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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Evangelion, and Code Geass.

Hola Personas!

Name: Really don't want to say for threats or other things that might occur in my life XD. So the nickname my family always called me is Kira... please don't ask why, its a long story.

Age: I am 17, my b-day is on June 5, four days before Itachi's b-day! -Jumps with joy- Okay then enough of my cheerfullness.

Living area: I live in a town in Arizona, its like Forks. You hear the name but you did not ever think that the town even existed. A hint about it, its near the border of New Mexico and it holds the third largest mine in the world.

My life: I live in a family of four kids and two parents. I am the oldest in my family, my brother Jake is the sceond oldest, Jesse is the younger boy, then Hannah my sister is the youngest of all. I have two dogs named Roxi(minpin) and Cain(pug like pakkunn) and a cat named Whiskey. I used to have a job at DQ, but I was currently put into unemployment and now I have less time to even think about writing or anything of the process. So this is proof that I have a life instead of some who wasn't their time on the computer 24/7. Likes: My all time NFL team is the Carolina Panthers, NBA is LA Lakers, College team is Arizona Wildcats. I don't like baseball so no baseball team on here.

Hobbies: What I do on my free time besides writing fics is: Drawing, playing video games, going out with friends, running on the track, and playing on neopets as you can tell from my image... I don't have that pet anymore because the account he was on got frozen, but I am aimming to paint my Baby Lupe Izuhara that color.

Video Games: I have different games that range from the Wii, X-box, and DS. The games are: All the Halo games... mostly 2, Guitar Hero 2,3, Aero Smith, world tour, Rock Band 1 and 2, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Super Smash Brothers, all the Soul Calibur, all the Mario Parties, and the Pokemon games for my DS.

Characters: The Characters the I love so much are Lelouch, Ryuichi, L, and Able.

Anime: Gravitation, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Bleach... but not really, Blood Plus, Code Geass, Marige of blaze, all of the gundum, Trinity blood, Case closed, and Full metal alchemist.

Manga: Gravitation, Death Note, and Vampire Knight but I am a bit mad about how long it takes for that Manga to come out.

Music: the type of music I listen to is manly different types of music, but recently I've fallen in love with Paramore and Panic at the Disco. My others are Likin Park, Taylor Swift, 30 seconds to Mars, and Metro Station.

Books: All time faviorte and number one is the Twilight Series, others are Harry Potter, Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingir.

TV Shows: Hannah Montana(sorta don't get all after me), Suite life of zack and cody, lots of anime as well, That so Raven, My name is Earl, and a lot of game shows like deal or no deal, singing bee, and price is right.

My own favrote couples:

Code Geass: LelouchXKallen

Naruto: SasukeXSakura, NarutoXHinata, InoXShikamaru, OrochimaruXKabuto

Full Metal Alchemist: RoyXRiza(Mainly) and EdXWinrie

Inuyasha: KagomeXInuyasha, KogaXKagome, SongoXMiroku

Gravitation: YukiXShuichi, RyuichiXShuichi(sometimes),

Marige of Blaze: TakayaXNoae(Of course!)

Other stories i am going to start:

I have "greatly" thought of adding a Sequel to the December Nights deal, and as well I am going to do a Sequel to Come Back to Me.

I have been considering on writing a Twilight fic, but I am highly debating on that... only if my friend was here to still help me out and all.

So yeah if any one has something to say about the stories or is asking for some consideration on helping me greatly, you could send me an e-mail at So yeah.

Here I a list of some characters I have in some of the shows that might appear in the stories I will write.

Characters I created:
Rihanna- Kiba's cusion that is a pretty skilled ninja. Her style in jutsu is lightning ablities and as well as summoning. In the past she grew up with Itachi, and even ended up surpassing him in a whole lot of tijutsu and ginjutsu. And then at the age of 18, Itachi ran into Rihanna during a mission she had inorder to become an elite ninja. They faught each other and then as a few days past they made up from fighting aganist old good friends, then that day is what got thoes two together. As a year past she had Itachi's son named Tomite then three years after he was born she they had a daughter name Yuki. They are such a happy family.

I am to lazy to write all the characters so I'll put their name and bio of them.

Twilight: Richard Jones- Related to Bella from his mom's side and her dad's side. Richard and Bella always treated each other as brother and sister. His life is complex as he seen death twice in his life time before he to became a Vampire. He became a vampire when a newborn was wild in Flagstaff, AZ. He didn't ever wanted to become a vampire, but he had to or die by bleeding to death.
Emily Ronda- A Vampire that has been a vampire for 20 years exact. Her and Richard became good friends untill he became a vampire, then they became lovers. She tried her best to keep the newborn away from Richard, but failed as she lacked strenght.
Karl Britannia- (yeah got if off of Code Geass) A Werewolf from Rome. He came with some friends to the U.S. and met up with the wolves in Forks. Karl's friends left before they reached forks. He became pretty good friends with them, but Seth really didn't like him hanging around Leah so much. He got a bit upset when them two started going out and he left Leah alone and stayed with Jacob now.

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