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December 6,2004

Life has been tough. Nothing is ever easy. However, a lot has changed in recent times. I've still got fanfiction ideas bouncing around in my head, but I'm in college now and I'm preparing to become a writer. Which means I've been focusing a lot more on my original ideas.

Today, however, I went back and actually read some of the fanfictions I wrote a few years ago. Disgusting piles of dung! However, I still like the original basic ideas, so I've decided to go back and do some serious editing to some of the stories. I'm working on Spectre of the Past, my Jett Jackson fic, right now. I'm also hoping to finish that someday. After that I plan to edit my CATS fanfic about Macavity. And possibly start a new one.

I also would like to work on a phantom fanfic, but I'm not too sure if I'll post that. I had an idea that hit me like a semi a few days ago, and I'd like to carry on with it. I'd also like to edit my Mummy fics (and finish the trilogy, too). I'm strangely pleased with my DBZ fics, possibly because they weren't written four or five years ago.

For those who are worried, I have not forgotten about my Harry Potter fic. I'm just a little stuck at the moment. I know where the story needs to go, but I can't quite get there. Oh, and yes, I *do* plan on editing it. Give me a few months and it'll be much, much better.

I have also been discovering my religion, my roots, my history, my ancestors, my beliefs. Everything related to who I am and what I believe. And that's playing a major part in my development as a person and as a writer. And as a poet, actually. But I'm still writing. :)

Other than that, I think an introduction to who I am is in order. I'm a nineteen year old pagan studying to become a druid. I'm a college student studying English (creative writing) and philosophy of religion. I'm a total nerd at heart, and an avid fan of books and musicals. I'm a DnD player, and a Star Wars roleplayer. Somehow I always play the evil folks, because, hell, they're just more fun.

"Truth is power."
-Terry Goodkind

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