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I'm excited to announce that we now have a discord server! By merlin when I started my latest story, I had no idea that it would take off (at least compared to my prior works), and I'm glad to say we've made a small but thriving community! Join with code Jew89k8Jp8

Welcome to the homepage of 19lams5, enthusiast of Harry Potter and Star Wars. Most likely, you've been brought here by my latest work, Harry Potter and the Raven. I am currently planning to focus on my studies in preparation for January exams, which means my next major work is going to start in late January at the earliest. That does not mean, however, I won't occassionally publish a one shot or short story.

Harry Potter and the Raven

Harry Potter and the Raven was born out of a combination of factors, including my study of History in high school, particularly in the Sino-Soviet split, which piqued my interest in late Soviet society, as well as other fanfics from this site, notably Marquis Black's Emperor, which sadly remains unfinished and likely abandoned. As far as I'm aware, very few other fics have attempted to intermix and intertwine real life history with muggle ones, something which I always thought was a missed opportunity, though this also left me a wide opening to try my hand. As an author, I am a firm believer in pushing the boundaries of both myself and you the reader. When I post a chapter, I always hope to bring something new and refreshing in terms of world building, characterisation or plot, though whether I succeed in that I'll leave for you to decide. Whether you loved or hated my work, I definitely hope you gained something out of it.

I was definitely inspired by a lot of historical characters, and you'll see traces of influences from Ceaser, Tiberius, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and more. Within the story, I try to establish the motives of each side, and induce conflict in a believable manner, which lends perfectly into my love for worldbuilding. Be prepared for build ups chapters in advance before seeing a confrontation. Another thing I want to emphasise, a variety of philosophies and behaviors are explored within the story. From Voldemort, who has little ideological grounding beyond seeking power, to Grindelwald, who is a firm believer in ideology, to Harry, who is somewhere in between, I hope that seeing the characters act, grow and evolve will be both a rewarding and insightful experience, and encourage you to keep an open mind about different perspectives.

I also have to state the obvious: None of the characters alone wholly reflect my true beliefs, though as the main character, there might be some bias that incorrectly suggests I most connect with him as a character. While I definitely sympathise with his plight, as a person, I don't condone his actions, nor encourage anyone in real life glorify, romanticise, or attempt to replicate his actions. Harry does many morally questionable if not reprehensible things, that I hope you as a reader are able to acknowledge and use to put his future actions in context.

Another main goal of my writing was to worldbuild the magical world. Like many of you, I fell in love with the magical world of wizarding Britain, yet in time, I have grown to find more and more flaws in the worldbuilding. Reading other fanfictions has furthered this feeling of distaste in me, as I see some authors butcher basic sociology in their writings. That is not to say there aren't authors that did a fantastic job, in fact there are many fanfictions that possess worldbuilding I can only dream of. Harry Potter and the Boy Who LIved by Santi is a wonderful example of this, in which we are given a fresh take on Durmstrang. Equally, I also love magical lore, and to me, the lack of exploration of esoteric and fantastical magical powers in Harry Potter will forever be a missed opportunity, one I am glad to see many fanfictions correct. ACI100 is a good example for a great magical lore creator (in my opinion), notably with his exploration on legilimency and occlumency. While his work is still in its beginnings, despite being over 600k words long, I cannot wait to see what he comes up with, and am confident that he has stacks of lore in the back of his mind for the Ashes of Chaos universe. I have tried to take a different approach from what I have seen in the fandom thus far, focusing on breadth rather than depth. One of my main gripes with the Harry Potter world is the lack of exploration of the rest of the world, something which is only being rectified now (outside of scant Pottermore articles) by the Fantastic Beasts series. I won't lie, I would have loved a tv series composed of just Newt exploring various magical creatures, but seeing them slowly begin to rehash the hero's journey plotline that Harry embarked on is also ok, I guess...(I'm not crying, I swear) Beyond personal conflicts, I also want to explore those of factions and ideologies, which is why I've focused heavily on ensuring various magical nations are covered. From the rising prosperity in Magical China, to the isolationist magical Taiwan, I hope not just to explore each society, but also the way they interact with each other.

There are three main phases:

1. Harry's early childhood - completed

2. Harry acquiring power and global tensions rising - completed

3. Harry vying for control of the magical world - completed

In each phase, I have set out distinct objectives within my writing. Phase 1 was focused on setting the groundwork for much of the basic magical world and characterising Harry. Phase 2 was focused on expanding on magical lore and worldbuilding, establishing the various factions and conflicts impending. Phase 3 is a culmination of all this work, and explore the moral and societal implications.

I want to address the discomfort some of you may feel with my writing so far. Especially in phase 1, we saw some very dark themes, from rape to torture. While some authors might believe these distasteful subjects taboo to write about, I believe in acknowledging reality. In our world, such crimes are committed on a daily basis, and I think to refuse to even acknowledge them in a respectful and mature manner is wrong. I have included such topics not solely for dramatic effect, but because I believe in recognising that these are very real situations that many people face. Stalin, prior to becoming the leader of the Soviet Union, was a thug who extorted money and robbed banks for the Bolsheviks. He was sent to the gulag multiple times, and this undoubtedly had an impact on his future policies. Rather than sympathise, he realised the effectiveness of such a program, and used it to great effect in subjugating his opposition. I bring up this historical anecdote to emphasise that different people have different reactions to past events. While some of you might dislike the direction I have taken certain characters, I ask you respect my choices, just as I respect you as a reader.

With that said, I would love to hear any critiques of your work, and if you want to try and surpass my work, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. I am a flawed writer, and mistakes will be made along the way. What I hope to do is to forge a new path that authors in the future can retrace and further explore along. If you want to talk with me, I try to respond to everyone on discord. The server code is: Jew89k8Jp8.

After over 500,000 words and six months, I'm so happy to have finished Harry Potter and the Raven and brought together our small but tight-knit community!

Other Works

Where else to start but one of my earliest: Redemption. This is quite a cliched story featuring Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, where a misunderstanding causes a series of unfortunate events to happen. It's far from my best writing in any respect, be it plot, characterisation or worldbuilding, but it was a great step in getting me started into the habit of writing.

Next up is Harry Potter and Fate's Champion, which is among my first forays into writing Harry Potter fanfiction. I planned on creating a classic wrong boy who lived fanfiction, featuring original characters and an expanded exploration of competitive duelling and quidditch. Examples of inspiration for this include Harry Potter and the Veela as well as Knowledge is Power, both of which, to my knowledge, have been abandoned. Considering it was my intent to write a finished story, the situation in hindsight is quite ironic.

The first piece of fanfiction that I truly consider worth acknowledging is Rebirth and Rechristening. The story featured Harry Potter time travelling back in time to the era of the founders. However, I severly mishandled the execution due to my lack of planning, which resulted in chaotic and inconsistent characterisation. The best example of this is the unbelievably sufdden romance between Harry and Rowena. Obvious plot holes such as why Harry didn't prevent his mentor from creating a horcrux, ostensibly the original reason for his time travel, made continuing the story untenable, despite me having planned an entire 'Northern Expedition' in which Harry and Rowena would journey to Azkaban to hunt down Slytherin. While I truly did love the world and the idea, the fact was that I would have to completely rework major elements to make the story readable. It is why I have listed the story as on hiaitus rather than abandoned, as I truly believe that I will one day return to the story concept.

Star Wars: The Rewrite was going to be what Harry Potter and the Raven has become: a grand project completely reworking the storyline of a world I love. I found the worldbuilding in the sequel trilogy so lackluster that I was inspired to try my own hand at rewriting the entire nine films worth of content, a grand vision that alas is not yet meant to be. I have a general idea of the plotline for all nine, and outlined much of Episode 1's worth of content, but for now, my passion has been fully devoted to Harry Potter and the Raven, thus it is on hiaitus for the foreseeable future. Much like Rebirth and Rechristening, I hope to return to this one day and complete it.

Finally, I should briefly mention Harry Potter and the Farewell, a drunken endeavour that I can't bring myself to delete. I have been trying to locate a piece of fanfiction for quite a while, but having no luck, decided to write out what I could remember and chain it together, resulting in the piece of work. Frankly, I hope the author of the work I originally copied from can pm me his work, after which I will happily take down the story. I wrote it both out of frustration and in response to the surprising demand for such a story from Reddit.

Author Bio

Since you're still here, I presume you want to learn a bit more about me! I recently graduated the IBDP (an international exam board) from an international school in Hong Kong, and managed to secure a spot at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where I will be reading economics for the next three years. I've always had a fascination for history, sociology and economics, which has lent itself well to my worldbuilding. I'm a fan of expansive worlds, which is probably why the worlds of Star Wars and Hary Potter enraptured me so. I hope to one day become a full time author with original works, as I have several book ideas, though that's a long way away, and I suspect I won't have much time given the rigorous curriculum expected at University. However, until then, I've basically committed the summer to getting as much of Harry Potter and the Raven done as possible.

-Harry Potter-

Favourite Character: Luna Lovegood

Despite seeing quite little of her, I've fallen in love with the character of Luna, who sees the world differently from others. She plays an extremely limited role in the story, yet the part where she leads Harry and the gang to Theresterals is one of my favourite. I will also say that I personally sympathise with the ostracisation she faces for her quirks. I admit in some ways she's overrated because fanon has elevated her compared to canon, but even if you stick only to the books, what moments we see of her show genuine kindness, intellect and warmth.

Favourite Characterisation: Dolores Umbridge

I don't like her as a person, but merlin she is very hatable, which when you consider we're in the same universe as characters such as Snape, Bellatrix and Voldemort, is a feat unto itself. Umbridge, in my opinion, perfectly blends thematic and ideological explorations with personal tension, by which I mean her character explores what complete faith and loyalty to government will do, while also leaving a mark on Harry with the blood quill. She isn't canonically a Death Eater, something which I love. In my headcanon, she truly believes that she is supporting the ministry and doing nothing wrong, and her inadvertant cooperation with Voldermort is only a coincidence. It's a great introduction of a different side to team Harry vs team Voldemort.

Favourite Pairing: Harry Potter/Susan Bones

I don't like pairings as a rule of thumb. While I do indulge in the guilty pleasure of Harry/Fleur and Harry/Daphne, it's more a consequence of how common they are more than anything. However, if I was to choose from the characters we see, I would have to say Harry and Susan. Both experience to loss of their family and have an interest in defence. WIth a few logical progressions, she could make an excellent partner for Harry and vice versa.

Least favourite character: Severus Snape

Snape is a bully, plain and short. I dislike the excuses so often made for him, because at the end of the day, he is a despicable human being. Neville's greatest fear is Snape, which is enough said. That he has a lustful obsession towards Lily and a complete lack of morals makes me wonder why anyone would like his character. I blame the movies, and as great an actor as Alan Rickman is, in my opinion, he was a horrible portrayal of Snape that failed to capture the menace and vileness the character holds.

Least favourite characterisation: Tom Riddle/Voldemort

I never found Voldemort to be quite threatening, though this is more a plot issue than anything else. Too many times does he blunder for him to be seriously considered as a threat, and very few times does he actually do anything to Harry. The main crime he has is murdering Harry's parents, who neither we nor he has enough of an emotional connection to in order to feel much of anything besides "that was naughty murder is bad". We also never really see him do anything very personal and intimate to threaten Harry, like Umbridge did with the blood quill. It's a shame, because the foundation for his characterisation was so great, with people being so scared to say his name that they used you know who and he who must not be named. I would have much rather seen Harry deeply traumatised and gravely injured by the end of book one, rather than having some magical BS save him in an unsatisfying way.

Favourite spell: Legilimens

I always felt that the idea of the mind arts is tragically underutilised. I definitely get why, because it can quickly become an overpowered tool that is unable to be countered reasonably, and saps away the tension. However, the idea of entering another person's mind, seeing their thoughts, and even altering their being is fascinating in my eyes.

Least Favourite spell: Avada Kedavra and Stupefy

It's more a case of them being misused (in my opinion) by Rowling and many fanfic authors. Avada Kedavras are a one shot kill, and need to have some sort of weakness, or it becomes such a meta that fights will devolve into who can cast an AK first. Stupefy is the light side version of the AK, because apparently good guys can't kill. That these two are basically trump cards really restricts the way magic can develop. It's why I have tried to explore ways in which the AK can be overcome, and other magics which are equally if not more deadly. There's a place for spells like the AK, but there needs to be clear limits or every duel will either be AK and dodge, or you'll be left wondering why one side didn't just use an AK.

Favourite book: Order of the Phoenix

I love the exploration of the consequences of Harry's trauma from watching Cedric die. I feel many people are too hard on Harry, and that it's a realistic portrayal. The feeling of helplessness and desperation culminates in Sirius death (you had years, I'm not sorry if you were spoiled) was perfect in my opinion, and a logical progression from characterisation to plot influence. It also explores the vulnerability of Harry, with Umbridge, the perfect villain, perhaps doing the worst thing possible to Harry at that moment by marginalising the trauma he faces and calling him a liar.

Least favourite book: Chamber of Secrets

Just a gut feeling, to be honest it's not a fair assessment and I couldn't write out exactly why I dislike it so, but it really just didn't click for me. Perhaps it was the disappointing fight in which Harry uses no talent except sheer luck to defeat the Basilisk. Perhaps because parseltongue is introduced but never brought up again. Perhaps it's because the notion that the staff would be unable to identify the monster or take any meaningful action also contrinbuted. Who knows?

-Star Wars-

Favourite character: Grand Admiral Thrawn

He's the type of villain I personally love best: the type that deserves to win. Let me explain: he believes he is doing the right thing, and does everything in his power to achieve it. By all means, he deserved to win, and of course, in the end, he was right about the Yuuzhan Vong threat (keep in mind I'm talking about legends here) He wins on his merit, using efficient and innovative tactics. His wins are deserved, and you find yourself rooting for him.

Favourite characterisation: Emperor Palpatine

Never has there been a more indulgent characterisation of evil. He's the individual who embraces their dark side and theres something so refreshingly indulgent about that. So cathartic!

Favourite pairing: Luke/Mara

The contrast between Luke Skywalker, from an innocent farmboy to galactic hero to having to confront the grim reality of the galaxy, and Mara Jade, kidnapped as a child and trained to be a mindless assassin, who is made to see love and the light through Luke's unwaivering faith in her. It's so good despite me hating the trope of goofy male character makes serious female realise the importance of relaxing and living a little. It's handled with tact, and I can't help but root for the two of them.

Least favourite character: Holdo and Rose Tico

So much potential for characters. I was hoping that one of these could be the next generation Leia. Instead, we get Johnson's political ideology of a bastardised form of female empowerment (which I refuse to believe is authentic, seeing as he seems to believe female empowerment means making men look weak and incompotent, which is not the case) that leads to two bland, arrogant, unlikable characters. No this is not because I dislike minorities, I'm Asian, and I'm angry on behalf of Kelly Marie Tran, who was done dirty. I fear for her career, that she's going to be a second Natalie Portman, who after the Prequel Trilogy struggled to find work as an actress

Least favourite characterisation: Finn

Where to begin? He could have brought a whole new dimension to the Star Wars universe by exploring the ideas of indoctrination, and force us to consider the perspective of the Empire. Instead, he whoops when he kills former comrades, and seemingly completely forgets he once was such a soldier too. Not to mention, Rian Johnson, the berk, seemed to have forgotten that Finn already learned to sacrifice for others with his work in Starkiller base, and we get a rehash of that plotline except even worse than the mess JJ made, with Rose somehow lecturing this former stormtrooper about the horrors of war profiteering. Um...Finn was a former indoctrinated slave of the First Order, I think he knows that...

Favourite moment in the franchise: Palpatine arriving on Mustofar

There's something so carthartic about watching Palpatine's plan come together in such an ironic way. He dragged the chosen one to the depths of hell, and returned him to the state of slavery that he was born in, now more man than machine. It's also as though the force is taunting Sidious, denying him the glory of having the chosen one at full strength answer to him

Least favourite moment in the franchise: Rose ramming Finn out of the way of sacrificing himself

One of the most...weird moments. He was about to sacrifice himself, completing his growth arc for the second time (but I've hammered that point enough), when Rose suddenly rams him out of the way from an angle she couldn't have possibly appeared from, in a maneuver that would have likely killed both of them and ruined the one chance they had of stopping the laser ram. The whole battle as a whole didn't make sense and was just an attempt to rehash Hoth. In the latter, there was a plan to evacuate and they were taken by surprise, fighting off the ground forces makes sense. But for Crait: why did they not hunker down inside and instead launch a suicidal attack outside, why did Ren order all teh tie fighters after the falcon, what was the plan for either side, why did Ren not have his forces move around Luke while the two duelled...I could go on. Basically, it's no fun to watch when both sides are incompontent and winning is just a race to who is less competent than the other side, a recurring theme in the entire trilogy.

Favourite book: Heir to the Empire or Lost Stars

The first should be obvious to any Star Wars legends fan. It introduces us to Grand Admiral Thrawn, and beautifully sets up and intertwines multiple arcs. Best of all, all sides are competent and rational, which I never imagined I would have to point out as a positive, but that's Disney Star Wars for you. The latter might surprise you, but consider it a bit of a guilty pleasure. The idea of lovers on opposite sides of a battlefield has fascinated me, seeing as war cares for no boundaries. I loved the exploration of Ciena, who constantly weighs her duty to the Empire with trying to protect Thane. There is one mission in which she has to pretend to be trying to kill him in starfighter combat while in actuality shielding him from the line of fire from other ties. It's beautifully written, and despite a somewhat simplistic plot thoroughly enjoyable

Least favourite book: Star Wars the Old Republic: Revan

On a technical level, it isn't badly written, but it's more of what this book does in the damage to the story set up for the dark lord Revan. The debate on whether Revan truly fell to the dark side has always been fascinating to me, with him supposedly having discovered the True Sith Empire in the Unknown regions and realised that the Emperor Vitiate would crush the Republic. Thus, he believed in fighting fire with fire, and embraced the dark side, viewing it as a lesser evil to allowing Vitiate/Valkorion to win. The ambiguity was one of the best parts of Revan's character, and brought so much meaning to it. The Revan novel destroyed this, by claiming that he was brainwashed by the Sith Emperor. In one swift stroke, Revan's characterisation was obliterated more thoroughly than Alderaan.


Greatest strength: Worldbuilding

Greatest weakness: Dialogue

Authorial Intent vs Death of the Author: The latter

For those not in the know, there are two schools of thought in regards to the role of the author in their work. The earliest example I am aware is of JRR Tolken rejecting that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was an allegory for war. This sparked a debate on whether LOTR could be an allegory despite the author claiming they didn't intend for it to be. Those who follow authorial intent believe that the author's interpretation is the only correct one. Those that believe in Death of the Author reject this and only consider what is written in the book to be considered canonical, and that any supplementary commentary should not be immediately accepted as canon. I firmly believe that everyone should be free to interpret works however they want. If you want to go completely bonkers, I won't stop you (even though there are wrong interpretations, I'm only saying I don't believe there isn't a definitive correct one, that doesn't mean necessarily there can't be a wrong interpretation in my opinion).

Soft magic vs hard magic: I prefer that there are clear limits established, though I am guilty of leaning towards soft magic in my writing at times

To summarise a large topic, the 'harder' the magic system, the more rigid it's rules and well defined its limits. For instance, video game mechanics would be a relatively hard system, given the magical attacks and defences you use follow a clearly defined set of rules. A 'softer' magic system would be something like the force in Star Wars, which is generally regarded as a mysterious and intangible concept.

-Other Bits of Information-

Favourite food: Steak, in particular ribeye

Most hated food: Bean sprouts

One Ice Cream flavour to rule them all: Banana and cream

Favourite Book of all time: George Orwell's 1984

One book I reccommend everyone to read: Orwell's Notes on Nationalism

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