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I am finaly on here! and i officially have someplace to upload my stories onto! and i can now clean off my PC to make space for new stories! yes!

keep in mind that i am not anywere as good as the other writers on here, so please don't rip of my stories.

I have uploaded my first nonfanfic story onto fiction press. the adress is below. just copy and paste it into the adress bar and hit go. please R&R it.



Fave Animals (in order)

wolves/ birds of prey


anything, except cockroaches. they are the only thing on this earth (besides war and some polititians).

Fave colours

red, black gold, blue and every colour on the rainbow!

About ME!

I live in Australia, teenage, you can guess my age, girl. and i love to draw. i will see if i can figure out to post images... well i'll waste brain cells on it later. will upload my fist couple of stories in a day or so. first i gotta find them.

shuffles off to find files

Current stories:

After the Sun: half and half done, i'll probably finish it. II don't know if i will.go read it and say if you want it finished.

Hate you know, Love you forever: almost finished. tell me if i should finish it. if theres to many no you shouldn't finish it, i won't.

Death Comes Quickly: COMPLETE!!!!

you can see my version of Sayle's compound on the link i'll post below after i've done the map.

All reviews welcome. good and bad. i don't really mind, it helps to make my writing better.

And now for everyones favourite part, THE DISCLAMER!

sarcasticlly whoop-de-doo! don;t we all love the disclamer, it gotta be one of what, A MILLION DISCALMERS! so unique. anyways, please read it.

I do not own any of the characters in any of the books i write about, but all the other characters in my stories in my stories are mine

If any of my stories cause any offense to anybody, i'm sorry.

Any opinions in my stories are strictly in the stories, and are not my personal opinions.

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Alex and Camryn are hunting down morphine dealers who are believed to be selling more than just morphine. The chase leads them to the city of Los Angeles where Alex meets up with an old friend. Sequel to my Scorpia rewrite.
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Jordan, a sixteen year old girl, had her life turned upside down by a vampire boy when she goes to New York for a holiday, and discovers some things she wished she hadn't. some things are best left alone.
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We've all heard it before. Bella breaks up with Edward cause he doesn't change her. She finds someone else. Then Bella and Edward get back together. But what if this time they don't? Can Bella and Edward rely on destiny if not true love to bring them back
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He couldn't stand it. he had to tell her. but she'd be in danger the moment the words poped out of his mouth. and he wasn't sure about the dog. the dog witch had just matched him to the murder.
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