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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, and Bleach.

Yo, my name is Akuma. Technically in Japanese that means Devil and i do not deny that. Cute but evil, kiddies, cute but evil

FYI to all my readers, i write all my stories down on paper so apparently the chapters are much shorter than what i think they are. Also to my readers, i have writers block a lot so you might have to help me out here, any possible ideas to get the stories going would be great, yuri-chan knows what i mean.

A lot of my original characters in my stories ((and believe me, most of them will have OCs.)) are based off of my friends and myself, so don't criticize them ((too much)), they are real people and they will get pissed.

Right now i'm trying to get new chapters up and i'm writing a new story that is based off of a RP that me and my friends did at so come visit the site. tis awesome! ;)

Fanfic Info:

Angel's Affection: I have a lot of plans for this story. Maya will be a character in a side sequel that involves a cross over with Harry Potter. Maya is paired with Jiraiya, who is awesome. anymore info you want, email me.

For the Protection of a Wizard/The Protection of a Wizard: The side sequel to Angel's affection. I had to start it before I completely forgot about the brilliant idea. Hope you love it.

Ragetsu Tenshi Kuckiki: A Bleach story with Ragetsu being the older half sister to both Baykuya and Gin, Aiden trapped her in Antarctica for over 110 years, which the power released by Ichigo and Baykuya's Bankai allowed her to escape. Ragetsu is best friends with Urahara and Yoruichi and is Urahara's lover.

His Sempai: A Naruto Fic where a girl from the human world we live in ended up teaching a child Naruto, she had to return to the real world but promised to come back. Naruto is the level of a chunnin but refuses to show who is really unless his Sempai is there. She returns and they take the shinobi worlds by storm.

Meet the Girl: Ok, my plan for this story will unfold once i get the next chapters up. But I would really like to say that to the people who think that the character i introduced in the first chapter is a Mary-Sue, fuck you. The girl is based off me, someone asked why an American girl has a Japanese name, simple answer...some Americans have names from other countries! ba-duh! as if that isn't obvious! ok, i accept flames but you could at least give respect for a girl whose tryin! Also, some people in modern days like to learn with swords, not my problem if you think its stupid, personally i love swords. Lastly, to one review sayin that Aku should go to jail, f.y.i. gang wars happen, so sorry if you don't realize that some parts of the world run like that.

Naruto's Mask and A Talent Show?: Ok, i decided that i'm gonna change some of my ideas with this one, thanks to everyone who reviewed, thanks for being so supportive! love ya! if my ideas sorta clash and the fic gets confusing, tell me and i'll try to fix it. it might not be too long but maybe a good six chapters before i finish it, i don't think that fics like this one are meant to be drawn out, just a few chaps before people get bored of a drawn out fic that has no more of a purpose.

Truth of A Snake: I'm trying to get my scattered thoughts together for this but it isn't peacing right. Maybe i'll bring in the gang to help Oro-chan remember or figure out why he can't. i really need help on this one people, any ideas will be welcome. oh, b.t.w. NO sasu/saku, naru/hina, ino/shika, or neji/ten. Those pairings are used way too much, and frankly...i hate them. Get some variety people! those aren't the only pairings out there! so no, i'm not going to do those pairings.

She is Found: I'm working on the next chapter but i'm not going to do anything until one person reviews. Come on, just one and i'm happy, even if you say that your reviewin just to get the next chap up, i don't care. i need feedback. i'll try to get my friend to be a beta-reader so that people will take this seriously. Please ppl!

ok, FYI, i'm NOT going to be putting ANY naruhina, sasusaku, nejiten, shikaino pairings in my Naruto fics.

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)

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Greg House is my love, dis him, I KILL YOU!

"It...almost looks like...he...cares." - Cameron, House MD

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More random quotes for the WORLD! can ya tell i'm hyper?

"Suicide is a way of telling God, "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME, I QUIT!"

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-He learned what every man must learn...never insult a girl's looks, especially if said girl can kick your ass

-I'm trying really hard to care, does it show?

-So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?

-My heart bleeds purple piss for you.

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-Talk soft but play hard; Smile pure but fight dirty.

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-I will now self-destruct, leaving behind an awful mess for you to clean up! Have a nice day

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-A fox is a wolf who brings flowers.

The following link holds the most hillarious Death Note scene i have ever seen, Even if you don't know Death Note, THIS is worth it.


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