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Name: WinchesterGal, WG, Yellow Daisy Maiden, Joseph
(by the way, Joseph is not my real name)

I attend a boarding school in Japan named Kurosu Academy. I prefer going to school at night, less commotion, no sunlight and yes, I’m human not a vampire, but my friends are.

While I was in Forks, I became close friends with the Cullens especially Alice. Emmett is just adorable, bear hugs! Jasper, he’s okay just don’t cut yourself in front of him, Esme and Carlisle are about the best vampire parents ever, I’m not to fond of Rosalie though, theres just something that bugs me about her. Then theres Bella and Edward, the cutest couple ever! They are just too perfect for each other.

I left Forks, Wasington to attend Kurosu Academy, I was upset leaving the Cullens and Bella but I had to do it. The school needed help with something. Well that something turned out to be a big something. Apparently, they needed help looking after the Night Class aka Vampire hotties. Okay that was a bad description but they are extremely good looking. Yuuki, one of the members of the discipline committee, and I immediately clicked and became friends, Zero was a bit hesitant but what ever, I figure he was the brooding type. So Night Class patrol was going fine when I came across one of the students, he introduced himself as Aido and he was after my blood. I grabbed my special gun, the gun that can only kill vampires, I call it Purple Daisy. Aido grabbed my wrist and he was ready to plunge his sharp fangs when someone stopped him. My savior, intoduced himself, his name was Kain...Kain...Oh boy! Man, was he hot, his shirt was not all the way buttoned and it revealed some of his toned abs and a tattoo by his hip. Like i said, HOT. After checking Kain out, did I say checking out? I meant observing. I realized that he was wearing the night class uniform. Crap! he was a vampire too! But he was different, he was sweet and looked like he didn't want to drain all of my blood, like Aido. So we got to know each other, me, Kain and Aido (Aido can't get a clue). But soon Aido started feeling like a third wheel and has given up on drinking my blood since Kain was around...hehe...thanks Kain! The more we hanged out the more I liked him, then well, you know, he's mine now -blushes-...hehe...

I was in the market with Kain -blushes- to buy some things ordered by the night class, such a demanding group of vampires may I say. We were walking along when I saw this guy teenager who was so captivated by the Sparkle Rangers Toy. I found it a bit disturbing that a teenager would be fascinated by the toy. Kain was laughing hysterically. Few moments later, a girl came up to him and started talking to him like a little kid, it was funny. I went up to them with Kain following close by, he's over protective. The girl accidentally slipped and kissed the guy on the cheek. Next thing I knew there was this flash of light and then the teenager turned into a kid! To me, magic and supernatural things doesn't really surprise me anymore, I mean, being a guardian at a school that has vampires as students, having vampires as bestfriends, and having a boyfriend who is a's unlikely for me to be surprised. After a few introductions, we got to know them, the girl was named Airi and the kid was named Aram. The four of us went to a cafe but we had to stop by a balloon stand cause Aram wanted a "floating round thing". Such a cute kid!...He hates being called cute though. So as we were eating our snacks, Airi and I had cake while Aram was seriously having too much of the ice cream and Kain, well, he's a vampire so...yeah. Airi explained everything to me while Kain was playing with Aram. Apparently, Aram's idiot brother, Jeile, cast a spell on him. When Aram is in the dark he turns into a seventeen year old boy and with the "Maiden's Kiss" he returns to his original state. WoW... Few minutes later Airi's mirror shined and a man appeared. Airi told me that he was Aram's idiot brother. Ah yes! Jeile, the one who put a spell on Aram, he is an idiot. He looked at me and asked if i would be his Yellow Daisy Maiden but Kain started to hiss and showed his fangs. Jeile backed off a bit. After we ate our food we went up to Aram and Kain and said our good byes. Airi and I promised that we would keep intouch, after all, both our world is surrounded by magic.

Okay so up there I just combined my new obsessions Vampire Knight, Twilight/New Moon, and MeruPuri. They have been currently added to my list of obsessions along with SUPERNATURAL, Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Smallville and did I mention Dean Winchester?


“Scary Just Got Sexy” ~ England Slogan for SN

They are damn right! I love the comedic banter between the Sam and Dean. I love Sam’s smartness and Dean bad-boy attitude. I also like the plot of the boys hunting the things that go bump in the night but what is getting me worried is that what will happen to our dear Sammy?

I know that it is bound to happen that the boys will have a woman in their life and I’m not going to lie and say that I won’t be jealous cause I will be. The women that I would for them to go with is for Sam would have to be Sara from provenance and for Dean (Dean!!...jkjk) would have to be either Layla from Faith or Andrea from Dead In The Water.


“Sometimes, heroes need to be saved” ~ Chloe Sullivan

I love Chloe! She is so smart and funny! It made me feel so sad that Clark revealed that he was willing to have a relationship with her but he never did. I am happy though that Lois and Clark finally kissed even though Lois didn’t know that it was Clark but she did say that he is a better kisser than Oliver. Ah yes Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow…so hot! Okay sorry. My favorite episode would have to be “Justice” it was so awesome and all of them were working together and I like the “Boy Scout” thing…lol. So Lana? Don’t like her at all! She and Lex deserve each other!

Twilight / New Moon

“Be Safe” ~ Edward Cullen

I just love these books! Edward and Bella are so meant for each other! The cullens are just an awesome Vampire clan. Alice, the graceful and sweet one, you gotta love her. Emmett, bear hugs! Jasper, he’s cool just don’t cut yourself in front of him. Rosalie, not that fond of her. Esme, she is so sweet and caring. Carlisle, he is so well disciplined and pretty cool too. Edward, what can I say “only real men sparkle”…lol Bella is just so perfect for him because she is like the opposite of Edward, clumsy and all. And its so sweet that Bella’s blood sings to Edward. La Tua Cantante!

Jacob? Hmm…not too crazy about him. what pushed me off the edge was when he wanted Edward to leave…-hisses-

Vampire Knight

“Lets Do Something Unforgivable” ~ Zero Kiryu

That line practically made me squirm! I am a complete ZEKI supporter! Kaname can be with Ruka! I'm just not happy on how they blame Shizuka's death on Zero when it was clearly Kaname cause he punched a hole on the wall! I'm also not so crazy as to how Yuuki is being easy...Zero is the one for you!


"Have you seen a girl running around?! She talks alot! Like about drama and she has really big boobies!" ~ Astale-Ei-Daemonia Eucharistia Aram

This manga is just amazing! I love the funny side and the serious side to it! I love the concept of having a kid change into a seventeen year old and then his lover's kiss is the only thing that can change him back. That idiot Jeile! When Aram forgot about Airi! NO!!! I hate you Raz! I do love this book.

Once upon a time there was this AMAZING PARTY~ and everyone was there! Zero, Edward, Aram, and Kain, say HI to Ayame Mizikai, Pieces of Hope, and Loyal Subject!

Aram: She just hasn't finished that picture of me yet...if you haven't heard my...cow-licks are hard to draw!
WG: You should really put some gel on...although, those cow licks are cute!
Aram: Is there anyway the word "cute" doesn't have to come up?!?
WG: Are you seventeen?
Aram: Is it dark outside?
WG: Yup! So I'll assume that your instead of cute...i'll say HOT.

WG: You brood too much...
Zero: No I don't, you're insane.
WG: I know I'm insane... -smiles-

WG: Aram! You're sooo cute when you were a BABY! A fire breather! Cutie Patooties!!!
Aram: AHH shut up! -_-

WG: What's up?
LS: Nothing...Jasper and I are watching Law & Order without the sound.
WG: Huh?
Jasper: The frikkin tv is broken!
LS: Well, too bad! Just watch!
WG: Okay...

AM: I am so cool.
Zero: Yeah, you're so cool, you're brain is frozen.

Hope: Zero is very domestic.
WG: Really?
Hope: Yeah, he is making cookies and rice omelets for Aram.
WG: Awww...big brother Zero!
Zero: What?!?! I thought it was for you?!?!
Aram: Heeheehee...

Aram: I like being seventeen, I can hold Nicki.
Hope: Hehe... -blushes-
Zero: Pathetic.
WG: Someones a little jelly...
Zero: No I'm not, I can hold Nicki like that all I want because I'm already seventeen! I don't need the darkness! Haha!
Aram: -cries-
Hope: Zero!
WG: You meany! Go make cookies for Prince Aram...and us.
Zero: -walks away to make cookies and broods-

Kain: Hi everyone! WG's suffering a little blood loss right bad...sorry...hehe
Jensen: You blood sucking bone head!
Carlisle: Come with me Kain, I'll teach you about self control.
Aido: Is that blood I smell??? Yum!
Jeile: How is my Yellow Daisy Maiden doing?
Kain: Back off her! and Aido! You too!

WG, Hope, AM, LS, Aram: Go go Zero Ranger!!!
Zero: SHUT UP!

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