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Author has written 3 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Inuyasha.

Hi! My penname is Amethyst Blade(my real name is secret...very secret).

I currently don't have a homepage(meep). I'm 15, and will be until August. When I turn eighteen, my friends and I are going to Yaoi-con. They just don't know it yet.

My hobbies are:


Manga (mainly yaoi)

Reading(mainly fantasy...and fanfiction!)

Being stupid with my friends


Staring at shiny things


Anime I like: Inu Yasha, Kyou Kara Maou, Loveless, Sukisho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain, Gantz(I know, but I ignore the pervy stuff), Gunslinger Girl (only have one volume--wah!), Naruto(it begs to be slashed!), Princess Princess(Yuu-chan=awesomes), Avatar and... I think that's all...

Anime Pairings:

Inu Yasha: I have decided that some IY yaoi is good. Yes. Blame Chyckoo. I mean, it's not like Kagome doesn't have options, right? Sango...not as many.




Sessh/Kou/Inu(don't question my madness; you'll never understand it)


Kyou Kara Maou:

Yuu/Wolf(Wolfie is da uke. yup)


Gwen/Gun(Gunter is so funny)

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Edo/Envy(oh yeah!)

Al/Wrath(so cute..)

Wolf's Rain:

Tsu/Tob(also giggles)









Yuu/Toh/Miko(again, ask no questions)

Manga I Like(non-BL):

Fullmetal Alchemist(I finally have the manga!)

Tsubasa(Makona shall rule the world)


Angel Sanctuary(creepy but good)

Slashy Manga:

Princess Princess



Descendant's of Darkness(Tsuzuki's my hero; fight for the apple pie!)

Sequence(Titi's gender confusion...)

Demon Diary

Tokyo Babylon(did I mention CLAMP rocks?)

Yaoi and Boys' Love:

Time Lag(adorable love-triangle)

Legal Drug

Earthian(Chihaya is so CUTE!)

Loveless(Yun Kouga! yay!)

Our Kingdom


Fake(yay, JJ!)

Il Gato Sul G

Gravitation(duh--so funny it's scary)

Man's Best Friend(drools--that's pretty much all it's good for)

Wild Rock(Nava=uber cute!)

The Art of Loving

Junjo Romantica

I Stop Loving You

...But I'm Your Teacher

Pleasure Dome(kinda dark stuff goin' on--some stories were traumatizing)

Skyscrapers of Oz

Yaoi Novels:

Only the Ring Finger Knows(it's a series)

Cold Sleep

American Yaoi:

Saihoshi the guardian(vols 1&2)


Winter Demon

Normal Books:

Harry Potter(but slashing it scares me)

Dragon Lance Saga(awesome!)

Sabriel, (so creepy it's cool)Lirael, Abhorsen

Mistress of Dragons Trilogy(go Margaret Weis!)

V.C. Andrews(mainly the early stuff)

Favorite foods:



Bake-n-Serve rolls(with butter)

Chicken Salad(yay!)


Strawberry Short Cake

McDonald's(need I say more?)


Soup--Cream of Mushroom. Yes.

Non-Anime I Like:

Reba(Go Van!)

Still Standing

Golden Girls

Bonanza(don't ask why--just do)

Fairly Odd Parents(Cosmo!)

Desperate Housewives

Friends(gotta love Phobe and her army of rat babies)

Family Guy(mainly because of Stewie)


Grey's Anatomy

About Me:

I have 3 cats, all of which are insane. I have two good friends--here are my nick-names for them:

Dances With Screaming French-fries:

"Need Panic at the Disco...I'm not listening to this music. No. Not at all."

"Maybe if I stick my finger deep enough in my ear, I can make it go away."

"I want to go somewhere where they have the things I like...and there are no colors."

Dances With Strange Old People:

"Why's your mom running over old people? Isn't that illegal?"(She wasn't, DWSOP misunderstood what she said)

"Dude! I feel...whoa."

"I want to paint the all I need is a ladder..."

"Licking doorknobs is illegle on other planets." (that could've come from something on TV...I dunno)

Me and DWSOP when the Vc. Principal visited our classroom:

"Maybe the government found out that we vandelized that chicken in Mexico!" (me)

"But no one saw us! They can't pin this crime on us! How'll they find us?!" (her)

"I sorta painted it our school colors after we shaved it." (me)

"But we didn't have gold paint!" (her)

"School color then. Anyway, remember those pictures we took?" (me)

"Yeah..." (her)

"I put them on the school website..." (me)

"Uh-oh." (us)

Me and DWSOP on the Football Feild in 8th grade:

"We are them, they are we, and we are us." (me,

"Toys R Us? We're Barbies(c)?" (her)

"No, no--but if we were, how many of you would sell?" (me)

"...the Goth Barbie...I don't know..."

"The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem." (me)

"Recovery? Okay, I have a problem." (her)

"What is your problem?" (me)

"I am a Barbie(c)..." (her)

"Good...hehehe." (me)

Me and DWSOP talking about revenge:

"We should show that creepy cell-phone salesmen a thing or two next time we go to the mall." (me)

"Like what?" (her)

"Let's talk into his cell-phones!"

"Like we're crazy? That could work...what would we say?" (her)

"'Commander! We've found the pickles...Yes...Vlassic...Mmm-hmm...No, no aisle number...Kroger's...What?! But Snoonark said...fine.' Then I'll turn to you and say, 'Snoonark, you were wrong! It was supposed to be Wal-Mart!' So, how's that?" (me)

"I'd think you were crazy." (her)

"Another job well done." (me)

Me and DWSOP at my doctor's appointment:

"Wow! Look at that!(points to one of those things where you move the wooden beads) Can I play with it?" (her)

"Go ahead. But we've gotta make the game more challenging." (me)

"How?" (her)

"I know! Like operation! Everytime you touch another wire or bead, other than the one you're moving, I'll make a buzzing sound." (me)

"Yay! (gets to it)" (her)

"Bzzz. Bzzzz. BBBZZZZZZZZ." (me)

"I can't help that! My bra doesn't obey me!" (her)

Other Friends:

The Black Turtle: "You know, Germaphobia isn't being afraid of germs. It's being afraid of Germans. They are awfully scary."

James Bond III: "Don't drink that grape juice. TBT and me put it in here. That was three months ago...Hey, I'm thirsty. Reach it back here." (We were on a bus)

The Evil Dictater, DWSOP, and I being idiots:

"I've made DWSOP Queen of FluzzLand. This(holds up cotton-ball) is her crown." (me)

"I'm going to blow up your country then." (him)

"Yay! I'm tired of her singing the national anthom!" (her, the traitor)

"What! You can't do that! You can't declare war!" (me)

"Yes I can; I'm the Dictator of the Mushroom-people. Prepare to explode." (him)

"Can't we discuss this?" (me, trying to work out our issues)

"No. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1--BOOM!" (him)

"Yahoo! I'm not the Queen anymore!" (her)

"Noooooooooo!" (me, crying for the lost Fluzz-balls)

I hope you enjoyed your look into my madness. Please stop by again sometime

By the way, I like mpreg, so most of my stories will probably be like that. So far I'm writing a set of drabbles and two Sessh/Inu Mpregs--only ch. 1's up

Story Ideas:

Sin Meets Chibi: Volume One: Sins in Mini-skirts(AU inspired by Pretty Woman. Edward is the son of a successful executive banker and accidently runs into some romantic problemsEdxEnvy, AlxWrath)FMA, Mpreg.

Chibi-yasha(AU--them in the Inuyasha world. Don't ask. Just EdxEnvy this time)FMA, Mpreg

Greedy Love(Greed attempts to rape Envy, and will go after Wrath if they don't do something, so the Sin goes to the last place he would look...EdxEnvy, AlxWrath)FMA, Mpreg.

Unknown Intentions(not really sure of this summary could change too)FMA, Mpreg.

Engaging Relationships(don't know this summary either...WolfxYuu, GunxGwen, maybe ConxYoz--giggles)KKM, Mpreg.

and maybe a Naruto one and a HP/FMA crossover. I will also take one-shot requests if it's a manga/anime I like and if I like the pairing. I WILL NOT write Harry Potter, Decendants of Darkness, Gorgeous Carat, Tsubasa, anymore Inuyasha(I've got about a thousand of those floating around in my mind), FAKE, Loveless, Sukisho, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, Chobits, Dragon Lance, or Gravitation.

I either haven't finished, haven't read, or do not wish to usurp authors on these. If you're unsure if I'd like to write it or not, request it, and I'll reply. I may not do some simply because of my dislike of a pairing or because I don't think I could do justice to the pairing. I appolgize in advance for taking up your time if I don't write the request. I may also not write your request because I'm busy with other things at the moment.


So, um, yeah. Chyckoo is now my muse. Yes, yes she is. Her, as well as bacon. You don't want to know. Trust me.

Well, thanks for reading,


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