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I'm back online...somewhat. I do have school and that gets in the way. (Much more than it should! I should send Sophie to abolish homework. Tomorrow. When I have time.)

Alright, for starters, thanks for visiting my page. I'm sure that means you enjoyed one of my little-known stories. I hope you did.

I'd like to let you know, if you haven't figured it out already, that I have a very awesome but weird process of thinking. My mind works in patterns. If I find one, I use it, even if it happens to be a cross over of twilight and death note. I also enjoy writing backgrounds on people. I have unpublished ones for ed and L that I may post someday... I like crossovers. What can I say.

Ah...I enjoy comedy. Usually I try to put as much of it as I can in my stories. I'm in the middle of watching fruits basket, and I must say, there's some good material in there. :D

I also obsess, which goes along with the thinking in patterns thing. I've read too many books to name, but HATE to see them end. Sometimes I continue them under my own prefixes. Like midnighters. yes.

I do research for my fanfics. Yes, I work. I make sure all my dates and things are alined so that my story can't be disproved. I like to know that my fanfics have some substance, if not much. My story on the Cullens meeting their actors is compleatly correct. However, I would call knowing filming dates more obsession than research.

I also get very upset if I find I don't have the characters right. Sometimes that in Howl's Moving Castle. Loooove Howl in both forms. Sometimes he gets messy. I'm sorry. Sophie, however...her book form is much too powerful. The personality there is not at all bridging.


Yes! I do get worked up when people give me critical reviews! I don't sign up for beta readings because I'm not being professional on here. Which is probably why my stories aren't known! xD I would love your critical feedback but please send me a message if you'd like to give grammar lessons. Thank you SO much for looking at my stories, though. I appreciate your...concern? (I shouldn't be talking. I get very worked up over bad grammar, too. -_-)

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Sophie and Howl have come to their greatest challenge yet: facing their stereotypes. Sophie must contend with the perfect princess. But the news doesn't stop there. The portal between Ingary and Earth is cracking and Howl's history is coming out with it.
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This is really for my own fun. I, like many crazy writers, enjoy imagining crazy situations. I also love Howl's Moving Castle. So the fact the characters are now watching the movie in this story was born from pure craziness.
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