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Hamha! Konnichiwa! Hello! welcome to my little corner of! anyway there isn't much now, but there will be some pics links of my characters up pretty soon.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, IwuvMyKenshyPoo, Heidiplease, iNsOmNiAc BiLlIe JoE lOvEr, Black Panther Warrior, kailover 2006, Iluvbeyblade, Lamanth, AnimeGirl329, Kathleen-chan, Life is a Highway66, moviemanic122893, Ham-Kelly- now Chibi Corn Chip, DolphinInsomniac 15, Cosplay Chan,

info: some little things about me l.n

nothing personal

friends: Everyone at the clubhouse.

other: likes: anime, Manga people who can make sims look like actual people or characters ( am trying really hard to get better at that!! okay, now you all think i'm weird don't you? -sigh- thought so.)


On hiatus:

moving on moving in~

-until i get some ideas for Ayame and Koga's moment, i'm not working on it. so...this is your cue to send in some ideas.

n-chan(Nasukochan)char-chan,(Stitch-phantom)Ra-chan (Rainbowkid) and H-chan! (Chibi-kawa) Fire-chan! (Firechantrauma)

favorites: anime, manga, etc...

anime: Tokyo mew mew, Miyuki-chan in wonderland,Sailor moon, Hi Hi puffy ami yumi, Pokemon, HAMTARO (tottoko hamutaro and dubbed XD)tottoko hamutato tamimashita (human ham hamtaro)Inuyasha (warming up to it) Demashitaa! power puff girls Z! (KAWAII!)Ojamo Doremi,NANA (the anime, Duh.)

favorite moments:

(PPGZ) Mojo drowning (episode: charisma! beautician Monster part 3)

(PPGZ) Himeko's hairstyle

More soon!!

Anime music:


Peices of hope~Nana Kitade(op #1)

Jig the Upper~Hoi Festa(op#2)

Door of Midnight~Liu Yi Fey (op#1)-PPGZ-

LOOK~HALICALI (op#2)-Momoko's Theme-

Rain that passes by~Wiz-US-Kaoru's theme-

Himawari~Hearts Grow-Miyako's theme- miyakoXTaakaki(NEW!)



Ending 4- Every Heart~Natsumi Watanabe

FMA- (don't get me wrong, the anime is good but i like the music more,)

Unearsable Sin-Nana kitade (ending 1)

the movie opening

NANA -j j-

" a little pain" Olivia inspir REIRA (TRAPNEST) -end #1

"Rose" Anna Tsyuchia (is that right?) Inspi NANA (BLAST)-op #1


"Together we make a promise" (not technically Anime, but what the heck. X3)-ending to pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea 9th movie.

itsumo soba ni- i'll be with you where the lost ones go- ending to the 10th pokemon movie, Dialga Vs Palkia Vs Darkrai

Anime pairings:

May+Ash (pokemon) it's either her or Misty..but...Ash likes Misty, and this is Confirmed...

Brock+Dawn(pokemon) no clue why i think these two look good together, but Dawn and Brock scenes are shown alot in the 10th season...quinky dink? i think NOT!

May+Drew(pokemon) after the episode where May battles him, he comforts her after she looses to another coodinator...makes you wonder, but it's visible isn't it?...coughOBVIOUS!cough

Dawn+Professor Rowan's Asistant (more of a Dp only, but whatev.) (pokemon) cute, and have you ever wondered why he and Dawn are together alot? well, there's your anwser.

Kagome+Inuyasha (Inuyasha) destined for each other, and you wonder why they met. plus, you kind of know Rumiko-sensei was leaning towards InuKag...if you really think about it.

Kikyou+Sesshomaru(Inuyasha) as long as Sesshy keeps clay pot (AKA kikyou) away from Inu..i'm fine with NOT hating her! plus, according to a fan site, there is PROOF!! of this being not made-up and Canon!!..and Rin seems to look up to her like a mom, Sesshomaru is already Rin's Adoptive our little youkai just needs to admit his feelings for Kikyou-chan...

Hamtaro pairings: Like and Love

Hamtaro+Bijou (obvious beyond obvious! DUHRRR!)

Pashmina+Dexter (quite frankly it's anyone's game at the present...but i'm leaning towards Dexter)

Boss+Sparkle (well, this is MY OPINON so please no flame emails.)

Omar+Ohkiny (well, they do LOOK cute together)

Omar+any one of Ayayamu's helper hams (now i think of them as ladies in waiting to Ohkiny and Omar...but Possible Suitors maybe? xD)


Boss+Harmony (noted only in ham ham heartbreak, but...some other people support this pairing too.)


Cloey+Panda (N-chan and original you'd have to ask nasukochan about Cloey...but it's a very cute pairing)

Gwen+Stan (my charater and original to find out more about this pairing read "the princess and the Pauper-ham G+S see future fics)

Mermaid+Shadow (Mine and Stitch_phantom's. Mermaid and Shadow...both destined to roam the skies and sea, both cursed with the stones hanging fromt heir my opinon, perfect couple...but nothing will happen...ALAS! shakes char-chan madly MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!!)

Lily+Rad (the cutest! perfect for eachother indefenitly! no updates yet though.)

Hamtaro pairings: Dislike and hate with passion

Sparkle+Hamtaro (...O_O...are you serious?)

Bijou+Boss (Bijou DOESNT like BOSS! let's get that one straight people!!)

~future fics from Cosplay-chan~

yeah, these are all my future fic ideas, due to the fact i only think of sections of these stories it'll take a little bit to write them all. but don't worry! they're all coming along little by little. some may take little time...some i may not start until after school has ended...(May/June/July) so be patient, send me a message if you wanna use any characters or ideas. and the list may grow occasionally. so be patient on certain ones.

~the princess and the pauper-ham:gwen is the fair princess of the kingdom of Aeir, Stan is the flirtirous Ham-Ham at the clubhouse. what happens when their worlds collide? will love blossom? will rivalries start? will Flora and Sandy have to rip stan Away AGAIN?!

~halfway house: Marie, Shale,Ilan,Amber,Lina and Antoniette all share one secret living in halfway house with the elements on their sides as a war rages on blossoms, Drama Erupts, rivalries start! and the war is on...(ORIGINAL) M+S An+I

~Ham-Ham clubhouse:ONLINE!: the ham hams first undergo the transformation to Ham-Humans, undergone highschool troubles, relationships, and gotten laptops?! get ready this gonna be a random night...(chat speak included!)

~the royal engagement: Omar has picked a suitor! a ham-girl named Ohkiny...and they are planning to wed! and Omar invites all the Ham-Hams to the wedding! but when one of their ladies in waiting accidentially sends a letter to Sabaku Nya, he kidnaps Ohkiny! oh no! the wedding is ruined!...not if the ham hams have anything to say about it! ohkiny+Omar (special guest appearance by Ayayamu's helper hams! )

~Aeir Sky showdown!: Gwen comes to the clubhouse for holiday, and meets the ham-hams, everyone takes a liking to her, except a certain sky's the biggest showdown of the history! LannieVS Gwen! who will win?! who will concede?! more importantly..who's the top princess of the Sky?!?

~white letter day: manga crossover Abf, NANA Backstageprince,Crimsonhero) some girls and guys are invited to hotel for the weekend, but this is a match making scenario. there will be couplings! surprises! Rivalries and more!RiiXni HachXNobu NobarXYushi AkariXNaoki AkariXRyu

~Faded Roses: reira is with shin...But Yasu wants his old flame back when ms.Yamada cheats on's up to Hachi the matchmaker to make things right again! but will a rivalry between Shin and Yasu start? or is it unavoidable? and who does Reira truly want?

~Hearts Broken, hearts torn: Nana K isn't sure who she really wants, the drop dead gorgeous Rockstar Takumi Ichinose, her cheatin Flame Shoji, or the innocent but hot Nobu, Hachiko takes a minute away from matchmaking to figure out her own love life..and her sacrifice comes with shocking Results...HaXNo HaXTak HaXSho (only slightly haXSho!)

~sky and sea: two souls, cursed with the right of flight..and one with the right of swimming...two souls are brought a familliar Hero-ham..Mer+Shad

~Sky and Sea(Ham-human Edition): Mermaid Meirui is the new student at Kawaiia high, and noone but the ham-hams notice her, except, the Badboy..Shadow Strider (for stitchphantom's character, shadow)

~you want me to doWHAT?!: Blossom was once an innocent human, and a pokemon trainer! but she's been kidnapped! and morphed into a chikorita! and spliced with a bayleaf and a meganium! and now! she's been asigned to a Rescue team! now she has to get along with the plusle,minun and munchlax that are her teamates...but she finally sees the world from a pokemon's point of veiw...but will she ever get back to normal?

~Torbot: May's Torchic is horribly hurt in an ambush by team rocket, and she has to let him go..may is heartbroken...until a robotic pokemon mends her heart... (Dedicated to the torbot of )

~Kingdom hearts: Fellow Hearts:Sora and the Gang are back! this time, the Heartless are back! and Disney Villans have oined together to lock the hidden door along with some Familiar teammates! new allies! new villans! new romances? the adventure begins here... Sorakairi namineroxas

~Edo to Tokyo and back again: the summer festival is here once more in Tokyo city! and the powerpuff girls Z are going to attend, but little do they know that some of the enimies are coming too...when Princess, Kare, Sedusa and Mojo trap the girls in an old bathhouse, they meet the most unexpected of ghosts...and find they might not be the only ones with Chemical Z! and now they have to combine past and present powers to defeat Kare once more (special appearance by the ChakiChaki Musume girls!)

~Bunny, Burr and white lights: (PPGZ) Usagi is a new girl at Tokyo city Middle school. but like Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru, Brick, Boomer and butch know, she is just an ordinary girl. and so is Nguyen. the new rebel...when the rrbz and the ppgz meet these new chemically enhanced teens, a new bond begins between Hopping Bunny and Burr.. MomokoXBrick MiyakoXBoomer KaoruXButch UsagiXBurr

~Hate you, but love you: (PPGZ) She Loves him, he Hates her, they both know of each other. but what happens when they secretly begin to fall for each other? BrickXMomoko ONESHOT!

~Truth and Dare ONESHOT! : Luigi, Eager to show off his new job of ghost vaccuming to his brother and friends, asks them to come see the Mansion and stay the night. what happens when Mario, Luigi and Friends get locked in by the ghosts? a whole lot of laughs for you. Rated T for Language.

~Wakuse! Planetary Z!(oc PPGZ)on the day that powerpuff girls Z and many villans in tokyo city were awoken as villans, 9 stray lights escaped the atomosphere, hitting the 9 confused teens live on earth with the power of chemical Z, each has no idea of their Destiny, or their other identies. but as planetary trouble threatens, their true identies are revealed. a new force is formed. Wakuse, planetary Z.

~the forgotten and the Betrayed-(PPGZ) Momoko's always been really boy crazy, and falling all over the wrong guys, but what happens when her Obsession grow out of control? ...and almost costs her Everything? and...Everyone? and while she spins out of control Kare has returned. his goal? Get rid of the whole puff/ruff Aliance with the help of a few rouge Black lights...and...a Gray one? Rated T for slight Violence, Minor Character Death, Gore.

~Once a Trainer, Always a Trainer- Ash and Co. are back. except now things have Really changed. their children are taking over their steps and are going on an adventure of their own Together. LauraXZac michealXDiana (Full Summary will be included inside as well as explanation of who all the kids are and their parents the name system, Etc Etc...)

~King of the Castle(PPGZ)-a trip to Shirogane Centre turns Chaotic when first the boys tag along and take over and then Himeko and her sister Miko take control. it's an all out fight! but in the middle of all this war...a little romance? Red blue and green shippings Rated T for language.

~????? -title subject to change- -Dawn has returned from her journey to twinleaf and is a big hero for beating cynthia, she has succeeded, one has failed... fortuneshipping (based on after you get the national dex in pokemon DP game) ONESHOT

~More soon!

Anime: Movies spirited away, howl's moving castle, the cat returns, castle in the sky, princess mononoke (basically anything by studio ghibli XD)

Manga: NANA,absolute boyfriend, hamtaro (yes! it is a manga! XD)Baby + me (minoru is just sooo cute. )Vampire Knight,

manga pairings: like

Riiko Izawa+Night Tenjo (Absolute Boyfriend)- how can you NOT love them?! they are SO made for each other!! Night can't live without Riiko around and runs back to her when he leaves her. Riiko goes to get night back when another woman steals him..they can't live without each other near..and that is REAL love.

Riiko+Soshi (Absolute boyfriend) i'm not against this pairing completley...but unfortanetly, Soshi could never take Night's place in Riiko's Heart. (sorry S+R fans!)

Nana K+Nobu (NANA) cute, sweet, innocent. perfect for each other indefenitly!

Nana O+Ren (NANA) well, you figured that one out long ago didn't you?

Shin+Reira (NANA) i have a certain soft spot for this one...mainly because she can easily keep Shin away from Hachiko and Nobu...

Yasu+Reira (NANA) Fic couple...not even really...but...if Yasu was with Reira once...what's to say he won't go back to her again one day? (did that sound like Hachiko? XD) much as reira loves shin...she obviously still has a thing for Yasu.

Yuki+Kaname (Vampire knight) as much as i want her to end up with Zero...i think Kaname possesses true feelings for Yuki, you ust kind of know that he does...with all of the intimate scenes and "My dear Girl" Title...well, let's just say you could see it from space.

Yuki+Zero (Vampire knight) yes i'm guilty of being torn between them...but you know they both really love her...But some how Zero's love for her reaches just many ways that are waaaaay too obvious.

manga/anime songs: rANDOM

yes, i listen to the regular american music. and somehow...some certain songs link to Anime, and Manga. so here i go:

ChiyukiXToya -(Melinium Snow)

Fedelity- cute, sweet, matches the mood, but i don't know how. reminds me more of Chiyuki and her heart problem. and how hopefully, Toya'll save her from death.

RiikoXNight- (Absolute Boyfriend)

Touch- perfect all in itself. it has lyrics like "can't you hear my heat beat slow? i won't let you go, i need you in my life." which sums up their relationship. plus it sounds sort of J-popish.

Before you tell him goodbye- (Acts 10, 11, 12,30)think this one sums the situation well. Riiko's alone, sad debating weither or not to get night back. kind of sad, but perfect none the less. could also sum up the ending.

girl next door- (acts 1-8) it sums up the whole problems with Mika's cunning attempts to steal night and how Riiko feels unequal after they have the big fight. (sorry for the spoilers...)

Girlfriend-(acts 1-4) kind of sums up Mika and Riiko and Riiko's little problem with the guys at seiba before Night comes along

Ready for love -Cascada- i think this Really speaks to the ending plus it's J-popish and Techno in a way which is how their love story is.

Hachi/Nana K -(NANA)

Breathe- it tells her life from a whole diffrent perspective if you listen, it does sort of tell her story from the singer's angle...not in the same words but almost the same...


Sharada-Momoko Akatsutsumi-i really like this song, thanks to some careful critiquing from Nukisan on youtube's PPGZ idol, i found it to fit her well.

(more coming! l.--)

Video games: Katamari Damacy, Animal Crossing, animal crossing wild world, ham hams unite, ham ham heart break, ham ham games,Hamtaro rainbow rescue, hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q (only avaliable in japan and on ebay XD)DOAX and DOAX2 Pokemon channel (Kawaii! Pichu bros!! and Pichu (my pikachu in the game) )Sims and sims 2

Hamtaro: (i'm in a guild so i thought i'd put something in here about it and everyone at the clubhouse knows them)

character pics: http:///albums/p207/cosplaychan_2006/Mermaid.png





Mermaid: a very unique ham ham who can fly and swim using her wings. Mermaid is a very shy but brave and courageous ham ham, and once Rescued Lannie Kite Sky from a water spout on an island adventure with the ham hams, Mermaid has Aqua colored fur, and blue and green stripes. she has aqua colored wings that match her eyes, Mermaid also has a crystal seashell necklace that she recieved for a gift from her mother, Mermaid has a little sister. Mermaid has an Avid Crush on Shadow. (see future fics) she has an older brother(Ocean), sister(Sakana)and a younger sister (Aqua)

Aqua: Mermaid's Little sister. a forgotten sibling who looks nothing like her sister. Aqua has white fur with blue and light blue spots and no wings unlike mermaid. she is shy like her sister but isn't as brave as mermaid. she has no crush.

Wave, Ocean,Sakana, and Rain: Mermaid's Parents and two older siblings. Wave and Rain have wings like their daughter Mermaid while Sakana,Aqua and Ocean do not.

Momo: Pashmina's Country cousin who shares her trademark scarf, except hers is tan like her older brother, Ringo. Momo is shy and very sweet like Pashmina. she has a crush on Dexter. and also a very bad Habit of calling Pashmina, "Pash" or "Pashy"

Ringo: Momo's Older brother. he has a crush on snowball. and looks similar to Momo regarding fur, and eye color. he looks like maxwell.

Twilight: an atheletic and party loving cousin of Sandy and Stan, she is gray with darker stripes. on her ears are tied to "Dark bells" with purple ribbons. she is shy and sweet and athletic like sandy, but she also loves to party like stan. (explains the love of Rythmic Gymnastics and maracas doesn't it? XD) she has a crush on Rad.

Kiwi: a distant look alike penelope. Kiwi is a baby ham who needs alot of attention and care and is usually with her best friend Momo when her and ringo are at the Clubhouse. Kiwi has kiwi brown fur and green eyes. she has no crush.

Lacitos: Bijou's Spanish cousin who lives with her human, Soriya in Mexico, she looks alot like bijou except her ribbons are red, white and green. Lacitos speaks Spanish with a French accent. which confused hamtaro into thinking she was bijou in sunflower promise. (read chapter 4. it's all explained.)

Raine: Boss's Seldom seen Neice, she rarely visits the clubhouse since her owner travels alot, but when she is in town, she's usually at the clubhouse, visiting her uncle and his friends. Raine looks like boss except a hat, she has a ribbon that's all yellow, with a green stripe in the middle with a red cresent moon in the center.

other: (these are my other Rping and fic characters in assorted sections more will be added as i come up with more fic ideas)

mario: (the stars of my soon to be written mario fic)

Princess Luna: the long lost princess of laidia plains on vibe island, Luna is one of the eight princesses required to find the key to the book of koopas. and defeat bowser. Luna has no love. Luna has black hair, Tied into a ponytail, she has a blue and light blue dress and a cresent moon brooch and earrings. she lives in laidia plains.

Princess Sahmira: Princess of Boo manor, and all of the boos, Sahmira is one of the eight required to defeat bowser and find the book of koopas. Sahmira has long black hair that goes to the floor, she wears a purple and black old fashioned dress with gray gloves. she has an onyx boo brooch, and earrings, and a silver crown. she lives in boo manor on vibe island (in super princess peach for DS) and has no love


gray pikmin-

traits: is gray, with a black flower, that acts as a sheild,

abilities: can walk through smoke, and can emit smoke at an enemy by using the black flower.

Links i reccomend!

yes, some from my personal collection of favorites. some youtube, a doll making site for all your rpers with characters out there!!

there's something for everyone. so take a look. (this side of paradise from destiny Deoxys movie song! Exellent Quality!) (Ghost in the shell Stand alone complex opening 1. Very good graphics and Quality. DIGITAL Opening Sequence!!!) if you love NANA, love the sims and are a fan of Blast check this out. (kudos to Detail on Nana o!) love NANA? but like Reira's voice more than Nana osaki's? check this out. Hillary duff. in the sims?! compare this to the original MV and this is pretty dang good! XD come clean. wake up. hSM! don't mess with the status quo from the hit movie. (can't wait till the next movie? watch this favorite clip by a dedicated sims player to relive that special moment!) first part of HSM sims 2 version (gotta say this actually looks really good!) we're all in this together from HSM more sims. (i sound like an obsessed junkie now don't i? XD this video is so Fergie-licious! if i do say myself. XD

http:///clip/14034 Analina! XD

http:///clip/1416 -BAM! XD

http:///clip/19505 - maybe ken jennings knows TOO much. XD


Last night...the boys stayed up to watch texas chainsaw cheerleader massacre...and we found one bed...with all the lights on. Dan just couldn't miss the chance to wake them up. -snicker- the help guide, narrated for all you poke fans who want the many evolutions of Eevee. suggested for a collector! DP guide! = Arceus how ot get guide with Narration. how to catch DP guide.

http:///diamond_pearl/videos/catching_rotom = Marriland's personal site with youtube videos and a walk through. check it out! commentary and step by step by catching Rotom.

http:///diamond_pearl/videos/how_to_catch_drifloon =it's friday night, do you know where your dirfloon is? -some of my fine tuned inspiration for a kingdm hearts battle world...the Cinderella Castle tour at tokyo disneyland.

(which sadly closed for the last time in april of 2006 :( ) the tower of Terror at tokyo disneyland...a good place for some heartless to attack ne?

opened: 9-4-06 apparently a Banned commercial?

why you shouldn't be on the late shift at the aquarium...XDDDDD -tenth pokemon movie part 1! posted by gengarsweetie (THANK YOU! I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!) (sadly no subs, but a good quality vid, part 1 of the tenth pokemon movie not yet released in the us, Dialga Vs Palkia Vs Darkrai found by pkmonlovr on (THANK YOU!) (parts 2-10 are also posted, but 's new system won't let copy and paste. just follow the links on the video! thank you!)

(some more soon)

~Quotes and Random happenings~

"in the right Darkness there is nothing to fear but your fear itself"~Me, on sleeping in my room in a really old room of my grandparent's house...

"I SMOKED A MARSHAMALLOW!!" ~me, after the rockwell roadshow, and sampling the liquid nitrogen dipped marshamallows.

"the light will come...someday..." ~me, on a VERY stormy day

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you've got to look a bit closer at the screen to read it.
~me on being flamed for story format (which if anyone is reading this DONT FLAME ME ON THAT ANYMORE!)

"cool if i can i'm gonna torture lauren next year, little bitch. stole my friend. she broke her arm. cause she stole my friend. proves she misbehaved. yep...Karma. it kills you in the end."~on aim talking about the conceited bitch who stole my friend last year

my aunt: just what the doctor ordered! and i'm the doctor!"~my aunt, eating a made to order sundae from dairyqueen

Cartoon quotes

judge announcer guy: it's always hard to pick a finalist...but this year it was easy all the other dishes made us vomit! so we're down to Marge simpson and her blackened desert dogs and Brandine no last name given pig on a road

Marge: that's an entry? i thought it was garbage!

Brandine: just because it's cooked in a Garbage can don't make it Garbage.

~the judge, Marge and Brandine, the simspsons

Amy: Fry! you can't go on that show! if you lose you'll die!

Fry: nah! losing is for losers! do i look like a loser?

Bender, Leela,Hermes and scrufy: -silent-

~Futurama,Fry and Amy

May 17th~

(in LA, discussing how in the giver, love is defined as meaningless)

A12: -being really really stupid- i love's become so meaningless.

me: i guess. -rolls eyes-

A12: see? it's just simple, like saying "i love you! do you love me?"

me: i don't love you. and anyway, i know you still like Kylie.

(Kylie looks at me like she's mad then at A12)

A12: i don't love you either. i love my girlfriend.

C34: (one of my reeeeally stupid/hyper active friends...) whose your girlfriend?

A12: a girl.

May 21st

~BK lounge

(one of my friends actually did this for a skit in theatre/AKA drama. but it is so great. gotta listen though.)

justine: so my first job was at Burger king. but since everyone kept asking me

Reb12: where do you work?

Justine: i just called it the BK lounge."i'm a bouncer at the Bk lounge" you've all seen those commericals "come to Bk," so yeah. i first got the job there, because my brother, my only brother was the Manager. and i thought i'd be really cool because my brother's the manager and he'd help me out and stuff.

but, it sucked. he put me on Drive through every night. and i'd get like ten cars at a time and i'd be going from window to window "welcome to burger king, how can i help you?"

and the worst part was that some people would scream into the speaker.

"what's your order?"


and it would go on like that.


and then they're were those people, who you could barely hear at all.

"hello, i'd like a whopper jr, with...cheese? pickles? you don't want pickles? cheese but no pickles? okay, can you give me a minute?"

all quiet like.

and when they would finally talk,

"a whopper with pickles and cheese."


and then

"that'll be 7.23 please pull up to the next window."

then there was a really long pause and then she says

"where do i go?"

Where do you go? where do you go? you go and follow that man in the yellow pancho, his name is Hank, and he'll take you to the whopper lair.

-(i don't remember that really well...but, that's all!

June 24th, 2007

(on , Misty/Kasumi Board)

me, dealing with a natural born Idiot.

Annoymous: well she's drowning

Me: well i know that. Sheesh! you just Got off the obviousmobile and missed the stop at smartsville. (OOOH! PWN!)

(seriously, if anyone knows this guy, tell him mo-chan's had enough. and someone PLEASE disconnect his internet!! i don't want him around anymore!! URRR! he's so annoying!)

other things:

i am a RPer, an authoress, an artist, a gamer and so much more. and becasue i use two computers (mylaptop andmy mom's.)

so...i need some space to post things to transfer to my third but i also will occasionally post things i want to show off because i am so proud!


Kyogre and Celebi

-pokemorph royalty rp-

hmph," a girl with crystal light bue eyes and whiteish green hair with tints of yellow green on the end stood up, brushing herself off, rising from her bed, she yawned her light green dress with yellow green lighter lace was a tiny bit wrinkled, she gently smoothed those out with a dainty hand and stood up, sliping into her yellow green Silk slippers

the girl's name was Princess Celebi.
the legendary morph princess.
she brushed her hair and then walked to the window in her room,peering out over the desolate scape,it was Dark so you could hardlysee anything. usually, when it looked like this outside, Princess Celebi got very tired and would go to sleep for the Evening, now day.
yes, the kingdom was curently experiencing very odd weather

the oddest thing about it was that when it was actually about 12 noon, it looked like 12 midnight. when it was 10 or 7 or 8 pm, the sky looked bright and welcoming as the sun was still out.
yes their crystal, the source of most magic was missing, gone. and with it, went the natural order of life in the kingdoms.
the day became night night became day, it became freezing cold in summer, and

unbelievably unnaturally hot in the winter.
the kingdoms had been under this for a little over a year now, and were pretty used to it, but the kingdoms still insisted on getting the crystal back to finally restore order.
"i wonder just how much longer we're going to live like this," Celebi murmurred she sighed and opened the door of her room, the moonlight shown in the hall through an open windo

she sighed and quickly walked down the huge staircase into the parlor. hoping to find her house mates awake. surely, she wasn't the only one, back upstairs, in a dark room, a girl sat in her room, adjusting to the new light. when she had fallen asleep, it was light out, now it was dark.
and only the moon showed through an open window.
the girl's golden eyes gleamed, the only thing that would let

you know that the room was occupied.
the girl's red bracelets seemed to glow was well. they were gentle coils of a red metalic material, that seemed to glow, unusually.
the girl's name was princess Kyogre.
Kyogre wore a beautiful long blue dress with her glowing red markings, the ominous lights often gave off a very mysterious air about her, but Kyogre was just the opposite with the others, kind, open, friendly, just everything you'd expect out of a legendary pokemorph princess.

More soon!

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