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This profile just shouted for an update...
Less information about me (who cares...:p) and more over the story's I wrote and the upcoming stories, so you all know what else to expect from my hand.

a few things...

And, I also want to thank the faithfull readers of Forgotten Dreams, a Ned's Declassified SSG fanfiction. I wrote it when my mother was in the hospital for heart surgery, continued it when she had heart attacks, and plotted it out into more details after I saw her have another heart attack. The story means more to me then anyone can ever emagine. I could place my fears, pain, and worries into a story, loved by some, but read by many. It was pauzed for a while, but that was mainly because my internet connection was gone, and because I've had a small writersblock on it. My mum's doing fine now, not great, but not bad either...

For the readers of Amulet Of Eternity, a Harry Potter Fanfiction, that story is pauzed... The whole Harry Potter fanfiction writing doesn't calls out to me like it used to for nearly 5 years.

Disaster in Progress: The Wedding Night... boy did I had fun writing this... the next chapter should be up soon, but I have to re-write it... just be faithfull :p

Upcoming Stories + summ

I'm recently writing Danny Phantom...

After Avatar, The Last Airbender ended, I just needed something to write about, well I've got more then I asked for... The same day I watched the Finale of Avatar, I read that Nickelodeon (Belgic one) is going to air no less then 2 Danny Phantom episodes a day... it took me 4 eps (2 days) to get somewhat obsessed, which is brilliant for fanfiction, but not so brilliant for my own good...

I started to watch eps on the internet (Belgium Nick only airs the first and second season...) and then, the fics started to form.

By now I've thought out 3 fics of Danny Phantom that has a lot of potential:

Up Very Soon:

Deadly Sins
Rated T
Novella: 10-12 Chapters
Category: Humor/Romance

Firstly... PP never happened in this story; Danny's secret is still a secret...

It all started when Skulker seems to be looking for a box of some sorts, Danny, eager to know what Skulker is up to this time, follows him. Unknowingly of the powers of that inocent looking box, Danny opens it, little did he know that he absorbed the Zeven Deadly Sins by doing that... and even less that he passed them on to the six persons who touched him. With himself, Sam, Tucker, Yazz, his father, Paulina and Dash infected with a Deadly Sin, Danny has to figure out why Vlad wanted the Sins, while he's also trying to resist the Sin before it Consumes him.
DS Story.

(Story is loads better then the summ, common knowledge that I suck horrobly at them)


Dinner with a Banshee
Rated K+
Short story: 3 chapters
Category: Humor/Romance

Takes place after Phantom Planet; Sam and Danny are dating now, to the dislike of many... one of them is, of course, Sam's Mom. Even though Danny saved the entire world, Mrs. Manson isn't quite happy that he's Sam's boyfriend.
Mr. Manson, on the other hand, had grown to respect the boy, he suggest a "get to know each other dinner" much to Sams dislike... A snobby, overpampered woman sitting at the same table with Danny, part ghost and Sam's boyfriend... add a few ghosts and the chaos is complete...


Drained Personality
A Danny Phantom Fanfic

Rated T
Novella: 13 chapters
Category: Romance/Mystery

Takes place afterPhantom Planet; when Sam refuses to be a debutante, her mother completely freaks, then she decided that she had enough... she invites Mr. Alio Adficio, Director of St. Angelica, Boarding School for Troubled Teens. He soon agrees to accepting Sam into his facility. Sam is outraged, she tries everything to get out of it, without avail. Danny is ticked off by this, and clearly let that be shown.
The programm Sam has to follow on St. Angelica takes about two months, and should transform her from "Miss Troubled Teen" to "Perfect Goody-Goody" she tries everything to get expelled, but none of it works. When she set the hall on fire, Mr Adficio desides to give her a speed-program.
Several days later, Samantha arives back in Amity Park, completely different in looks and behaviour. Danny doesn't trust it one bit and desides to take a look at the infamous St. Angelica. (Story better then the summ... I suck at those...)


Morrighan, Phantom Queen
A Danny Phantom Fanfic
Rated T
Novella: 15 chapters
Category: Suspence/Drama

Dartix, son of Pariah Dark, attacked the Realm of the Far Frozen and stole the map. He uses it to travel back to the past, to the time Danny, Sam, And Tucker were 16. Little did he know that Jessie Phantom, the future daughter of Sam and Danny, followed him there, to prevent him from turning Sam into Morrighan, Phantom Queen. At first, Jessie doesn't realise that Danny and Sam are her parents, but soon found out, and with that, Dartix plans become clear to her, and she must warn them before history(or future) repeats itself... in the meanwhile, she and Tucker must coöperate to bring Sam and Danny together...

Phantom Planet never happened in this story, Danny's secret identity is still secret... Sam's mother REALLY dislikes Danny and still tries to get Sam in a pink dress.

Other Upcoming Stories:

Disaster In Progress: Fatherhood
A Avatar, The Last Airbender Fanfic
Rated T (To be safe)
Short Story: 5-6 Chapters
Category: Romance/Humor

Aang survived the Wedding Night, but is now, three years later, faced with another problem, Katara's pregnant! Aang only just stopped being a kid himself, how is he suposed to raise one? Maybe his friends could help him through the pregnancy...
While Katara's emotions and temper takes a ride on the postal service of Omashu Aang often wonders how such a miracle could create such a chaos...

at first, this should be the beginning of the Disaster in Progress Series, but then I couldn't help but wonder how I could ever let the greatest potentual disaster in the dark... thus Disaster In Progress: The Wedding Night was born! :p

Disaster In Progress: Wedding Anniversary
A Avatar, The Last Airbender Fanfic
Rated K+ (To be safe)
Short Story: 5-6 chapters
Category: Humor/General

Aang's been happily married for ten years now, he has a wonderfull wife, a seven year old little airbender son and a four year old daughter. Only one problem... he forgot his tenth anniversary... though Katara's been subtily been hinting him. Now, four days before the anniversary, he has to come up with the most perfect gift. Or suffer the consequenses. Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Iroh, Ty Lee and May are helping him... but they seem to cause more trouble then help...

the last part of DiP Series... or I should come up with another Disaserous "issue" which isn't likely... I have no idea when these fics will be posted... I'll put a warning in this profile before I update one...

If there's a question about me, my writing, my stories or just to tell your opinion about the Upcoming Stories, send me a message... I always answer ;-)

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