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Author has written 13 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Outsiders, Teen Titans, and Code Lyoko.

My summer goal: I'm getting back into fanfiction. We'll see how that goes.

Name: PlumCrazy, or Hippo, Liquid Cookie. I go by many a name.

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

About Me: It's only been recently that I've gotten back into writing. It makes me cringe to read my old stuff. I've improved over the years, in my mind, but I'm still not as good as I'd like to be. I'm growing. I guess there isn't much to say.

We graduated from middle school going on three years ago... it was... to say the least... an interesting night. We all went out for frozen yogurt after the ceremony... and after getting our yogurt we went out to sit on a grassy hill near the road. Kelsey and I were pretending to hitchhike out by the road, just as a joke you know... a couple cars honked but no one really cared... then, the light turned red and this red car drove up... there was a kid about our age in the backseat... and he was like, giving us a thumbs up and stuff... anyway... he rolled down his window and yelled, "From Russia With Love!" It rocked... I mean, out of all the things he could have yelled, he yelled, "From Russia With Love!" So after he rolled his window up we told him he was our hero... but we're not sure if he heard it... Then he had to go, and we were all waving and yelling... he waved goodbye too... it was funny...


"Beats the hell outta anarchy" Ranger

"You love it, I know" Rude

"It's Jenova's Friggin' head" Reno

"Alright Spiky!" Barrett

"One Rude to rule them all, one Rude to find them, one Rude to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." My friend showed me this forum when she found I was obsessed with Rude... funfunfun

"If Rude hugs you, the sheer hotness of him will cause you to spontaneously combust!" More from said forum

"Rude could wear a pink tutu and still be the embodiment of all that is man." The forum And aint it the truth

"He lurks in that place where pigs fly and hell freezes over, the space between dreams and reality" Thirty Kisses by MOLTENblue

"I'm making money off of your misfortune. It just keeps paying!" wingeddserpent That was spawned off of too much sugar and monopoly... That was the day wingedd was banned from eating at my house and the day I barfed in my sink because I drank hot chocolate too fast... I'm sure you care though

"Implying is great... It ranks right up there with sarcasm" wingeddserpent I wouldn't ask about that one because I'm sure you don't want to know

"Goodmorrow Earth... The sun warmly greets you" Rhiannon Renegade It's supposed to be an answer to "Good morning starshine, the earth says hello"

"Stupid Unreliable Vampires" Bella Swan Twilight

"Forbidden To Remember, Terrified To Forget" Bella Swan

"How far the low have sunk" wingedd This was originally meant to be used by Vincent in my sequal to LLL... but then I deleted it... oh well

"All normality is shot!" RozenMaiden She was talking about me... See how nice my friends are to me?

"Hank Williams would be too sad to write a song about me" Lorelai Gilmore Gotta love it!!

"When life gives you ugly yellow cloaks, turn them off in the interface options" wingedd We were playing WoW and She asked me why life had been mean enough to again, give her a yellow cloak.

"I'm not afraid of the unknown. I embrace my fears, and then strangle them and drown them in Hot Cocoa" RozenMaiden I wouldn't ask about this one... If I told you, I'd have to strangle you and drown you in Cocoa

"You'd think that after a certain point people would get tired of Cheesy jokes" RozenMaiden I didn't think my jokes were that cheesy

"'I see' said the blind man to the deaf man." My friend Kelsey She got it from her friend Amanda... so you can see where this is going...

"It's not yet undefined," My band teacher... We were talking about Paradoxes

"Any country, that would give up a liberty to gain security would deserve neither and lose both" My English Teacher She didn't actually say that one... It's a quote from somewhere, just not sure where...

"Your son is a fat man and your husband is Rude" Kelsey This one is probably going to take a lot of explaining... Kelseys little sister has a cat that they call the fat man... that's where the first part came from... they started freaking out because Rude's my favorite character... in case you didn't notice... anyway it was meant to make fun of "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries"... you know from Montey Python...

"It's the Stupid Piggy Derby" wingeddserpent She was playing WoW and making the pigs kill each other... therefore the stupid piggy derby ensued...

"Izzy!!" Me I wouldn't ask... a friend of mine that I haven't seen in FOREVER came over and we freaked out... I ended up screaming the name of one of her best friends in the middle of silence... haha It was great...

"There is no doubt she is a woman scorned, that which fury hell hath no." Captain Jack Sparrow YOU ARE SOOOO JEALOUS!! I saw Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End... on opening weekend... that's right... you're jealous

"I have to clean my room at some point in my life, Maybe on Tuesday." Me My friend Kelsey thought it was really funny when I said that... I don't know, it was just cool...

"It's not camping if your fire's not bigger than your tent." A family friend We were camping and talking about what camping was. This is one of the things we came up with.

"Push button... Receive bacon." The sign Kelsey's dad found a sign that said that... it was the funniest thing in the world... it was just really great...

"Vincent's got mad issues with grey-eyed turtleneck wearing teammates." winggedserpent That was the last thing she ever wrote on Kelsey's arms... Kelsey was close to tears...

"We will only be playing half the song! We will not be spelling anything! You can not buy a vowel, there are no consanants available, and the first person to spell anything, gets pushed of the top of the stadium!" Some senior at my school So, we were playing in the pep band for my highschool's varsity team, and we were going to play our fightsong, which normaly includes us screaming out the letters of our highschool's name... but we were only going to play half of it, and the senior got mad, because the brass had been having a hard time cutting off with the rest of the band.

"Kakanko Anki" Me All right, So wingedd and I were on the phone talking about Kakashi and Anko... because appearently that's our new obsession... and I accidentally said Kakanko Anki instead of Kakashi Anko. It was pretty great.

"Some things in life are just more satisfying. Hitting your friend with a cardboard foot is one of them." Me and wingeddserpent That's what we get for camping for a week together. I wouldn't ask...

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