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Author has written 27 stories for Series Of Unfortunate Events, Avatar: Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Boy Meets World, Maximum Ride, Total Drama series, StarTrek: The Next Generation, and StarTrek: Other.

Hey, my name is Lightning. Okay, that's not my real name, but I want to keep my identity a secret. Anyway, I'm a Christian, conservative, and pro-life. I know that's not commen on the internet, but hey, I believe in and worship Jesus. I'm not gonna let what's "cool" in the world change that.

Total Drama Island:

I love this show! It's so funny and epic! The most popular thing on this site to do is write pairings. But I like pairings AND the other stuff.

Favorite Characters:

Okay, I like most of the characters. I like them more at certain times. For example, Heather got me ticked because she was such an annoying prep. I wanted to throttle her. But I liked her because, one, she was actually a SMART prep that only kissed boys when it was part of a plan, and, two, her role in season two as the butt of most of the jokes was so funny, and I actually felt bad for her.

So, if I don't dislike them, they're probably one of my favorites. Heather in season one and Courtney in season two are the ones I don't like, mainly.

And even with the controversy over the third season, we still got Owen and Noah's epic friendship. I am happy.


Noah/Eva (My favorite pairing. Why? Because they're so alike and so different at the same time!)

Izzy/Owen (They're one of the few couples that are also best friends! I like them together. Just because Owen's overweight doesn't mean he can't have a love life!)

Harold/Leshawna (Why does NO ONE write this?! It's like a fanon couple come canon!)

Duncan/Courtney (Yes, I like fanon AND DxC! But I liked it back in season one, not now. Now, Courtney's a jerk and didn't even care when his spider died!)

Trent/Gwen (They're good together.)

Cody/Gwen (One-sided geek love FTW!)

Ezekiel/Izzy (Hey, I can like Ezzy AND Owizzy.)

Lindsay/Noah (I've read some good stories about this one)

Geoff/Bridgette (I just like it.)

Ezekiel/Gwen (See my story, "Homesick")

Gwen/Owen ('Cuz Owen needs some fanon, too!)

Mr. Coconut/Ezekiel's Scarecrow (Both inanimate objects brought to life by a characters' mind. See my story, "Homesick" .)

I am currently working on a story, "Total Drama Challenge". It's a story with 22 new campers, submitted by the fans. However, I don't want it to be like most "make your own character" stories that don't have the TDI feel to it. The old 22 campers are also back as interns. I have two fanon stories called "An Ogwen Moment" and "Homesick".

Some stories I'm thinking about writing is a series of satire oneshots making fun of annoying things commonly found in TDI fanfictions, and something with the working title "Ezekiel and Harold's Totally Bogus Adventure", involving Ezekiel and Harold trying to retrieve Gwen's lost diary and stumbling into an ancient war (or something).

Teen Titans

The show has been gone for a while, but I used to love it! It could be wacky and not make sense, or serious with a bunch of real fights.


Beastboy/Terra (Yes, I like them! I know they can't be together, but it was cool when it happened! A classic schoolboy crush and the girl actually liking him back. And to you people who say, "But she betrayed him!", she eventually regrets it and he forgives her. Now, of course, she's either not remembering any of it or still technically dead. But I liked it!)

Robin/Starfire (It was obvious from the beginning. I like their moments where he explains things to her and stuff like that. The cotton candy scene was funny.)

Raven/Cyborg (Does anyone else see this? She's always the one to comfort him when he's upset. Even about his car. Raven normally doesn't care about cars. He also carried her to that safe room. Think about it - Starfire is stronger than Cyborg, yet he was the one who carried her. Sure, he's sometimes annoying like Beast-Boy, but he's better at being serious than him.)

Jinx/Seemore (Why did she betray him after he helped her!? Why didn't she try to reform him or something?)

Avatar : The Last Airbender

Another ended show. Full of action, drama, cool characters, and fandom fights!


Aang/Katara (I know it's "uncreative" to like a canon pairing, but I LIKE IT! Come on, Aang's crush on her in the earlier episodes are so funny! The kiss in the last episode was a dissapointment, though. It seemed too planned out.)

Zuko/Katara (At first, liking them didn't make sense. Their interactions were mostly fights and stuff. But they worked really well together in "The Southern Raiders" and the fanale. They make a good fanon pairing, if done right. As in, NOT by fangirls who are all "OMG SOOOO HAWT! STEAM! BENDERS LOLPUNLOL!" )

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