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THE UNDERWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Underworld

“Will you know?” He inquired from his place on a piece of rock that jutted out from the cliff’s smooth surface that was twenty or so feet higher than Raven’s head

“My answer hasn’t changed: no.” Raven replied with fierce determination. She dragged out the “no” a bit to make him know that she would NOT concur to do his bidding. She felt as strong and powerful in the white dress Gyron commanded her to wear as she would have in her regular uniform

“But what of the boy? You’ll let me kill him?” He sneered at her sarcastically. How Raven wished she could slap that grin off his face… “Your beloved?” he added. One could easily tell that he was just toying with her mind, willing her to break.

Slice! three of his Minions, wicked demon-like brutes, fell to the rocky floor motionless thanks to a quick burst of black energy.

“He isn’t,” She diced another five on her right before continuing on, “my,” this time two fell dead at her feet, “beloved.”

A look of hurt raced across her would-be rescuer’s eyes; would be that is, if Gyron hadn’t been so good at anticipating his every move. A look that screamed so many things, so many different, potent emotions… She saw, while Raven was still slaughtering the numerous creatures that Gyron seemed to be pulling out of thin air; they never stopped. For every four she eliminated, eight more sprung up and attacked her.

“Aww Raven…didja havta be so mean?” She asked her voice dripping in a sugar based venom, from behind Beastboy’s “post”. She grabbed him by the back of the head and smashed her lips against his. He tried to pull away to no avail. She broke off their kiss and smiled poisonously before spitting in his face. Raven, who watched Her do that to Beastboy, was caught off her guard and six of the revolting creatures jumped on her. She could feel their sharp claws tearing through her white gown. She shook them off with one sharp, yet fatigued, effort and turned to face the woman who was causing her team mate so much pain.

“You bitch!” she snarled, blood gushing from her top lip. “Leave him alone!”

“I’d love to see you come and make me Rae- Rae. Oh Angel?” She beckoned to the man standing on the ledge. His malicious smile matched hers perfectly.

“Of course my dear.” He said, understanding what she meant. With a flick of his wrist, a hundred more of his beings arose from the ground. Raven’s sunken lilac eyes grew wide in shock

“Face it Raven. You can’t afford to say anything but yes at this point. I’ll tell you what, if you agree right now, I’ll let the green boy live, just barely, but I will.”

Raven looked at Beastboy in his pathetic condition, and was just about to agree when Beastboy’s frail voice spoke from the other side of the cavern

“Rae…”He said. “I’m so sorry…” His words sounded like those you’d hear from a dying man. “Don’t do it. You’re good, don’t let him tell you otherwise...let him kill me, at least I’ll die like a hero.” He breathed in shallowly and continued to whisper, “But Rae, as one last wish, for me,” he smiled his trademark smile, as though he was sharing an inside joke instead of his final words, “kill them.” He looked at the girl who was still standing near him, the one who had spat in his face like he was some defected, second-rate citizen. “Kill them both for me…” The Darkness closed in around him and he sealed his eyes peacefully

“Enough!” Gyron raged. “Willcam, remove him!” he ordered his right-hand minion. The thing picked Beastboy up and carried him out of the room. All Raven could do was look on and hope that the trickle of tears that were escaping her eyes would stop so she wouldn’t look so weak. She would NOT give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She hadn’t up until then, but…did it matter? Did anything matter anymore?

“The boy can still be saved; I just need your word. Will you know?” Like a skipping tape, Raven thought. So annoying…like Beastboy…Beastboy.

Her vision began go all spotty as Beastboy’s had before he passed out. The world through her eyes was now covered in various black patches. The Darkness covered her like a blanket and she fell to the ground. A swarm of the evil beasts that personified everything villainous in the world ascended upon her. She to, like her friend, breathed in a shut her eyes.

“Will you now?”

“Will you now?”

“Will you now?”

“Yes…”Raven opened her eyes a fraction of an inch, and breathed in sharply, agonizingly. “I will…just let him live.” Saying that, she collapsed to the ground, her white dress was now stained with a few drops of Red, but not so scarred that she would have to change her attire before she was wed.

“Take them to their new room. Let’s see her try to make the boy live.” Angelino Gyron smiled to himself and muttered quietly, wickedly, “Now my plan is in motion.”

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