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Prelude to the Madness: Well, hello there! Awful kind of ya to let me have this little space in the whirling maelstrom of chaos and torment that is the Almighty Internet.

Name: Albino Bebop

Gender: X+Y

Age: I'll give you a hint: I'm in my second year of college.

Location: America. The land that proved you can build an empire on Guilt, Syphillis, Alcohol, and War.

...what do you mean, WHERE in America? ...Fine. I come from a city where you can still see the stars at night.

No. That's it. That's all you're getting.

Personality: I'm all over the place, but the one thing that holds true through all of it is that I am unashamedly, unabashedly, an Input-Whore. Comments and Reviews are goooooooooood.

My dream is to, one day when I'm dead and gone, be described with the words, "he had a beautiful mind."

...Though I think I'm going to get more people saying "Yeah, I knew that guy! He was f@#king CRAZY!"

Things my brain wants to focus on instead of anything useful: Writing/Drawing/Art/Music/anything that uses the right side of the brain.

Favorite pairings:

FFX- Aurikku, Tikku, Aululu, Wakkalulu (because it's fun to say!)
Legend Of Zelda- Link/Malon
Love Hina- Anything but KeiNaru, really (snaps a salute to Major Mike Powers III). KeiMutsumi's a nice one...
Pokémon- Crystal/Rival is my very favorite, and I wish there were more on the site... or if there are more, that they were easier to find.
Sonic the Hedgehog- Shadouge, ShadAmy, some SonAmy, and Tails/Cream is always cute.
Avatar: The Last Airbender- Zutara, Tokka, Ty Lokka, sibling!Toko
Kingdom Hearts- SeiFuu, Namixas, Soiri (A KH fan who isn't into yaoi? Shocking, I know! :3)
Naruto- NaruHina, NaruIno, SakuLee, NejiSaku, ShinoSaku, ShikaTayu
Bleach- Ichigo/Rukia, Orihime/Uryuu, Karin/Toshiro, daddy!Kenpachi/Yachiru, Kenpachi/Unohana

Not too heavily into Yaoi or Yuri as you can see. Not cos I'm a homophobe or anything... just cos it doesn't do anything for me.

Special awards, and/or Accomplishments: I play the banjo?

Writes: I don't really know. I think if I write much o' anything, it's going to be mostly one-shots, though I am trying to put together a shabby excuse for a chaptered story. I write a lot of Original Characters, which, because of the Mary-Sue infestation currently hitting the internet, I don't think I'll be posting.

Friends - Telcontarian

...and that's really about it.


- My deviantART page.

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