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My Bio!#happyface#


I'm very very very new to this, infact, I only signed up at : Sunday 24th September 2006, 7:09pm. :)

My name is Sushi-Plum, becuz I am a very strange paranoid person who believes that her friend's creepy doll head will come after her if she states her true name #nods#. But why SUSHI-PLUM? I assume you would be thinking. What point does THAT have? Well, it doesn't. Have a point, that is.I made it up with my friend when i was thinking of a name. Sushi, becuz it's the name of my fish and Plum cuz i like a character in a book, called Plum. I am between 12-50 years old if that makes it at ALL easier, which I gather as my friend tells me, it doesn't. :) Why am I on here?Good question, why am I? Because my friend#cough, afrox,cough# has infected me with the manga virus!#ba ba baaaaamm# and now i shall infect u all! Infect the world!~ I have already infected a few peopz... come to think of it...

I guess i should explain a bit about how i look like, huh? Well, if u haven't already gathered, yes, i am most definitly a girl, a teenage one at that. I have olive brown skin and shoulder length, recently cropped ebony black hair that-STILL godmanit- curls into bangs at the end. hmmmmm...wut else? I have really really dark brown eyes and i'm 13. I think that's it! Oh yeah, and i play the violin(not out of my own free will) and am really really tall!~ People often mistake my age... alot of the time, actually. Damn abnormal pituary gland...Clothing wise, i really don't care, i love all colours and don't usually go for labels but i love a bargain and i love trendy clothes. :) My personality...difficult to explain. I'm ussually on a high, and i'm really friendly and bubbly even if i don't like u. I've never hated any1 and i'm not planning on either. I'm a very loud, happy-go-lucky person and i'm really very considerate to my friends, and a lot of people say i'm a good counsellour and... yeah. I'm a capricorn and a rooster(in the chinese zodiac-I'm Kureno from fruba:P) I love sport(very very sucky at it though ) and music(can't live without it!) and my fav subjects at school are Art, English and P.E.

The very first manga that i read was... Neon Genisis Evangelion, Eva, and although i only read a very short paragraph, my friend sitting next to me explained it allll... very confusing, but my favourite character, quote and creature is PENPEN~~! The hotwater penguin! PENPEN IS WATCHING U ALLLL! MWAHAHAHA~!

I sound thoroughly insane...(afrox: It's not"i thoroughly sound insane," it's"I sound thoroughly insane ACCURANCY OF SPEECH!) wut else is new? I've only been on 20 minutes and i have already succeeded in freaking u all OUT~! squeee

I already have a couple of ideas for fanfics and some of them are:

A momiji and Auska crossover(that's FRUBAxEVA)

maybe a Yuki Basher fanfic... (i'm realli sorry to all you Yuki lovers, he is nice, but i'm just me and i despise him)

or a Kyo/rTohru fanfic...(TOHRUYO!- if they had a child it would be named thusly)

a chibi fanfic...(artemisfowl,fruba, Harry Potter, or ...we'll see)


erhm, erhm. Yes. If i sound insane, i is becuz:

1) i AM insane happy face(afrox: If there is INsane, is there an EXsane!)

2) I'm high on sugar free coke( YES IT IS POSSIBLE)

3) I have an insane friend on the phone assisting me in my insanity

Well, u don't have much to worry about, as long as i'm not around u when i'm high :) Which is almost...always!

Anyway, enough of my random rantings! I'll c ya when i write a story!




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