNSPiRATiON(NiGHTS/Mass X-Over, Action/Adventure Longfic *Possible Series, RP, ? Ch) There are three special types of dreamers in Nightopia: Perfect, Blank, and Beacon. It is said that if they band together, Nightmare will fall.

Lost Guardian (Folklore, Musing One-Shot, RP) Keats, having finished his article on the myterious murders at Doolin, finds himself restless. After finding he can travel freely throughout the Netherworld, he seeks the place he truly belongs—at Ellen's side. (Partner fic to Fairy Ring)

One More Shot (Sonic the Hedgehog, Musing/Action One-Shot, T-M) Shadow, freshly fallen from the ARK, finds himself far from home and nearly dead. Battered and broken, he drags himself back to civilization, all the while wondering how he survived.

Rumble(One Piece, Yaoi One-Shot, M/M) Luffy got into Chopper's rumble balls. Zoro's got three minutes.

Sly Cooper: Rumble of the Behemoth (Sly Cooper, Action/Adventure Longfic, E/T, ? Ch) Sly Cooper (after Honor Among Thieves) as inspired by Shadow of the Collossus. Meant to be set up and writen in a similar fashion to Band and Honor, and inspired by the fact that both Shadow and Sly have you climbing all over stuff.

Those the Nighmares Would Haunt (Mass Crossover/NiGHTS, One-Shot Collection, RP, ? Ch) Collection of stories of various villains and heroes that Nightmaren have the pleasure of visiting in their dreams.

Vagrant (Sonic the Hedgehog, Action/Drama/Adventure Longfic, M, ? Ch) Young Miles Prower has never met anyone like Sonic. The battered blue hedgehog has been a legend for years, and his name is known to even the very farthest corners of Mobius. When the fox gains the chance to join the renegade in his fight against Dr. Ivo Robotnik, he jumps at it, throwing himself into a life far from the glories of the legendary hedgehog. (Inspired by AoStH)

Title Pending (Danny Phantom/Legacy of Kain, Action/Drama Longfic, T/M, ? Ch) Beings that exist outside of time exist to watch over and protect the world as it is. When they believe themselves gods, however, they must be obliterated. Clockwork recruits Danny, Dani, Kain, and Raziel to do just that.

Title Pending (One Piece, Action One-Shot, T) Nami steals her first pirate ship (inspired by Sly's excitement over commandeering a pirate ship in Honor Among Thieves)

Title Pending (Sonic the Hedgehog/Sly Cooper, Action/Adventure Longfic, E/T, ? Ch) Sly is hired to steal the Chaos Emeralds by Doctor Robotnic, and robs the precious gems out from under the noses of even Sonic.

Title Pending (Howl's Moving Castle, Musing One-Shot, RP) Calcifer's life, from the time he was a star high in the sky to when he falls to earth to be saved by Howl.


A Thief's Dream (NiGHTS, AU Longfic, T, 18 Ch P&E) One of my first NiGHTS fics, follows Reala and NiGHTS as thieves in a world far removed from our own, or the worlds of Nightmare or Bellbrigde/Twin Seeds. However, as they die, they find themselves in the service of the mysterious 'Wizeman', who charges them with the collection of Ideya. An older fic, I highly resented it as time went on.

Broken (NiGHTS, Angst One-Shot, M) Something I feel rather silly about, considering the pathetic reasons it came about. However, I am quite fond of Reala, and I believe the emotions portrayed to be somewhat accurate, if poorly presented.

Darkened Sun (Sonic the Hedgehog, Drama/Horror Longfic, M, 14 Ch P&E) I'll admit, I loved working on this. I'll never do another Sonic zombie fic, though, since it was kind of a bitch to write, but I'm glad to say I wrote this. It's the first longfic I finished that I honestly said I was proud to write and see through to the end. It was inspired by Herr Wozzeck's fic Judgement Day, and I'm glad he enjoyed it as well! On that note, here's a quick rundown on how the Infinitus Sol virus works, taken directly out of the ANs of one of the chapters:

It enters through the blood stream, or (in the second strand) through the air as well. The reason some people are/are not effected is because of genetics. The effect of the aerial version is determined by a gene. The same gene protects against Infinitus Nox. The strand passed through the exchange of bodily fluids only effects the uninfected being if it enters their bloodstream. As it states in the story, Infinitus Nox takes down the breath and heart rates until the host dies through lack of oxygen. Infinitus Sol, unseen by Robotnik, has similar effects. The throat clenches up, and blood starts to move more sluggishly around the body, thus strangling and killing the host. Then the virus starts to act as the brain and nervous system, reconnecting brain tissue and seeming to bring the person back to life. However, they feel no pain, and thanks to the strengthening properties of the virus, they are strong and durable. They feel hunger for flesh because the virus feeds on proteins. If there is a lack of proteins from the environment, then the virus will feed on its host, thus why they will appear to rot. The rotting also occurs because the body is still dead and the organic material is naturally decomposing. The virus can't live in bone, and it at least needs the brain to communicate with the rest of the body, so if the head is destroyed, the body dies with it. The zombie has two other weaknesses- it is blind and sluggish, both of which are caused by the virus's inability to regulate muscle contractions. The Infinitus Sol virus over-stimulates the muscles that contract and expand in the eye, making it so the iris is shut so tight that pupil can't get any light. However, it makes up for lack of sight with extremely good hearing. Since the virus communicates through the slightly-decaying nervous system, and because the virus will sometimes send/receive mixed signals, the zombies are sluggish and their gaits are awkward.

Iron and Wine (One Piece, Yaoi One-Shot, M/M) First attempt at MiZo pairing, set during Zoro's two years of training, and a spiritual sequel to Reciprocate. Despite my overwhelming worry that Mihawk would be OOC, I have been highly reassured that he is not, and is quite the opposite—right on the button. Unfortunately for him, he's just too fun a guy to leave alone, which is why I did a longfic story on this exact same topic—Two Years Behind the Blade. (Also, funny side note, apparently there's a band called 'Iron and Wine'. Who knew, besides the band and their fans?)

MiDNiGHT CRUSH (NiGHTS/Crush, One-Shot, T) Something I really wanted to do for the PSP game Crush, since this site isn't decent enough to have a section for it. Luckily, I figured a game about an insomniac going through a rather peculiar therapy would blend well with NiGHTS. Sadly, I don't feel I quite did Crush justice, I would like to do more with these two fandoms together at a later date.

Reciprocate (One Piece, Yaoi One-Shot, M/M) First yaoi piece, fittingly my preferred One Piece yaoi pairing—LuZo. It really depresses me that this one smut piece got so much more love than pieces like Darkened Sun, which I put a lot of time and effort into. But some people just really love their smut...

Red-Tailed Hawk (One Piece, Musing Yaoi One-Shot, M/M, Beta: Rhov) Because smutty One Piece fics are actually too easy to make for some reason. A ShaMi piece set after the Whitebeard War, where both men find they need to distract themselves from the threat of mortality...among other things. Shanks is just too much fun—I'll have to get him to help me bug Mihawk at a later date!

The Puppets and the Puppeteers (Children of the Red King, Adventure/Humor Longfic, T, 7 Ch) A quite old longfic that I'm pretty sure I should be ashamed of. However, I will avoid such feelings, as this kind of crap is necessary to improving as a writer. As it stands, this 'piece' is about an old OC of mine who finds herself at Bloor's Academy and takes over the whole blasted story.

What Lies Hidden (One Piece, Musing One-Shot, K) This was an absolute joy to write. Two hours of the nitty-gritty, and this is the result. Yay, Iron Fic contest. A little musing of Ace's thoughts as he finds his Devil Fruit.


The Book of Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog, One-Shot Collection, T, 85 Ch including AN Chs) A one-shot collection that has since been replaced by I Am, it takes the path titles from the game Shadow the Hedgehog and turns each into a chapter title that covers several stories bouncing around as a bunch of one-shots. Partially inspired by the book Out of Time by John Marsden.

Bloodties of Mobius Trilogy [Shadows of the Past (*FINISHED* Sonic the Hedgehog, Action/Adventure Longfic, T, 5 Ch) & The Ultimate Reborn (Sonic the Hedgehog, Action/Adventure Longfic, T, 3 Ch)] Even though I really like the idea of a tribalistic society and the ideals of the original characters being skewed by years of false worship and the like, I don't like how I did this. I may try again at a later date, but perhaps with a different fandom. Also, I'm not very happy with the characterization. At all. This is the kind of project that simply needs to start again from scratch.

KEY: Title (Fandom, Genre/Type, Possible Rating, Likely Length, Beta Readers): Description


I don't plan on putting any of the older ones in here, since that's just annoying. (Or any of the ones from BoS.)

Paradox: Paradox is a small bird spirit that claims both sexes (though I generally refer to Paradox in the neuter or feminine). Though Paradox's master, Thyme, has many servants, Paradox is the oldest one in the service, and is known to be Thyme's right-hand avian. Little is known about Paradox, or Thyme for that matter, but both of them have been reported as being level-headed. Paradox is generally found in Thyme's library, and acts as a librarian for the occasional visitor. (Has appeared in: I Am)

Recommended Reading

While I am quite difficult to please when it comes to fanfiction reading, there are a few gems among the sludge that deserve a certain amount of recognition and praise--and more readers.

Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash by Wild Rhov (One Piece, Romance/Drama/Yaoi Longfic, M, 9 Ch, Complete) A delightful fic approaching a topic significant to me--Zoro's two years under Mihawk. Not only is the inspiration of Winston Churchill a plus, the use of flash backs is an interesting framing device. Also, last chapter is highly worth it in and of itself. Definitely a must-read.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash by Wild Rhov reviews
Finally reunited with Luffy, Zoro is troubled by memories of his two years with Mihawk. To become the perfect blade for his captain, Zoro swore he'd take on any training. He never imagined THIS! MiZo, ZoLu.
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Bohemian's Rhapsody by Rinny-Bird reviews
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Kuroshitsuji - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,787 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 13 - Published: 4/25/2011 - Ciel P., Sebastian M. - Complete
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With their goals and dreams finally achieved, what more is left for the Straw Hat pirates to do? Well, Zoro has had his eye on a certain lady sailor for quite a while, but he's only just gotten a hold of the perfect gift for her. One-shot, Zoro/Tashigi.
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Reala, Rex Incuborum reviews
Wizeman has risen before, and Reala believes he will rise again. To prepare for his master's return, Reala traverses the whole of the Night Dimension to recovered his lost brethren. As he delves deeper, however, he finds more than the scattered Nightmaren.
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Across the multiverse, there are many incarnations of the same person. For Shadow, that parade of personalities is expansive and powerful. Gaze into the mirror and see as each echo of the black hedgehog presents itself to you.
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